August 30, 2007
Paul Carrack Solo Album Announced Along With New 2007 Tour

According to the official Paul Carrack site, the line up for the upcoming Carrack UK tour will feature Lindsay Dracass on backing vocals and Ed Collins on trumpet. The two set format will include songs from Paul's extensive catalog along with new material ranging from semi-acoustic versions, as well as the familiar hits and full on soul classics. A new album to coincide with the tour will be available exclusively though Carrack-UK via Paul's site and at the venues on the tour.

August 30, 2007
Genesis European SACD/DVD Box for 1983-1998 Delayed Until October

Several retail music sites in Europe are now listing the revised release date for the EU pressing of Genesis' 1983-1998 box set as October 1st. As previously reported, the European box will be available with NTSC DVDs or PAL DVDs (depending on which one you purchase). No official confirmation just yet on the exact release date for the U.S. pressing on CD/DVD (NTSC only).

August 30, 2007
Genesis Rome Concert To Get TV Broadcast In Italy

According to a post on the Forum of the official Genesis site, a one-hour broadcast of Genesis' recent performance in Rome at the Circus Maximus will be broadcast on RAI TV in Italy in early September (no exact date is known yet). This performance in Rome is reportedly the same show that will be available in its entirety later on DVD at some point in the future. The audio for this RAI broadcast will feature audio mixed by Nick Davis.

August 25, 2007
Peter Gabriel Invests In Business Venture That Circumvents Major Record Company Politics; 14th Solo Album Due Next Year

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, Peter Gabriel has made yet another investment. This time, in a boutique investment firm in London who has found an unlikely new business idea: releasing comeback albums for artists that major labels may not longer be lusting after. Yesterday
ís Wall Street Journal profiles venture capitalists Ingenious Media PLC, which has so far invested between $400,000 and $2 million per album to finance fifteen records by acts like UB40, the Prodigy and Peter Gabriel (who invested his own money in the fund).

Ingenious will invest in Peter Gabriel's next album, and in January, Ingenious paid $2 million for a 24.95% stake in Mr. Gabriel's 14th album, scheduled to be released next year. The deal gives Gabriel control over promotion and distribution of the still-untitled album in North America. Elsewhere, Mr. Gabriel is still signed to the Virgin Records label.

August 25, 2007
Nick Davis Confirms That An Official Genesis Live Album Will Be Released

Although its been speculated, discussed as a possibility by Genesis themselves, and even the subject of fan rumors, Nick Davis confirmed on the official Genesis site's Forum that there will be a forthcoming Genesis live album from the 2007 reunion tour. The recordings will be taken multiple nights from the European leg of the tour. More information on the album should follow soon.

August 22, 2007
New Interview With Tony Banks Now Available On-Line

In an new article on 570 News from Canada, Tony Banks talks about the North American 2007 Genesis tour and Phil Collins' debut as their front man 30+ years ago.

August 22, 2007
New Article Posted On Forthcoming Genesis Biography

Star Pulse just posted a new review of the forthcoming Genesis biography, Chapter & Verse. As previously announced, the book, which is the first of its kind sanctioned by the band, will be released on September 18th. Pre-order your copy today!

August 22, 2007
Peter Gabriel Honored By BMI In The UK

According to The Hollywood Reporter, on October 16th, Peter Gabriel will be honored as BMI Icon at the organization's gala event at the Dorchester Hotel in London, England. The Icon award is given to BMI songwriters who have had a "unique and indelible influence on generations of music makers." Previous winners include Ray Davies, Van Morrison, the Bee Gees, Isaac Hayes, Dolly Parton, James Brown and Paul Simon.

August 22, 2007
Peter Gabriel Provides Added Support To The Filter; We7 Pays Royalties after Only Three Months of Operation

According to The Independent, Peter Gabriel has led a $5m (£2.5m) investment in the music recommendation technology company, The Filter, to help develop its expansion into new areas such as digital video and film content. According to the article, The Filter, which can identify around 5 million songs and make recommendations to the listener based upon their musical choices, was developed by the Bath-based Exabre. It has attracted 150,000 users and is adding a further 25,000 a month. The investment in Exabre was led by Gabriel alongside technology investors Eden Ventures, and follows an initial $1.8m round of investment by the two parties and The Filter's two founding members Rhett Ryder and Martin Hopkins.

Peter Gabriel, who is no stranger to technology investments, developed one of the first consumer music technology products (the Xplora and Eve CD-Roms) and went on to found On Demand Distribution, or OD2, one of the first music download services, which is used by Microsoft's MSN portal. Peter Gabriel also invested in We7, an advertising based music download business, which according to New Media Age, distributed its first royalty payments after only three months of operation.

August 22, 2007
Genesis' Turn It On Again: The Hits - Tour Edition 2-CD Set To Be Released in September in The U.S.

With the start of the North American leg of the 2007 Genesis reunion tour upon us, Rhino Records announced the release of Genesis' 2 disc Turn It On Again: The Hits - Tour Edition. The U.S. pressing, which features the single mix of "The Knife" (which is not available elsewhere on CD), and other classic tracks and gems, will be released on Tuesday, September 11, 2007. Click here to get your copy today! The title was previously available in Europe and was released earlier this week in Japan.

August 19, 2007
Anthony Phillips Signs With New Record Label

According to Voiceprint Records, Anthony Phillips is no longer affiliated with the label and has signed with SPV Records. This probably explains why there has been some delay in reissuing Phillips' 2-CD remastered and expanded editions of The Geese and The Ghost, Wise After The Event, and 1984 in Europe.

August 19, 2007
New Anthony Phillips Biography In The Works

Mario Giammetti, founder of the Italian Genesis fanzine, Dusk, who has already written popular Italian biographies on Genesis, Phil Collins, and Steve Hackett, is currently working on his latest book on original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips. The book, which is still in development, is scheduled for release some time in the first half of 2008.  

August 19, 2007
German Genesis Fan Club Organizes "The Nursery Cryme Event"

, the German Genesis Fan Club proudly presents the Nursery Cryme Event, featuring a Best-of "Nursery Cryme Tour" concert by the popular Genesis tribute act, The Musical Box. The Event will take place in Duisburg, Germany on October 31, 2007. Tickets are on sale now at the It site.

August 15, 2007
Track Listing For Forthcoming Genesis 1983-1998 Box Set Revealed

Below is the track listing for the forthcoming Genesis Box Set, 1983-1998. You can pre-order the SACD/DVD set for NTSC or PAL here. The U.S. CD/DVD (NTSC) box set should be available for pre-order shortly.



CD/SACD & DVD (newly remixed stereo and 5.1 surround)

1. Mama - 6:53
2. That's All - 4:26
3. Home By The Sea - 5:07
4. Second Home By The Sea - 6:07
5. Illegal Alien - 5:00
6. Taking It All Too Hard - 3:58
7. Just A Job To Do - 4:47
8. Silver Rainbow - 4:31
9. It's Gonna Get Better - 5:00


1. Videos:
Mama - 5:15
Director: Stuart Orme
Producer: Ruth Orme

That's All - 4:23
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Cynthia Biederman

Home By The Sea/Second Home By the Sea - 11:11
Directed by: Jim Yukich
Produced by: Cynthia Biedermann

Illegal Alien - 4:37
Director: Stuart Orme
Producer: Ruth Orme

2. Reissues Interview 2007
Directed and produced by Mike Kaufman
3. Mama Tour Rehearsal 1983
Additional performers Daryl Stuermer and Chester Thompson
Directed and produced by Jim Yukich
4. Genesis Tour Program 1982 (gallery 13 pictures)
5. Mama Tour Program 1983/4 (gallery 18 pictures)
6. Six Of The Best Program 1982 (gallery 10 pictures)


CD/SACD & DVD (newly remixed stereo and 5.1 surround)

1. Invisible Touch - 3:29
2. Tonight Tonight Tonight - 8:53
3. Land Of Confusion - 4:47
4. In Too Deep - 5:03
5. Anything She Does - 4:20
6. Domino - 10:45
Part One: In The Glow Of The Night
Part Two: The Last Domino
7. Throwing It All Away - 3:52
8. The Brazilian - 4:57


1. Videos:
Invisible Touch - 4:07
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Carl Wyant

Tonight Tonight Tonight - 6:20
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

Land Of Confusion - 5:30
Director John Lloyd and Jim Yukich
Producer: John Blair
Spitting Image Puppets courtesy of Fluk & Law

In Too Deep - 4:40
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

Anything She Does - 6:02
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

2. Reissues Interview 2007
Directed and produced by Mike Kaufman

3. Tour Documentary (Visible Touch) 1986 - 16:33
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

4. Behind The Scenes-Land Of Confusion - 8:43

5. OGWT - Rock Around The Clock 1986 - 25:
Director: Alma Page
Producer: John Burrows,

6. Tour Program 1986 (gallery 23 pictures)

CD/SACD & DVD (newly remixed stereo and 5.1 surround)

1. No Son Of Mine - 6:39
2. Jesus He Knows Me - 4:16
3. Driving The Last Spike - 10:09
4. I Can't Dance - 4:01
5. Never A Time - 3:50
6. Dreaming While You Sleep - 7:17
7. Tell Me Why - 4:59
8. Living Forever - 5:41
9. Hold On My Heart - 4:38
10. Way Of The World - 5:40
11. Since I Lost You - 4:10
12. Fading Lights - 10:20


1. Videos:
No Son Of Mine - 6:38
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

Jesus He Knows Me - 5:16
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

I Can't Dance - 4:51
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

Tell Me Why - 5:01
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

Hold On My Heart - 4:39
Director: Jim Yukich
Producer: Paul Flattery

2. Reissues Interview 2007
Directed and produced by Mike Kaufman
3. No Admittance 1992 - 46:05
Directed by Gary Dyson
4. UK Tour Program 1992 (gallery 24 pictures)

CD/SACD & DVD (newly remixed stereo and 5.1 surround)

1. Calling All Stations - 5:45
2. Congo - 4:52
3. Shipwrecked - 4:24
4. Alien Afternoon - 7:54
5. Not About Us - 4:40
6. If That's What You Need - 5:13
7. The Dividing Line - 7:45
8. Uncertain Weather - 5:30
9. Small Talk - 5:02
10. There Must Be Some Other Way - 7:55
11. One Man's Fool - 8:54


1. Videos:
Congo - 3:44
Director: Howard Greenhaigh

Shipwrecked - 4:26
Director: Greg Masuak
Producer: The Oil Factory

Not About Us - 4:20
Director Sean Broughton

2. Reissues Interview 2007
Produced and directed by Mike Kaufman

3. Calling All Stations EPK 1998 - 10:31

4. Rock Im Park - Germany
Calling All Stations 6:51

5. Polish Television 1998 20:55
There Must Be Some Other Way
The Dividing Line

Band members for Rock Im Park and Polish TV
Tony Banks, Anthony Drennan, Mike Rutherford, Ray Wilson, Nir Zidkyahu

6. World Tour Program 1998 (gallery 13 pictures)


CD/SACD & DVD (newly remixed stereo and 5.1 surround)

1. On The Shoreline - 4:49
2. Hearts On Fire - 5:17
3. Do The Neurotic - 7:07
4. Feeding The Fire - 5:54
5. I'd Rather Be You - 4:04
6. Anything Now - 7:03
7. Sign Your Life Away - 4:45
8. Run Out Of Time - 6:31


1. Reissues Interview 2007 - 3:21
2. Archive 2 1976 to 1992 EPK - 18:57
3. Knebworth 1993 - 41:01
Additional performers: Daryl Stuermer & Chester Thompson
4. MMF Awards Ceremony 2000 - 20:42
Additional performer: Daryl Stuermer

August 12, 2007
Starbucks Genesis Opus CD Update

According to a representative from Ultrastar, the company that manages the official Genesis site, the Genesis Starbucks Opus Collection that was initially scheduled to come out in July has been rescheduled for release in October. More news on this release as soon as we get it!

August 12, 2007
1976 Album Featuring Daryl Stuermer Reissued

George Duke's classic 1976 album Liberated Fantasies
has been reissued on CD in Japan and Australia recently, which includes guitarist Daryl Stuermer! The album has been out of print on compact disc since the early '90s. Get your copy today!

August 12, 2007
Ray Wilson To Release Cut Project With Bonus Tracks

According to an e-mail from the official Ray Wilson site, Ray will be re-issuing the 1999 Cut album Millionairhead in September with the bonus tracks: "Dark", "Adolescent Breakdown" and "Reason For Running" (all of which were previously available on European CD singles). The initial printing of the album on Virgin Records has been out of print for several years.

August 12, 2007
Anthony Phillips' Private Parts & Pieces II Remastered From The Original Master Tapes; Pre-orders Available!

According to the official Anthony Phillips site, Private Parts & Pieces II: Back To The Pavilion was remastered (and from the sounds of it, possibly remixed) from the original master tapes for superior sound quality under the auspices of Anthony Phillips by Engineer Simon Heyworth.

This will be included in the next set of 1-CD Japanese mini LP sleeve reissues, which includes: Private Parts & Pieces, Private Parts & Pieces II Back To The Pavilion, Private Parts & Pieces III: Antiques, Private Parts & Pieces IV: A Catch At The Tables, Private Parts & Pieces V: Twelve. Pre-order yours today! These titles are tentatively scheduled for release in Japan on August 24, 2007. The third set, which will be Private Parts & Pieces volumes six through ten, will be reissued in 1-CD mini LP style sleeve CDs exclusively in Japan on September 21, 2007 (pre-orders coming to World of soon!).

August 12, 2007
Genesis 1983 to 1998 Box Set Update

For those who may have missed it, you can pre-order the SACDs/DVDs (both NTSC for North America, Asia, and South America or PAL for the UK) for the forthcoming Genesis 1983-1998 box set due in September in the Shopping Section of this site. You can also pre-order the each album included in the box set (Genesis, Invisible Touch, We Can't Dance and Calling All Stations) separately in both NTSC and PAL. As mentioned previously, in addition to new stereo and 5.1 surround mixes, the box set includes b-sides and bonus video (the individual titles include all of the above except the b-sides).

August 12, 2007
Anthony Phillips Track Listings For Double Disc Reissues

For those who haven't picked up the Japanese mini LP style sleeve CD reissues of the new double disc Ant Phillips titles, here are the complete track listings:

The Geese & The Ghost

CD 1:
1. Wind-Tales
2. Which Way The Wind Blows
3. Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times:
(i) Fanfare
(ii) Lute's Chorus
(iii) Misty Battlements
(iv) Lute's Chorus Reprise
(v) Henry Goes To War
(vi) Death of a Knight
(vii) Triumphant Return
4. God If I Saw Her Now
5. Chinese Mushroom Cloud
6. The Geese and The Ghost
(i) Part One
(ii) Part Two
7. Collections
8. Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West

CD 2:
1. Master of Time (demo)
2. Title Inspiration
3. The Geese & The Ghost - Part One (basic track)
4. Collections link
5. Which Way The Wind Blows (basic track)
6. Silver Song (Geese sessions)
7. Henry: Portraits From Tudor Times (basic track):
(i) Fanfare
(ii) Lute's Chorus
(iii) Lute's Chorus Reprise 
(iv) Misty Battlements
8. Collections (demo)
9. The Geese & The Ghost - Part Two (basic track)
10. God If I Saw Her Now (basic track)
11. Sleepfall (basic track)
12. Silver Song (unreleased single version, 1973)

Wise After The Event

CD 1:
1. We're All As We Lie
2. Birdsong and Reprise
3. Moonshooter
4. Wise After The Event
5. Pulling Faces
6. Regrets
7. Greenhouse
8. Paperchase
9. Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)?
10. Squirrel



CD 2:
1. We're All As We Lie Link
2. Sleeping On An Interstellar Plane (Greenhouse demo)
3. Paperchase (Instrumental demo)
4. Birdsong (Instrumental demo)
5. Moonshooter (Cottage Tapes demo)
6. We're All As We Lie (Cottage Tapes demo)
7. Pulling Faces (Cottage Tapes demo)
8. Squirrel (Instrumental mix)
9. Wise After The Event (Instrumental mix)
10. Magic Garden (Solo Piano Mix)
11. We're All As We Lie (7" single version)
12. Regrets (Piano mix)
13. Chinaman (Basic guitar mix)
14. Now What (Are They Doing To My Little Friends)? (Instrumental mix)


CD 1:
1. Prelude '84
2. 1984 (Part One)
3. 1984 (Part Two)
4. Anthem 1984




CD 2:
1. Prelude '84 (early stage mix)
2. Ascension
3. 1984 - Part One (early stage mix)
Rule Britannia Suite:
4. Sally Theme
5. Science & Technology
6. Respect
7. Church
8. Military
9. Power In The Land
10. 1984 - Part Two (early stage mix)
11. Anthem 1984 (early stage mix)
12. Poly Piece (demo)

Click here to buy the 2-CD issues of Ant's The Geese & The Ghost, Wise After The Event, or 1984. You can also get Invisible Men in a new 1-CD reissue in a mini LP style sleeve, too!

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