Tony Banks - Conducted April 17, 2004 by David Negrin.

Tony talks about the process of recording and writing his first classical album, Seven. Banks also provides insight into his rock solo career, his days with Genesis, and much more!

Tony Banks - Conducted September 30, 2009 by David Negrin.

Tony talks about the the making of A Curious Feeling and the new remaster of that album, the Genesis Live 1973-2007 box set, the Genesis Movie box set, and much more!

Bill Bruford - Conducted March 23, 2005 by David Negrin.

Bill talks about his newly remastered back catalog, and his career in music including recollections of his work with Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Earthworks, UK, and more.

John Burns - Conducted July 2, 2006 by David Negrin.

In a rare interview, John Burns, best known to Genesis fans for his work as Engineer and Producer on albums like Foxtrot, Live, Selling England By The Pound, and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, talks about his days in the studio and on the road with Genesis, plus insight into his incredible career in music and new projects on the horizon.

Nick D'Virgilo - Conducted July 25, 2001 by David Negrin.

Nick talks about how he got involved with the Genesis album, Calling All Stations, the recording of his first solo album, his work with Tears For Fears, his band Spock's Beard, and more. 

Steve Hackett - Conducted August 14, 2001 by David Negrin.

Steve talks about his 2001 South American tour, his Live Archive box set, his up-coming studio projects, his days in Genesis, working with Genesis on the remake of "Carpet Crawlers" and the Archive box sets, his days with GTR, the creation of Camino Records, his past solo projects and much more.

Steve Hackett - Conducted February 23, 2009 by David Negrin.

Steve talks about his new official website, his forthcoming album with yes bass player Chris Squire, the Genesis 1970-1975 and 1976-1982 box sets, his forthcoming biography, his plans for a 2009 world tour and much more.

Steve Hackett - Conducted September 1, 2009 by David Negrin.

Steve talks about Out of The Tunnel's Mouth, his forthcoming album with yes bass player Chris Squire, the Genesis Live 1973-2007 box set, his Sketches of Steve Hackett biography, his possible tour plans for North America, and much more.

Jonathan King - Conducted April 29, 2005 by David Negrin.

The former Genesis producer and man credited with "discovering" Genesis in the mid-60s talks about those early influential days in the group's career, the many reissues of the From Genesis To Revelation album, and much more.

John Mayhew
- Conducted June 10, 2006 by David Negrin.

In a rare interview, John Mayhew, the drummer who appears on Genesis' landmark 1970 album, Trespass, talks about his Genesis days, his life after Genesis, and where exactly he's been since his apparent "vanishing act" from the public eye for the last 36 years!

Anthony Phillips - Conducted July 9, 2001 by David Negrin.

Ant talks about past and recent solo projects, recent library music compositions, his days with Genesis, the Genesis reunion in 1998, the "lost" Genesis Plays Jackson tapes and much, much more.

Anthony Phillips - Conducted May 22, 2008 by David Negrin.

Ant talks about the 2-CD digitally remastered reissues of The Geese and The Ghost, 1984 and Wise After the Event, as well as his (then) latest album, Wildlife. Phillips also discusses his Invisible Men album and the recording of Genesis' Trespass and From Genesis to Revelation, the Genesis 1970-1975 box set, his origins as a guitarist, his library music projects, and much more.

Mike Rutherford - Conducted December 23, 2004 by David Negrin.

Mike talks about the release of the Genesis Platinum Collection, the Genesis Video Show DVD, Mike & The Mechanics' Rewired album, the 5.1 remixed Genesis catalog, his recent activities in the studio, and his career in music.

Chris Stewart
- Conducted August 5, 2005 by David Negrin.

Chris Stewart, Genesis' original drummer, talks about his international best selling books, the origins of Genesis, his up-coming third semi-autobiographical book, and his interesting life experiences. 

Daryl Stuermer - Conducted October 4, 2002 by David Negrin.

Daryl talks about his Retrofit album, other up-coming studio and live projects, his reunion with Sweetbottom, the making of Phil Collins' Testify album, Phil Collins' bout deafness, touring with Genesis and Jean-Luc Ponty, and much more!

Daryl Stuermer - Conducted September 19, 2007 by David Negrin.

Daryl talks about his Go and Rewired albums, the 2007 Genesis Turn It On Again reunion tour, the forthcoming Genesis double live album and DVD, future projects, and much more!

Chester Thompson - Conducted February 10, 2002 by David Negrin.

In a rare interview, Chester talks about his days with bands like Genesis, Frank Zappa & The Mothers, and Weather Report. He also talks about his career as a session player, his origins as a drummer, rejoining Phil Collins' band in 2002, and why he did not play on Genesis' Calling All Stations album.

Chester Thompson - Conducted September 2009 by David Negrin.

Chester talks about the Genesis Live 1973-2007 box set, his forthcoming solo project, the 2007 Genesis Turn It On Again reunion tour, his interest in drumming instruction, the newly remixed remaster of Tony Banks' A Curious Feeling album, Genesis' 2009 nomination into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, and much more.

Ray Wilson - Conducted May 29, 2001 by David Negrin.

Ray talks about the last days of Genesis, recording and touring for Calling All Stations, his 2001 acoustic club tour, his new solo recordings, and his previous work with Stiltskin, Cut and Guaranteed Pure.
Ray Wilson - Conducted April 25, 2005 by David Negrin. 

Ray updates us on the last four years since our first interview with him with discussion of his four four solo projects including his newest live album, Ray Wilson Live. He also discusses the various projects he has made appearances on, the reuniting of Stiltskin for a new album, and more!

Nir Zidkyahu - Conducted November 16, 2001 by David Negrin. 

Nir Z, Genesis' final studio drummer, talks about the recording and touring of the last album, Calling All Stations. He also talks about the Cut project with Ray Wilson, his work as a session musician, and his thoughts on the most influential drummer in Genesis' history.


Paul D'Adamo - Conducted March 2009 by David Negrin

In part one of a two part interview with Paul D'Adamo and Brad Cole, the two musicians talk about the making of the Loving Me Back to Life album, getting the involvement of members of Phil Collins touring band, including: Chester Thompson, Luis Conte, Daryl Stuermer, Leland Sklar, Amy Keys, Arnold McCuller, and more!

Ronnie Caryl - Conducted May 29, 2005 by David Negrin

Ronnie Caryl talks about joining and being a part of Phil Collins touring band, growing up in the 1960s British music scene with Phil Collins, Flaming Youth, his solo albums, and more! 

Brad Cole - Conducted March 2009 by David Negrin

Brad Cole, in part two of a two part interview with World of and Paul D'Adamo, talks about his career in music, including how he first met Daryl Stuermer, how he got the gig with Phil Collins touring band, his appearance on Natalie Cole's Grammy Award winning Unforgettable With Love album, and much more!

Michael Hobson - Conducted September 2007 by David Negrin.

Michael Hobson is the founder of, which is the company who manufactures the Encore Series titles for artists like Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Who, and others. Mike talks about the Peter Gabriel 2003, 2004 and 2007 Encore Series, the 2007 Genesis Encore Series, and why Phil Collins did not release an Encore Series for his 2004 First Final Farewell Tour.

Tony Levin - Conducted November 2011 by David Negrin.

Tony Levin, best known to Peter Gabriel fans as Peter's long time bass player, is also a card-carrying member of the legendary prog rock band King Crimson and has played with some of the biggest names in music including John Lennon, David Bowie, Buddy Rich and Lou Reed to name but a few. Tony sat down with World of to talk about his 2011 album with guitarist David Torn and Yes drummer Alan White (appropriately titled Levin Torn White). Tony also talks about his career in music with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson and beyond!

Robin Platts - Conducted December 2007 by David Negrin.

Genesis biographer Robin Platt's talks about the writing and research of his latest Genesis biography, Behind The Lines 1967-2007.

Brian Powers - Conducted June 2008 by David Negrin

Brian is the drummer for the American Genesis tribute band Trespass. Brian talks about the band and their 2008 tribute tour.

Andrew Roachford - Conducted February 2, 2011 by David Negrin

Shortly after being tapped by Mike Rutherford as one of the two new lead singers for Mike and the Mechanics, Andrew talks about his involvement in the band's 2011 album, The Road, his solo career, and what lies ahead for Mike and the Mechanics. 

Paul Whitehead - Conducted July 25, 2001 by David Negrin.

Paul talks about the creation (and re-creation) of the album art work for Trespass, Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot, his 2001 Italian exhibition, his work with Armando Gallo, the new children's book that he is illustrating, and his recent projects in album art design.

Missing interviews from the old World of site with Dale Newman, plus the return of the World of Fan Forum with interviews with Mario Giammetti (creator of the fanzine Dusk) and Roger Matte (creator of the Genesis For Two Grand Pianos CDs), will be re-formatted and added back to the World of site shortly.... New 2007 Interviews are coming soon!


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