August 30, 2002
Additional Concert Dates Announced For Paul Carrack and Ray Wilson

New European concert dates have been announced for Ray Wilson's Live and Acoustic Tour as well as Paul Carrack's Groovin' Tour. Dates will be posted to the Tour Dates Section shortly.

August 30, 2002
Official Gabriel Site Resumes Ticket Sales For Euro Warm-Up Gigs

The official Peter Gabriel site resumed sales for the advanced tickets for the two warm-up gigs in Milan and Paris yesterday afternoon. As expected, the remaining tickets sold out in no time. General tickets to the public go on sale this Saturday, August 31st, at: for the Paris concert. No news yet as to whether tickets to additional warm-up dates, such as the rumored date in New York, will be sold through the official Gabriel site. Stay tuned for details. 

August 28, 2002
In celebration of the recent reissue of Anthony Phillips' Sky Road album on compact disc, World of Genesis is holding our first contest! 

The fine folks at Ant's label, Voice Print, have graciously donated five copies of the new CD as prizes for WoG readers who can answer a little Anthony Phillips trivia (don't worry - we'll help you a little). Click here to enter the contest! Or, if you simply can't wait to find out if you'll win the contest, and you want to buy a copy of Sky Road on CD right now, simply click here. Good luck!

August 28, 2002
Steve Hackett's Satie And Faces Albums To Be Issued In The U.S.

Inside Out Music has just announced that they will be releasing Steve Hackett's Sketches of Satie and Till We Have Faces albums in the United States on September 24th. 

Sketches of Satie
, a classical project, features Steve and his bother John's interpretations of some of composer Erik Satie's work. While the album was released in Europe by Hackett's own label, Camino, in May 2000, this will be the albums first U.S. release. The other reissue, Till We Have Faces, has been previously released in the U.S. This new version will be the remastered edition that is available in Europe (only cheaper!). To Pre-order Sketches of Satie click here. To pre-order Till We Have Faces click here. 

August 27, 2002
Peter Gabriel's Up Contains Bonus CD In Japan

You heard it here first! The Japanese release of Peter Gabriel's Up (catalog # VJCP-68450) due for release in Japan on September 19th will contain a bonus limited edition 3-track CD single featuring an edited version of "The Barry Williams Show", "My Head Sounds Like That" (Röyksopp Remix), and the single edit of "Cloudless" from the Rabbit Proof Fence soundtrack.

August 27, 2002
Chris Stewart's Parrot In A Pepper Tree To Be Featured This Week On BBC Radio

BBC Radio 4, in England, is broadcasting readings of extracts from Chris Stewart's new book A Parrot In The Pepper Tree each day this week (26th - 30th August). The readings by actor Mick Ford are to be broadcast at 9:45 a.m. each day. Each 15 minute program is also to be repeated at 12:30 a.m. the following morning.

August 26, 2002
Phil Collins Makes An Appearance On New Rap Album

No sooner do I post information on the shelved collaboration between Peter Gabriel and rap group Naughty By Nature, do I learn that Phil just lent his vocals to a new song on rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's forthcoming album, Thug World Order. The song in question, "Home," focuses on social issues and spirituality, using the same beat as Phil's "Take Me Home," sampling the chorus from the original. Thug World Order is due out on October 29th in the U.S. For more on this album click here.

This is not the first time Phil Collins has been sampled by a rap artist. His work has been previously sampled by rappers like Tupac Shakur and Queen Pen. Not to mention the Urban Renewal tribute album, which featured rap and rhythm and blues artists performing Collins' material in homage.

August 26, 2002
Official Phil Collins Site Is Now On-Line

Yesterday, the official Phil Collins site made it's debut on the world wide web. Maintained by the webmaster of the official Genesis site, Collins' site closely mirrors that of the Genesis page. In addition to news and a fan forum, the site also includes some interesting archive material including concert tour set lists, press photos, a historical timeline, and more. To check out the site click here.

August 26, 2002
Official Genesis Site Launches New Line Of Genesis Merchandise

The official Genesis site now features a new line of merchandise, including numerous goods from nearly every Genesis album. Whether you are looking for t-shirts, sweatshirts, beer mugs, coffee mugs, wall clocks, mouse mats, satchels, baseball hats, tile coasters, or other items, there are plenty of goodies for the avid Genesis fan to buy. Check it out!

August 26, 2002
Peter Gabriel's Rap Collaboration Shelved 

According to CDNow, an on-line music retailer, Peter Gabriel collaborated with the New Jersey based rap group, Naughty By Nature, for their new album, IICONS. The track did not make it to the final album, but it sure would have been interesting to hear Peter Gabriel's take on Hip-Hop! Other notable collaborators on the Naughty By Nature project include Pink, Queen Latifah, Redman and Method Man. 

August 26, 2002
Get a Sneak Preview Of Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel's New CDs

For your reading pleasure, reviews of the forthcoming albums by Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel are now posted in the Album/Video Reviews Section of this site. 

August 21, 2002
Official Peter Gabriel Site Rocked By Rabid Gabriel Fans Seeking Concert Tickets

After the announcement that 100 tickets for reserved seating were available for sale on the official Peter Gabriel site for the Milan and Paris warm-up gigs, the volume of web surfers hoping for the prized tickets resulted in the site's server providing unstable service over the last 24 hours. The official site has temporarily stopped selling the tickets while the problem is being fixed, but several people apparently managed to get them before the server crashed. The remaining tickets have not disappeared, but the site has some technical issues to resolve before they can put them back on sale.

As for people who had tickets for the original Paris gig that was cancelled, the official site suggests that you should get in touch with the retailer who sold them to you. 

August 20, 2002
Official Gabriel Site Offers 100 Reserved Tickets To Fans For Warm-Up Gigs In Milan and Paris

Membership has its privileges as they say, and Peter Gabriel's Full Moon Club is apparently no exception. The club is offering 100 reserved tickets for sale for each of the two dates in Milan and Paris. The Paris gig has changed location and date, with the new show being held at Theatre de la Mutualite on September 21st. Hurry! These club shows will sell-out fast! Get yours today on the official Peter Gabriel site!

August 19, 2002
Collins' Testify Album Illegally Hits The Internet

The tracks to Phil Collins' up-coming album, Testify, have been illegally 'leaked' on to an undisclosed website, and Phil's management is not too happy about it. As a result, on the official Genesis site today, the webmaster posted that anyone who posts details of websites that offer downloads of any elements of Phil's new album will be banned from the Forum section of the official Genesis site and Phil's new official site when it comes on-line. 

As reported here previously, Collins' Testify album has been cited as being an incredibly important part of EMI's fall release schedule in Europe, and there is no telling how illegal downloads of this album might seriously impact EMI's fall campaign to revive it's dwindling stock.

August 16, 2002
Weather Report Album Featuring Rare Live Recordings Coming Soon

Sources report that in October, Sony Music will issue a collection of rare and previously unreleased live recordings by Weather Report, the influential jazz band that once featured Chester Thompson. The album, Live And Unreleased, has a tentative release date of October 1st. Among the tracks on the two-CD set are five tracks recorded on November 27, 1975 with Chester Thompson. The tracks featuring Chester are: "Freezing Fire", "Cucumber Slumber", "Man In The Green Shirt", "Cigano" and "Directions"/"Dr. Honoris Causa."

August 15, 2002
Official Genesis Webmaster To Propose More Remastered Genesis Related CDs 

According to the webmaster of the official Genesis site, he plans to suggest to Tony Smith (Genesis' long-time Manager) that albums like Mike Rutherford's Smallcreep's Day and some of Tony Banks' solo albums, where unreleased tracks, b-sides, an so on exist, get reissued as special remastered editions. The webmaster was also considering the prospect of proposing similar reissues of the Mike & The Mechanics albums should rare tracks be located (and believe me, there are plenty!).

August 15, 2002
Phil Collins' Testify Is Cited As Crucial To EMI

According to Variety, Phil Collins' up-coming solo album, Testify, will be playing an immensely important role in the autumn release schedule for EMI in Europe. Along with new albums by Coldplay and Atomic Kitten, EMI is banking on the hopes that these popular artists, and others like them, will help increase EMI's sagging shares in the Stock Market. Variety adds, "They have all got to be monster hits, because EMI has promised to win market share from its bigger rivals this year. But even a decent chart performance might not be enough to save this historic company from long-term decline." What does this mean to Phil Collins' fans? It means the new Phil Collins solo album, as a cornerstone to EMI's marketing strategy, is guaranteed to receive a flurry of promotional activity to help hype the release. Nothing like a little pressure, eh?

August 13, 2002
Tickets For Frankie Miller Tribute Featuring Ray Wilson On Sale Now; Tribute CD Coming in November

Alec, the Producer of the Frankie Miller tribute concert that will take place at the Glasgow Barrowlands on September 7th, has informed me that tickets for this event are on sale NOW, not on August 20th as previously stated. Ticket prices are still £20 each, plus a booking fee. According to Alec, Ray will be performing "Desperado" with Joe Walsh of the Eagles (as previously reported here), a Frankie Miller cover tune ("Good Time Love"), Stiltskin's "Inside" and the Thin Lizzy song "Still In Love With You," featuring Brian Robertson on guitar. For more information go to the Tour Dates Section of this site. 

As for the Frankie Miller tribute album, Alec, who also produced the CD, added, "I have had the pleasure to hear Ray's contribution to the CD, "Good Time Love," and it is outstanding! Michael Bannister, the young engineer in Cava Studios Glasgow, where it was recorded, described it as, "The best vocal performance I have heard in my four years working here!" The tribute CD will be available in November and more information is available on the project at:

August 13, 2002
More News From Tony Levin On Up-Coming Gabriel Tour

According to the official Tony Levin site, in addition to warm-up dates in Paris and Milan, we can expect at least one U.S. warm-up gig in New York. No date or venue has been announced, but tickets for a small club show will undoubtedly go very quickly. Once more information is available I'll post it here immediately.

As for the show itself, production rehearsals start in October. According to Levin, "...I won't try to predict the final stage shape. Sounds like a very exciting and unusual stage setup though, which audiences will really like." In the meantime, rehearsals continue in England, with the band eventually finishing preparation for the North American leg of the tour in Italy.

August 8, 2002
Pictures From Hackett's Italian Acoustic Dates Now On-Line

For those of us who couldn't make it to Italy for Steve Hackett's recent acoustic performances, you can now go to Steve's official site to see pictures from the concerts.

August 8, 2002
Rolling Stone Magazine Features More Information on Gabriel's Up album 

The press is officially beginning for the new Peter Gabriel album, Up. In addition to the VH-1 article mentioned here yesterday, you can now read more on the project on the Rolling Stone Magazine website.

August 7, 2002
VH-1 Website Offers New Insight On Gabriel's Up Album

The VH-1 website recently posted a new feature article on Peter Gabriel and his much-anticipated new studio effort, Up. In the article, Gabriel talks about the inspiration of the album title, the meaning behind the title of his next studio album, I/O, and the story behind the first single from Up, "The Barry Williams Show." Be sure to check it out!

August 7, 2002
Track Listing Confirmed For Peter Gabriel's First Single(s)

Apparently, the track listing is official for "The Barry Williams Show," Gabriel's first single from his new solo album, Up. The single is available in two parts. The track listing is as follows:

Standard Single:
The Barry Williams Show
My Head Sounds Like That (Röyksopp Remix)

Maxi Single:
The Barry Williams Show (Unadulterated Edit)
The Barry Williams Show
My Head Sounds Like that (Röyksopp Remix)
Cloudless (Radio Edit)

Also, you can now hear the single edit (radio version) of the single on Peter Gabriel's official site.

August 7, 2002
Tickets Go On Sale August 20th For Ray Wilson/Joe Walsh Gig

Tickets for the Frankie Miller tribute concert at the Glasgow Barrowlands on September 7th go on sale Saturday, August 20th, at £20 each (plus a booking fee). As previously reported, Ray Wilson will be performing at the concert. It is also said that he will perform "Desperado" with The Eagles' guitarist Joe Walsh at the event. For more information go to the Tour Dates Section of this site.

August 5, 2002
Chester Thompson's Official Website Is Still In Development

As mentioned here in previous months, Chester is having an official site developed, but things are moving a little slower than he initially expected. Still, the official site is very much an on-going project, and the site should be on-line by 2003. Once more information is available, it will be posted here.

August 2, 2002
Carrack To Announce More European Tour Dates; New Album Due Soon

According to Paul Copley, a member of Paul Carrack's band and webmaster to his official site, Carrack will continue touring for the next several months. In fact,  there are a lot more tour dates that will soon be officially announced (once the dates and venues have been confirmed). Also, Paul Carrack is hopeful that his new studio album will be finished prior to the start of these new tour dates. Stay tuned for details!

August 2, 2002
Official Gabriel Site Formally Announces Up Track Listing

Yes, this time it's truly official...assuming they don't change it again! Seriously though, the official Peter Gabriel site announced today that the FINAL track listing for Peter Gabriel's Up album is as follows:

1 . Darkness
2 . Growing Up
3 . Sky Blue
4 . No Way Out
5 . I Grieve
6 . The Barry Williams Show
7 . My Head Sounds Like That
8 . More Than This
9 . Signal To Noise
10. The Drop

As you might notice, this is the same revised track order we posted here on July 26th.

August 1, 2002
United Recordings Clarifies Release of Ray Wilson Dance Single

According to a source at United Recordings, the company distributing the Ray Wilson/Armin Van Buuren single "Yet Another Day," the 12" single is now available and can be purchased directly though the Armin Van Buuren website. The CD single, as Ray Wilson shared yesterday, is tentatively set for September.

August 1, 2002
Ray Wilson Provides A Detailed Update On His Activity

After a quick e-mail from Ray Wilson the other day, a detailed update was issued today providing a more comprehensive overview of his current activities. Some of the information is news that we have already posted here in the past few weeks...

As previously reported here, Ray will be performing at the Frankie Miller tribute gig at the Glasgow Barrowlands on the September 7th. It is also said that he will perform "Desperado" with The Eagles' guitarist Joe Walsh. Also in tour news, Ray reiterated that he will be touring Germany with some acoustic dates in November in support of his Live and Acoustic album (a.k.a. Unplugged).

Next, Ray's forthcoming studio album is called Change and is set for a February 2003 release. Also in studio news, the new Turntable Rockers single "Love Supreme" will also feature Ray's vocals. The "Love Supreme" single is released in Germany this month.

August 1, 2002
Official Gabriel Site Says Up Track Listing Is Still Not Final 

Believe it or not, according to the official Peter Gabriel site, the track listing is still not finalized for the soon-to-be-released Up album which is currently set to hit the shelves less than two months from now! As the site says, "Last minute discussions are still in progress to define the final track list/album content." 

So, basically, even though promos are circulating with two set track listings, who knows what will, in fact, make the final cut or what the final order will be? The only thing that is certain is that the advanced promos may have more value, long-term, to collectors if the order and/or songs are not identical to the final release. We'll keep you posted once more becomes known. In the meantime, you can now go to the official Geffen Records site to hear the complete album version of Gabriel's new single, "The Barry Williams Show."

August 1, 2002
North American Cities Announced For Peter Gabriel's November/December 2002 Tour

According to the official Peter Gabriel site, the U.S. and Canadian Up tour is starting to take shape. The tour is currently set to run from November 15th through December 15th and will hit the following locations:

Atlanta, Georgia
Montreal, Canada
Cleveland, Ohio
Quebec, Canada
Columbus, Ohio
Toronto, Canada
Washington D.C.
Detroit, Michigan
Denver, Colorado
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oakland, California
Minneapolis, Minnesota
San Diego, California
E. Rutherford, New Jersey
Los Angeles, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Phoenix, Arizona
New York, New York
Las Vegas, Nevada
Boston, Massachusetts


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