December 30, 2002
Things to Look Forward To In 2003... 

At the end of each year, I like to recap some of the major releases we can (hopefully) expect to be released in the future (as identified in previous news posts here on World of 

Here is what we know at this point:

According to the official Genesis site, Geoff Callingham, Genesis' Engineer at The Farm, has initiated contact with the companies that can handle the testing and transfer of the Invisible Touch concert video tapes (this was necessary due to the fact that the master tapes were made on an outdated format). After testing the tapes, it is expected that a multi-angle DVD, similar to The Way We Walk DVD, will be available at some point in 2003. No exact release date is known at this time.

Tony Banks
Tony Banks' classical solo album is nearing completion according to the official Genesis site. The release at this point seems contingent upon securing a deal with a label. No official release date is available at this time. Banks is also in the process of finalizing the artwork for the reissue of his Wicked Lady album on CD which is expected to be available sometime in 2003 on the official Genesis site.

Paul Carrack
According to the official Paul Carrack site, Paul's new single, "Where Did I Go Wrong?" (catalog # CDPCAR107) will be released in early 2003. No exact release date has been set at this time. His new studio album is also anticipated for some time in early 2003.

Phil Collins
The second, yet unconfirmed, single from Phil's Testify album will be released in early 2003. The video will be promoted with a second Toyota commercial which will coincide with the release of the single. In video news, Phil is also expected to release his Serious Hits... Live! DVD in 2003.

Phil also continues to work on the soundtrack to a forthcoming Walt Disney project, tentatively titled "Bears" or "Brother Bear." A soundtrack release for "Bears" is expected in 2004 along with the theatrical release of the full length animated feature film. In other Disney news, Phil has been said to be lending his voice to one of the characters in Jungle Book 2, which hits the theaters in 2003. Lastly, on the soundtrack front, Phil is developing the score of the Broadway version of Tarzan, which has no set release date at this time. Check out the official Phil Collins site for details as they become available.

Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel's second single from Up, "More Than This", just barely squeezed in at the tail end of 2002 (but let's not get technical!). Gabriel has talked about the possibility of a European leg of the Up tour and even the release of I/O, another studio album, in 2003, but neither is confirmed at this point (I don't know about you, but based upon the repeated delays before Up was released, I'm not holding my breath for I/O in 2003!).  What is confirmed for 2003 is the release of Up on the SACD format in January, and the claim that other Gabriel back catalog titles to be issued on SACD at a later date. Check out the official Peter Gabriel site for more information as it becomes available.

Steve Hackett

According to Hackett's management, Steve continues to work on a number of projects, which may (or may not) see their way to being released in 2003. Among them are a new rock album and an acoustic cover tune album. Neither project has an official release date at this time. Steve is also expected to release another concert DVD/CD in 2003 taken from the Budapest gigs he did earlier in the year. Check out the official Steve Hackett site for more details as they become available.

Anthony Phillips
In addition to continued progress on another Private Parts & Pieces album (XI), we can (potentially) expect to see a few Ant related releases in 2003. We can look forward to a reissue of The Intergalactic Touring Band album on CD which features Phillips among other notables which is set for a January 2003 release. Voiceprint Records also hopes to release Ant's widely bootlegged "Radio Clyde" session from 1978. No official release date has been set for this release at this time. Stay tuned to the official Anthony Phillips site for more details.

Mike Rutherford
Probably, the most elusive former Genesis member this year, Mike Rutherford has been reported to have been involved in recording with a number of musicians, including Paul Carrack for another Mike & The Mechanics album, but no details are available at this time about what these recordings are or when they will surface. Thanks to the official Genesis site, we do know that a remastered version of Mike's Acting Very Strange album with bonus cuts is expected to be released on CD in 2003 once Mike approves the artwork. Hopefully, more information will become available to us all on Mike in 2003.

Daryl Stuermer
Daryl has three potential releases for 2003 that we know about at this point. First, a live recording with his former band, Sweetbottom, that was recorded in December 2002 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Next, Daryl has his own contemporary jazz solo album, tentatively titled Retrofit, due for release later in 2003. Lastly, Daryl has undertaken a (yet unnamed)  "pop music" side-project with touring band-mate John Calarco which also may see it's way to release in 2003! For more on Daryl, check out his official website.

Chester Thompson
In addition to continued activity as a session player, Chester has been working on a solo album which may (or may not) be released in 2003. The last time I spoke to Chester, the album was not completed, but was coming along nicely. Chester also hopes to launch his own official site in 2003. For updates on Chester Thompson check out his official website (coming soon... hopefully).

Ray Wilson
In addition to undertaking a European tour with Saga in early 2003, Ray is expected to release his new solo album, tentatively titled Change, in early 2003. In video news, a DVD of Ray's Live and Acoustic Tour is also set for release in 2003, but no exact date has been set at this time. Check out Ray's official site for more news as it becomes available.

Paul Young
At this time, no new releases have been confirmed for 2003 for Paul Young. Check out Paul Young's official website for more information as it becomes available.

That's where we stand at this point. Special thanks to all the official webmasters, record companies, artist management, fellow fans, and of course, the guys listed above for their assistance and for a great year of music! See ya in 2003!

December 30, 2002
Mojo Magazine posts Blurb On Alleged Chance of A Genesis Reunion

In the January issue of Mojo, buried in a small paragraph on page 13 of the Bulletin Section of the magazine, is news that Phil Collins has indicated to Peter Gabriel and Mike Rutherford that he's happy to take part in a Genesis reunion, but they have to make the arrangements. "If they set a rehearsal date, I'll show up," said Collins in the blurb. The paragraph also added that Collins stated that fans won't be satisfied with just their 1970-75 output, suggesting that new material will also be forthcoming.

(Webmaster's Note: Personally, I wouldn't get too excited by this comment. Collins has said for some time that he would reunite with Genesis for a reunion if Peter Gabriel returned as vocalist. The fact is, Peter Gabriel has no interest in returning to Genesis at this time, so the odds of a reunion are still very slim, in my opinion. I suppose only time will tell. Anyone who frequents my site knows that I rarely insert opinion into the news section, but I think this is nothing to get excited about just yet. Does the fact that this landed in a small paragraph on page 13 tell you anything?)

December 29, 2002
Ray Wilson Not To Tour With Saga On Proposed North American Dates

According to the webmaster of the official Saga site, Ray Wilson, who is set to serve as an opening act for the rock band Saga on their 2003 European tour, will not be joining them if they tour North America. Talks are in place for a North American Saga tour in 2003, but a different opening act is expected to be involved in the event.

December 29, 2002
Still No Plans For Steve Hackett/Jim Diamond Acoustic Covers Album

According to Steve Hackett's management, there are still no plans to release the acoustic cover tune album recorded by Steve Hackett and Jim Diamond. Hackett first discussed the tribute project back in 2001 when he was interviewed here on World of So, unfortunately, don't expect that album anytime soon!

December 21, 2002
Collins Speaks Candidly About His 'Saintly' Adult Contemporary Status

In a new interview with Rueters, Phil Collins openly discusses the misconception that he is a saint and attempts to diffuse the "Mr. Nice Guy" persona he has been labeled with over the past couple of decades. "I don't pretend to be nicer, better, more holier-than-thou than anybody else," explained Collins, "I'm just slap-bang in the middle, I suppose, normal."

Collins also addresses his changing commercial popularity in the interview. The interview reveals that the U.S. sales for his new album, Testify, are only at 140,000 copies to date. When asked about his top 40 commercial status, Collins commented, "I'm not in that marketplace anymore, and I'm quite pleased not to be, to be quite honest. I'm 51. I'm not gonna do the things that are required of me to be on MTV, if they were even thinking about having me on it, because I'm too old."

December 21, 2002
Peter Gabriel Receives Golden Globe Nomination

According to the official Peter Gabriel site, Peter has been nominated for a Golden Globe for the music to the film, Rabbit Proof Fence.

December 21, 2002
Stuermer Plans Live Album To Mark Sweetbottom's 25th Anniversary

As Daryl Stuermer first revealed here in his World of interview back in October, he is planning to record a live album with his former band Sweetbottom to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the group. The official Daryl Stuermer site has announced that the Sweetbottom shows at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on December 26th and 27th, will be the dates he plans to record for this release. The shows will feature the original Sweetbottom line-up: Daryl Stuermer, Guitar; Warren Wiegratz, Sax; Duane Stuermer, Bass; and Mike Murphy, Drums. In addition, Kostia will sit in on keyboards. Tickets are on sale now!

December 21, 2002
Erasure Pays Tribute To Peter Gabriel

On Erasure's forthcoming album, Other People's Songs, the synth-pop band pay tribute to Peter Gabriel by performing their own rendition of his signature tune, "Solsbury Hill." Other songs covered include The Buggles' "Video Killed The Radio Star" and The Righteous Brothers "You Lost That Lovin' Feelin'." The album is set for release on January 27th in the U.K. and January 28th in the U.S. "Solsbury Hill," which is the first single, is set for release on January 6th in the U.K. and January 14th in the U.S.

December 19, 2002
Progressive Rock Album Featuring Hackett and Bruford Finally Being Released

As we first revealed back in May, Steve Hackett and Bill Bruford made guest appearances on the second Gordian Knot album, Emergent. The release date of this instrumental project has now been set for January 14th in the U.S. on the Sensory label. More information will follow when available.

December 19, 2002
Academy For Budding Artists Sponsored By Phil Collins Folds

According to EP24, The Jubilee Academy of Music, Theatre, and Arts has gone into liquidation. Described as a "fame-style academy for budding performing artists," The Academy was sponsored by artists like Phil Collins, who donated 11,000 over the past eight years into the program. The project, which was based in Norfolk, England, has been dissolved because of debts of about 2000 relating to unpaid VAT (taxes) for feasibility studies carried out on potential sites. 

A spokeswoman for Phil Collins said yesterday that he would not be able to bail out the society, which had aimed to set up a self-financing school. Collins' spokesperson stated, "We're very sorry that it never got off the ground... Phil thought it was a good concept."

December 19, 2002
Phil Collins Reminisces About With The Beatles

In the December issue of Mojo, Phil Collins is interviewed for the "Last Night An Album Changed My Life" section of the magazine. In the article, they ask musicians to discuss an influential album on their lives. In this issue, Phil talks about The Beatles' 1963 album, With The Beatles (a.k.a. Meet The Beatles if you lived in the U.S.A.). Collins discusses playing 'air guitar' in front of the mirror to the album as a child, Ringo Starr's drumming influence, playing drums along with the album, and his favorite tracks, "It Won't Be Long" and "All My Loving."

December 19, 2002
Phil Collins' Testify Vanishes From U.S. Top 100 Albums Chart

According to Billboard, in only it's fourth week of release, Phil Collins' Testify album dropped off the U.S. Top 100 Album Chart. 

December 18, 2002
Phil Collins Makes Cameo Appearance In New Music Video

According to MTV, Phil Collins will make a special cameo appearance in the new Bone Thugs-N-Harmony music video, "Home." As previously reported, the song is included on the rap group's latest album, Thug World Order, and features a sample of Collins' hit single "Take Me Home." 

According to MTV, the group managed to talk Collins into making a special appearance after agreeing to shoot the video in Geneva, where the Collins currently lives. In the video, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are touring Europe and feeling homesick when a spiritual guide, played by Collins, appears to remind them of the many things they should be thankful for (yes, I'm serious!).
  The song and the video will be released in America in late January.

December 18, 2002
Alternate Version of Gabriel's "Signal To Noise" Featured On New Soundtrack

A new version of Peter Gabriel's "Signal To Noise" is featured on the soundtrack to the film Gangs of New York. The soundtrack, which was released in the United States yesterday, also includes music by U2 and the Afro Celt Sound System, among others.

December 18, 2002
Update On Phil Collins' Appearance On Rockline

Phil Collins was supposed to make a guest appearance on Rockline, a nationally syndicated U.S. radio program, just prior to the release of his latest album, Testify. As the release of Testify drew near, Phil's scheduled appearance was cancelled. Since then, I have gotten a few e-mails asking if Phil has been rescheduled for the show. So, I contacted the fine folks at Rockline, and they had this to say about Phil Collins: "Nothing is currently in the works [with Phil Collins]. It's difficult, as Phil has to be in the United States and free on a Wednesday, but it's not a dead issue yet." We'll keep you posted if Phil is rescheduled for the program.

December 16, 2002
Limited Edition Phil Collins Testify Box Set Released In Germany

Warner Music Germany has issued a limited edition box set for Phil Collins' Testify album. The special collector's box set includes a copy of the German Testify CD and a set of 6 promo pictures of Phil Collins. The box is supposedly only available through the end of the holiday season. According to Atlantic Records (Phil's U.S. label), there are no plans to release this box in the United States.

December 16, 2002
Release of SACD version of Peter Gabriel's Up Confirmed For January

According to Universal Music, on January 14th, Peter Gabriel's Up album will be released in the SACD (Super Audio Compact Disc) format in the U.S. The new format offers the album in traditional stereo and in 5.1 surround sound. Of course, you will need a SACD player to use the new release, which I am sure you are all very pleased to hear (especially if you recently bought into Minidisc, DVD-Audio, DAT, or countless other struggling commercial audio formats).

December 11, 2002
Phil Collins Promo Sampler Being Distributed To U.S. Radio Stations

For those collectors out there, Atlantic Records is distributing a 4-track In-Store Play Sampler CD to U.S. radio (catalog # PRCD-300989). The sampler includes three tracks from Phil's new album, Testify ("Can't Stop Loving You", "Driving Me Crazy", and "Don't Get Me Started"), and "Take Me Home" from Phil's No Jacket Required album. Also worth of note, the Testify tracks have audio introductions over each track, so if you are buying this off of Ebay (or some other location that sells promos) just to listen to the songs, you might find the talking over each track annoying.

December 11, 2002
Paul Carrack Rehearses '80s Classics Live

Paul Carrack is reported to be rehearsing a song or two from of his classic '80s material during sound check on his current European tour. For those of you who have seen him live over the past couple of years, you know that Carrack does not pull out any of his popular hits from albums like One Good Reason, Grooved Approved, or Surburban Voodoo. At least not until now... 

Among these tunes rehearsed was "I Live By The Groove," one of Carrack's biggest solo hits in the United States. While no official announcement has been made about including more of Carrack's '80s solo hits, Paul acknowledged that the song had been rehearsed by his touring band. More news to follow when available!

December 10, 2002
Phil Collins BBC Documentary Coming To DVD

According to reports from the BBC, their documentary on Phil Collins, A Life Less Ordinary, is under consideration for release on DVD by BBC Enterprises. Sources say that this DVD may offer fans additional material omitted from the original television program. No further information is available at present. Stay tuned for details!

December 10, 2002
Tony Levin Announces Solo Tour Dates During 'Growing Up' Tour Hiatus

As mentioned here previously, Tony Levin will be touring as a solo artist during the month of January in support of his latest live album, Double Espresso. Levin's official site has announced six dates in the northeastern part of the U.S. with more expected shortly. 

Double Espresso tour dates include stops in Fairfax, Virginia on January 7th, The North Star Bar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 8th, Milestones in Rochester, New York on January 9th, The Bottom Line in New York City on January 10th, Van Dyck's in Schenectady, New York on January 11th, and Tralf in Buffalo, New York on January 16th. For more information and up-coming dates from Levin's solo tour check out his official site. Tony Levin is expected to return to Peter Gabriel's touring band in time to start the European leg of the 'Growing Up' Tour anticipated to take place this summer.

December 9, 2002
Update On New Peter Gabriel DVD/CD Single

More news has become available today on that forthcoming DVD/CD single for Gabriel's "More Than This." The single features 7-tracks. The track listing is: 
1. "More Than This" (Radio Edit) 
2. "More Than This" (Polyphonic Spree mix) 
3. "More Than This" (Elbow mix) 
Click here to order the CD-Single!

1. "More Than This" (Album Version) 
2. "Sky Blue" (Martyn Bennett remix) 
3. "The Barry Williams Show" video (5.1 and stereo mixes) 
4. Photo Gallery
Click here to order the DVD single!

For those of you who still prefer 12" vinyl EPs, you can get the new single in that format as well. 

The 12" single includes:
1. "More Than This" (Polyphonic Spree mix)
2. "More Than This" (Elbow Mix)
3. "My Head Sounds Like That" (Royksopp Remix)

December 9, 2002
Quicksilver Due For Release On DVD This Month

Quicksilver, the film starring Kevin Bacon and featuring music by Tony Banks, will be released in the U.S. and Canada on DVD on December 18th. The DVD does not feature any new material or commentary by Tony Banks, but I figured some fans might be interested just the same.

December 6, 2002
Phil Collins' Testify Album Falls Sharply In Third Week Of Release

According to Billboard, in only it's third week of release, Phil Collins' new album, Testify, fell to #82 on the U.S. Albums Chart, down from last week's position at #41. In what is perhaps a somewhat ironic twist, the double disc soundtrack, Paid In Full, which features Collins' signature tune, "In The Air Tonight" amidst 25 rap and rhythm and blues tracks (?), debuted on the chart this week at #53, 29 places higher than Testify. As for the U.K., Testify fell from #40 to #50 this week.

December 6, 2002
Peter Gabriel Announces New DVD Single; Release Dates For CD Single Announced

According to the official Peter Gabriel site, his "people" have just finished authoring the DVD single for "More Than This," which includes a Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 version of "The Barry Williams Show" video. According to my own independent sources in Japan, the DVD single will be released in Europe December 30th (catalog #PGSDVD14). No information on a U.S. release date is available at this time.

My sources also indicate that the European CD single for Peter Gabriel's "More Than This" (catalog #PGSCD14) will also be released on December 30th.

December 6, 2002
Peter Gabriel To Perform Tonight On The Tonight Show

If you live in North America, be sure to watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this evening to catch Peter Gabriel and his band performing a track from the Up album live.

December 6, 2002
Steve Hackett Gives An Update On His Latest Release

On December 9th, the official Steve Hackett site will release Somewhere In South America on VHS (PAL and NTSC) and a special 2-CD pressing of the concert. Both the VHS version and the audio version are exclusively available on Hackett's site. 

The DVD version of Somewhere In South America is already on sale in retail stores across North America, and the European version of the DVD will be released on January 27th (and will include the 2-CD set in the packaging).

December 6, 2002
Paul Carrack Announces That His New Single Is Delayed

According to a post from Paul Carrack on his official site, his forthcoming single, "Where Did I Go Wrong," will be delayed. According to his statement, Carrack said, "I'm really sorry, but we have neglected to inform everyone that the release of "Where did I go wrong" has been postponed until the new year. There are so many releases by major artists at the moment that we could not have received the support from the big radio stations that we feel the record deserves. Radio 2,for instance, a major supporter in the past, have let it be known that they could not give it the airplay it deserves for this very reason."

Carrack added, "We hope that by delaying the release till the new year it will have a better chance of getting decent airplay. As a small independent label, we have zero political clout when up against the major players and have to rely purely on the strength of the music (A quaint notion I know). We regret not keeping everyone better informed, but we have been quite busy as I am sure you will know."

No new release date has formally been set for the single, but details will be posted when available.

December 6, 2002
Genesis' Debut Album To Be Reissued In Japan

The first Genesis album, From Genesis To Revelation, will be reissued on compact disc in Japan on December 18th (catalog #TECI-20149). The title is budget priced by Japanese standards (roughly
2,000, which is the equivalent of about $20 U.S.) and is allegedly remastered. This 21-track version of the album features the original 13-track release plus 8 bonus cuts, including: "The Silent Sun" (Single Version), "The Image Blown Out", "She Is Beautiful", "Try A Little Sadness" (Demo), and "Patricia" (Demo). Also of note is that none of the bonus tracks are exclusive to this release. In other words, if you own as many versions of this album as I do on CD, you're not getting anything new in this edition.

December 3, 2002
Classic Gabriel Albums Set For Reissue On LP

For all of you audiophiles out there, you will be pleased to hear that Peter Gabriel's third self-titled album is set for re-release on vinyl LP on December 10th. The limited edition release is the third LP reissue this year for Gabriel (the previous two being his first and second solo albums).

December 2, 2002
Anthony Phillips Rarities Released On New Compilation

According to the official Anthony Phillips site, two of Ant's previously unreleased Library Music pieces have surfaced on Tranquil Moods, a 2-CD various artists compilation on BMG Records (catalog #74321924692) in Europe (there is no U.S. release). The site states that the project was actually released back in May unbeknownst to Phillips himself until now. Ant's contributions are "Summer Dawn" and "Nightingale." 

The collection features a selection of classical pieces on the first disc and contemporary pieces on the latter disc. Proceeds from the sale of each CD goes to the National Trust to help their conservation work in the U.K.

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