April 2009

April 23, 2009
John Mayhew is Laid To Rest; Friends, Fans, and Family Pay Their Respect

The funeral of John Mayhew took place yesterday in Glasgow, Scotland. While Mayhew's former bandmates were not present at the funeral, flowers from Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Tony Smith and Richard McPhail were present. The ceremony was attended by a small collection of friends, family, and fans.

April 15, 2009

Tony Banks Comments on the Passing of John Mayhew

On the official Genesis site, Tony Banks has posted his condolences on the passing of former Genesis drummer John Mayhew. Banks writes:
"We were very sorry to hear about the death of John Mayhew, who had only recently appeared back in our lives after over thirty years. His time with the group was short, but it was a very crucial period and his contribution was very important. After John Silver, the drummer who had played on 'From Genesis to Revelation' decided to leave we rehearsed for a while as a four-piece before auditioning for a replacement. The trouble was we didn't have a full drum kit for them to use. I remember one poor chap having to play with the cymbals hanging from the ceiling, almost decapitating himself every time he used one. When John Mayhew arrived he had the great advantage of owning a kit as well as being a very competent drummer. At the time, one of our favourite drummers was Rob Townsend of Family, and when John showed he could reproduce a few of his riffs he was hired.
       How we must have appeared to him I hate to think. We had all been to the same school so we were a very closed unit with our own language and humour, and we were very inexperienced both in the business and in life in general. John was a bit older than us and had played live in the group 'Steamhammer' so had some knowledge of what was expected on stage. I remember him at the first show changing to go on stage; this had never occurred to us, strange since later we became almost better known for Peter's costumes than anything else. For this reason he was a very important factor in those early days on the road, having already been there before.
       During the few months we worked together, writing music for the 'Trespass' album, John became very much part of the group sharing everything from the legendary immortal yoghurt through to the first experience of Monty Python. His carpentry was a great asset in these early days; he built me a copy of the Leslie style speaker I had, (still in existence I think) and put a seat in the back of the bread-van we used as the group's vehicle amongst many other things. He was a very solid drummer, but not really a writer, a lot of his parts came from the rest of us, particularly from Ant. This was really why we decided that if we were to continue after Ant left, we had to find a more creative drummer, a hard decision because by this time John had become a friend."

April 15, 2009
Atlantic Records Announces New Mega Box Set Spanning Their 60 Year History

Atlantic Records, Genesis' North American record label for the majority of their career, has announced the forthcoming release of The Time Capsule, a new limited edition 8-CD box set (also available as a 16 180-gram LP set) with a stunning 130-classic tracks than span the 60 year history of the record company. Among the artists included are Genesis, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin, Matchbox 20, Stone Temple Pilots, Bette Midler, Led Zeppelin, Yes, ELP, INXS, Bobby Darin, Ben E. King, John Coltrane, Kid Rock, Twisted Sister, T.I., Ray Charles, Sony and Cher, AC/DC, and many, many more. Rock, Pop, R&B, Easy Listening, Rap, Jazz, and every genre in-between are included in a collection of essential recordings from one of the most successful labels of all time.

The collection was compiled by a small group of passionate Atlantic staffers, who drew on rarely seen material from the company's archives, co-founder and industry legend Ahmet Ertegun's personal papers, and the work of staff photographers through the years. This unique package design contains a full color 128 page book filled with unseen 'from the inside' images as well as a collection of reproduced memorabilia including: a backstage pass, handbills, posters, ticket stubs and other vintage swag. Each set is completed by an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. The Time Capsule will be release on August 11, 2009. Pre-order your copy today!

April 2, 2009

Former Genesis drummer, John Mayhew, dead at 61

Various sources, including the U.K.'s Evening Star, report that John Mayhew, best known to Genesis fans as the drummer of the classic 1970 Genesis album Trespass, has died at the age of 61. Mayhew reportedly passed away on March 26th, a day before his birthday, of a heart-related condition. At the time of his death, Mayhew was living in Glasgow, Scotland. Funeral arrangements are underway with a private ceremony expected next week. Our deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of John Mayhew. His short, but significant mark on Genesis' music will never be forgotten.

To read World of's exclusive 2006 interview with John Mayhew, which was one of only a rare few that he provided in the last years of his life, click here.

John Mayhew  2006

April 2, 2009
Lost Multi-Track Tapes for Genesis' Live Album Found!

According to a post from Genesis' long time Producer and Engineer, Nick Davis, on the official Genesis site's forum, the missing multi-track tapes for the 1973 Genesis live album, aptly titled Live, have been found! This means that the album will be remixed in true 5.1 surround sound for the forthcoming Genesis Live box set(s). Davis says that he will begin remixing the multi-track tapes in late April. As previously reported here, all of the other live albums released by the band have already been remixed and remastered by Nick for future release. He is currently working on the remixing and remastering of potential live bonus tracks for the collection. To date, there is still no confirmed release date for the live Box(es). More details on that when they are known!

April 2, 2009
Phil Collins Designs Mickey Mouse Ears For Disney Charity Event; Provides Update on His Interests and Activities
According to Sky News, celebrities like Phil Collins and Spice Girl Geri Hallowell among others have designed their own take on Mickey Mouse ears for a charity event. Collins revealed he drew inspiration from his musical skills for his creation, which are in the shape of a golden drum kit with, in his words, "some bald bloke playing the drums" in the middle. The Mickey Ears will be auctioned online at with proceeds going to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity.

Collins also shared in the interview that he continues to focus the bulk of his time on his family and has no interest in touring at this point in his career. Collins admitted that he is "fooling around" in his "own little studio," but insists that regardless of what that may become that it does not mean a tour in support of the project, should it be released, would ever happen. Collins admits that that nowadays making music is "like a hobby for me rather than a way to make a living."

Phil Collins Shows Off His Personally Styled Drummer Mouse Ears

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