In the absence of the genuine article, some of these tribute bands are extremely good. Try to check them out when they get to your town! If you are on the fence about whether a tribute band is right for you, I recommend searching on YouTube. You will most likely find clips of these acts performing which may wet your appetite for live Genesis - even if it isn't exactly the real thing. In some cases, its pretty darn close!

DANCE ON A VOLCANO - Canadian based Genesis tribute featuring former Musical Box and Turn It On Again drummer Martin Levac (who has Phil Collins down PERFECTLY). (Levac is now on hiatus doing his Dance Into The Light Phil Collins Tribute and Genesis Rewired project with Daryl Stuermer).

DANCE INTO THE LIGHT - Phil Collins solo tribute featuring the one... the only... Martin Levac!

FACE VALUE - Phil Collins and late Genesis era tribute band based in the U.K. 

GENESIS TRIBUTE - Toronto, Canada based Genesis tribute. In 2010, they are touring with a "note for note" tour of Genesis' Live Over Europe (2007 Tour).

- U.K. Genesis tribute band that plays Genesis material recorded between 1970 - 1980. 

- U.K. Genesis tribute band that plays a mix of older and newer Genesis tunes.

GENESIS REWIRED - Fronted by Genesis touring guitarist Daryl Stuermer, this tribute act also features Martin Levac (formerly of The Musical Box and Turn It On Again). I've not seen them myself yet, but based upon the musicians involved I have to assume that this is among the best around at the moment.

THE MUSICAL BOX - Probably among the most popular Genesis tribute bands (Primarily Gabriel era). This cover band is actually acknowledged and endorsed by Genesis. Highly recommended!

- U.K. Genesis tribute band that plays primarily Gabriel era Genesis tunes.

SLIPPERMEN - Canadian based Genesis tribute band performing both Peter Gabriel and early Phil Collins era Genesis music.

TRESPASS - U.S. based Genesis tribute band focusing on the 70s era of Genesis' music (both Gabriel and early Collins periods). Thankfully, they play in the northeastern U.S. quite a bit (selfishly, that's convenient for me!).

TURN IT ON AGAIN - Canadian based Genesis tribute band. They do Phil Collins era tribute shows. This tribute band does tour worldwide, so check their site for when they might be playing near you.


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