From Genesis To Andalucia
An Interview with Chris Stewart

Probably, the best surprise of the evening was that I spent most of the time talking to Phil Collins. I had only met him once before quite briefly as he was coming up some stairs and I was going down. I was quite enchanted by him, and I really enjoyed that.

WOG: Was that your first contact with anyone in the band since your departure or had you maintained any close relationships?

CS: I think it was, actually, apart from Ant. Ive run into Ant a couple of times, but hed left (Genesis) long ago as well. It was a bit later, I think, but Tony Banks came out here and had lunch with us one day while he was on holiday in Spain, but I think that was after [the 1998 reunion]. So, I guess it really was the first time. 

It was quite a treat, I was excited
about it. They also flew me in to England and home again to participate, which was great.

WOG: Was that when Peter Gabriel got a copy of Driving Over Lemons and wrote the comments featured in your book?

CS: My publisher thought that it might be an interesting idea to get somebody who is not from the literary world to say something nice about the book. It actually happened through my friend, Richard Mc Phail, who was someone who was involved with the band, who I have been in contact with all of the time. Richard said, Lets go and see Peter. Richard took me to see Peter and I asked him, How about reading this book? and he said yes, and was very nice about it.

WOG: With the initial success of the first two books and a third book on the way, do you anticipate exploring other literary avenues? Maybe trying fiction or something along those lines?

CS: Oh yeah! Absolutely! I very much want to write a novel. I feel in a way that the stuff I write, although people seem to like it it goes down well, but its very easy. Its just sort of extended diary pieces. I write what happens to me, but Ive never actually gotten around to creating my own characters or creating my own situations. Thats what I would really like to do. So, I would like to write a novel. I would like to do some travel books, too. A novel, travel books, and another autobiography.

WOG: Even the way you describe the landscape in your books, sounds like it would lend itself to the backdrop of a fictional novel.

CS: Youre right. I have got a novel planned, which does take place here, because, as you say, its a really wild landscape here and really wild things have happened here in the not-so-distant past.      

WOG: I'll look forward to reading that. I appreciate your time.

: My pleasure! I enjoyed our conversation. Take care!

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