July 31, 2002
Ray Wilson Dance Release Delayed 

According to Ray Wilson, the new dance single he recorded with Armin Van Buuren, "Yet Another Day," will now most likely be released some time in September. More information on this release will be posted here when available. 

July 31, 2002
Japanese Release Date For Gabriel's Up Announced

The official release date for Peter Gabriel's Up album in Japan is September 19th (catalog #VJCP-68436). The rumor is that the Japanese edition may have a bonus CD single! Once confirmed, I will let you know. 

As previously reported, September 19th also happens to be the same 'street date' for the Japanese pressing of the Long Long Walk Home (Rabbit Proof Fence) soundtrack (catalog # VJCP-68428).

July 30, 2002
Carrack Considers Possibility of U.S. Tour For 2003

As most Paul Carrack fans know, Paul has toured Europe extensively for the past several years in support of his many solo albums. I recently had an opportunity to ask Paul when, or if, he will return to the United States for a North American tour, something he has not done as a solo act in fifteen years. 

Paul shared with me that in order to make a U.S. tour financially feasible, he would probably have to tour the States for at least seven weeks. As such, touring State-side is something he is not willing to do at the moment, because he does not want to be away from his family for that long. The good news is, Paul commented that he may consider doing a brief U.S. tour next year. More news on this will hopefully follow in a few months.  

July 30, 2002
GTR Side Project Coming In August

Max Bacon's up-coming album, From the Banks of the River, is the former GTR vocalist's first new album since 1995. Musicians on the project include: Geoff Downes, Scott Gorham, Mike Oldfield, Michael Sturgis and Phil Spalding (who was the bass player for GTR). A European release via Voiceprint Records is due August 5th. While Steve Hackett is not affiliated with this project, the tie-in of two former GTR members made the information news-worthy (at least in my opinion). To order Bacon's new solo album click here.

July 29, 2002
Tony Levin Sheds More Light On Gabriel's UP-Coming Album and Tour

According to Tony Levin, Peter Gabriel's long-time bass player, tour rehearsals with Gabriel's band start in a week, though the official tour isn't until November. As we already know, there will be some warm-up shows before then, in Europe and now also apparently in the U.S. (good news!). For more on the 2002 Peter Gabriel Tour visit the Tour Dates Section. Known European warm-up shows at this point are concerts in Germany, Italy and France.

Also, Mr. Levin reports his initial thoughts on the new album, "I've received an advance copy of Peter's new cd, UP, and it's great. Surprising too - not what you might expect (For those few who even try to predict what Peter will do!)."

July 29, 2002
More Phil Collins Big Band Sheet Music Available - Plus Free CD!

Big Band Sheet Music and Power House Orchestrations have just announced that a few additional big band arrangements are available from Phil Collins' big band project. In addition, some of these songs have sample MP3s (only snippets - not the full tunes). Among the new tunes transcribed are "Hand In Hand", "Rad Dudeski", "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight", "The West Side", "In The Air Tonight", "I Cannot Believe It's True", "This Must Be Love" and "Don't Lose My Number." The prices vary from 35 UK pounds to 38 UK pounds each. 

You'll be happy to know that you can also request a free sampler CD featuring material published through Big Band Sheet Music and Power House Orchestrations. I have no idea what is on the sampler, but I am hopeful that it contains some additional Phil Collins Big Band tracks. I'll let you know when I get it!

July 26, 2002
Did I say Finalized?! Gabriel's Up Track Listing Changes Again!

Sure enough, the track listing to the forthcoming Peter Gabriel album, Up,  appears to have changed again. The track listing is apparently:

Darkness (6:49)
Growing Up (7:48)
Sky Blue (6:38)
No Way Out (7:42) (formerly titled "Don't Leave")
I Grieve (7:24)
The Barry Williams Show (7:13)
My Head Sounds Like That (6:24)
More Than This (5:54)
Signal To Noise (7:33)
The Drop (2:59)

"Burn You Up, Burn You Down," which is on the advanced European promo CD,  has been dropped from the final commercial version, and "The Drop" has been moved to be the final track. Assuming "Burn You Up, Burn You Down" does not appear as a b-side, this should drastically increase the value of the advanced Euro promo CD.

July 26, 2002
Gabriel's Full Moon Club Offers More Clips And Information

The Full Moon Club on Peter Gabriel's official website now offers some more goodies and news on the Up album and tour. Two more tracks are available to review: "My Head Sounds Like That" and "I Grieve" (Up version). Plus, Peter also confirms in the new Moon Club clips that the U.S./Canadian tour will take place during November and December of 2002 (something bassist Tony Levin revealed some time ago).

July 25, 2002
New Denny Jiosa Project Featuring Chester Thompson Coming Soon

As always, Chester Thompson continues to work at the title of being the 'busiest session player in the business' with yet another project on the horizon. Body 2 Body, the forthcoming album by jazz guitarist Denny Jiosa, is due for release on September 3rd and will feature Chester on drums. 

Chester Thompson and Denny Jiosa have collaborated on number projects in the past, including most of Jiosa's own solo albums. To pre-order Denny's up-coming CD click here.

July 25, 2002
Revised Track Listing for Gabriel's Up

Perhaps it's no surprise, but the earlier posted track listing for Peter Gabriel's Up album is slightly incorrect. Below is the latest reported track listing:

Darkness (6:49)
Growing Up (7:48)
Sky Blue (6:38)
No Way Out (7:42)
I Grieve (7:24) (
Confirmed to be different from the previously released version)
Burn You Up, Burn You Down (5:04) (The title was originally listed as "Burn You Up")
The Drop (2:59)
The Barry Williams Show (7:13)
My Head Sounds Like That (6:24)
More Than This (5:54)
Signal To Noise (7:33)

The advanced European promo CD that has been circulating is, in fact, genuine. The catalog number is PGCDJ11 (LC03098), and you can see the back of the promo CD by clicking here

July 24, 2002
Official Phil Collins Website Nearing Completion

According to the webmaster of the official Genesis site, the long-anticipated official website for Phil Collins is nearing completion. The webmaster will maintain Collins' corner in cyberspace in addition to the Genesis site, and anticipates that it will be ready to go as soon as next Tuesday.  At this point, he is simply waiting on a few pictures from Hit & Run (Phil's management), and a few issues around migrating the Collins' and Genesis' site to their own server. 

Like the official Genesis site, Collins' site will feature a Forum section among other things. More news on this should follow soon. The big question is... What is the URL? According to the webmaster, there are several URLs owned by Hit & Run, and they will all be directed to the site. His guess is that will be the main URL to the site.

July 24, 2002
Gabriel's Up reconfirmed for U.S. Release In September - Artwork Revealed!

The U.S. release of Peter Gabriel's Up has been reconfirmed for September 24th. To check out the album artwork click here!

July 23, 2002
Snippets For Gabriel's New Album Available For Download

Clips of a handful of songs from Peter Gabriel's forthcoming album, Up, are now available unofficially on Kazaa, a music download site. These are not complete versions, but for those wanting a taste of more Gabriel material, it's better than nothing!

July 23, 2002
Gabriel North American Tour Details Confirmed

In Real World Notes #14, the club newsletter/CD offered by Real World, it is revealed that Robert Lepage is planning the stage show for the upcoming Peter Gabriel world tour. The tour kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia on November 5th. More details are sure to follow soon.

July 23, 2002
Genesis Mouse Mats, Beer Mugs and T-Shirts - Oh My!

According to the webmaster of the official Genesis site, he hopes to announce the availability of a range of merchandise covering every Genesis album with items including shirts (various types/designs up to size XXXL), mugs, mouse mats, wall clocks, beer mugs, hats, you name it. Posters reproducing the original artwork may also be in the works. These items will apparently all be available for sale on the official site in the near future... It sounds like Genesis and Hit & Run are ready to gear up for the holiday season!

July 22, 2002
Pre-Order Peter Gabriel's NEW CD single from Up! Plus, Japanese Gabriel Remastered CDs! 

That's right! Be the first to pre-order the new CD single from Peter Gabriel's long-anticipated new album, Up! The first single, "The Barry Williams Show" is tentatively scheduled for a European release on September 9th. Click on the link above to order your copy today!

Also in Gabriel pre-order news (and reported exclusively by World of!), the Japanese limited edition LP style CDs are now available for order. As mentioned before, the Japanese version of Plays Live is TWO CDs - Not a single highlights disc like it is in Europe and North America! The new release date for these Japanese remastered CD is apparently September 2nd on Toshiba/EMI. 

Check it out for yourself:

Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (I) Japanese limited edition CD
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (II) Japanese limited edition CD
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (III) Japanese limited edition CD
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (IV) Japanese limited edition CD
Peter Gabriel - Plays Live (2 CD SET!) Japanese limited edition CD (*A MUST OWN!*)

For those who are still skeptical about whether or not Plays Live is a double set (even after I have confirmed it with five unique sources in Japan), just click on the link above and check out the track listing! This Japanese version is clearly the complete version! 

July 22, 2002
Ant's Sky Road Album Is Reissued... Again.

Blueprint Records have now issued a new pressing of The Sky Road, the second volume in the Missing Links series.  This second pressing makes use of the original artwork from the 1994 release of the CD and replaces the revised artwork that accompanied the initial Blueprint re-issue.  The track listing of the CD and the catalogue number (BP329CD) remain the same.

July 22, 2002
New Peter Gabriel Interview CD Released

In the U.S.A., Real World has issued a promotional only interview CD to help promote the Rabbit Proof Fence soundtrack (catalog # ND-1277-2). Clocking in at just under nine minutes, Gabriel talks about his involvement with the project. It is a somewhat scarce CD, but I have seen a few copies show up on Ebay. Collector's beware!

July 21, 2002
Rumored Track Listing For New Peter Gabriel Album - Official?

For a good week now, there has been a rumored final track listing circulating for the much-anticipated new Peter Gabriel studio album, Up. I typically do not post rumors, but there appears to be a significant number of people who claim this information is accurate. Reports say that the track listing is as follows:

Darkness (6:49)
Growing Up (7:48)
Sky Blue (6:38)
No Way Out (7:42)
I Grieve (7:24) (supposedly, different from the version on
the City Of Angels soundtrack)
Burn You Up (5:04)
The Drop (2:59)
The Barry Williams Show (7:13)
My Head Sounds Like That (6:24)
More Than This (5:54)
Signal To Noise (7:33)

I have yet to get an official source from Real World, Virgin Records or Geffen Records to go on record as saying this is accurate (nor have I physically seen a copy of the European promo CD that is allegedly in circulation). If you can confirm this information with a scan of the promo CD and catalog number please e-mail me. Once this can be confirmed or denied, I will post it here.

July 17, 2002
Steve Hackett Returns To The Studio In August

After completing a few remaining gigs over the next couple of weeks, Steve Hackett is expected to return to the studio in August to resume activity on a new solo album. More news will follow when available.

July 16, 2002
Go Behind The Scenes On Hackett's 2002 North American Tour

The official Steve Hackett site now offers a comprehensive Tour Diary for the 2002 North American Tour. The Diary provides just as much "all-access" information as Roger King's South American Tour Diary from 2001. Be sure to check it out!

July 16, 2002
Official Peter Gabriel site offers video clips from Up

On the official Peter Gabriel site, members of the Full Moon Club can now access QuickTime video clips for Gabriel's up-coming solo album, Up.

July 11, 2002
Anthony Phillips Returns To The Studio

According to the official Anthony Phillips site, Ant has started work on recording the guitar-based material he has been writing recently.  The end results should make up the eleventh volume in the Private Parts & Pieces series. More details will follow when available.

July 10, 2002
Phil Collins and Mandy Moore Duet Confirmed By Walt Disney

There have been rumors about this for some time, but I have official confirmation today direct from Walt Disney that the direct to video release of Tarzan and Jane, the sequel to 1999's animated hit film Tarzan, will feature a duet with Collins and teen pop singer Mandy Moore. The duet is a new version of "Two Worlds," a song Collins recorded sans Moore on the original Tarzan soundtrack. The scheduled release date for the DVD and VHS is July 23, 2002 in the U.S.A. To order this title on DVD or VHS click here

July 10, 2002
More Details On Collins' New Solo Album Confirmed

According to Atlantic Records, Phil's U.S. Record Label, the track listing for the up-coming Phil Collins solo album, Testify, is as follows:

Don't Get Me Started
Come With Me (Close Your Eyes)
Wake Up Call
Swing Low and Sweet
It's Too Late
This Love This Heart
Driving Me Crazy
Least You Can Do
Thru My Eyes
You Touch My Heart
Can't Stop Loving You

All songs are written by Phil Collins except: "Least You Can Do," written by Phil Collins and Daryl Stuermer, and "Can't Stop Loving You" written by Billy Nicholls (which was originally recorded by Leo Sayer in 1978). 

The webmaster for the official Genesis site added that "Can't Stop Loving You" will be the first single taken from the album and will be released in early fall. Also of note, the track listing above may not be in the final running order.

In the fall, Phil will be doing a large amount of promotional work for the album; however, rumors of live concert performances are apparently just that - rumors. There will be NO live concert performances this fall. The official site also reconfirmed that Testify is due for release on November 11th outside of the U.S.A., with an American release scheduled on November 12th.

July 9, 2002
Official Genesis Site Offers Behind The Scenes Look At Tony Banks' New Solo Project

The official Genesis site has just posted a detailed, well written, behind the scenes style article on the final stages of the recording of Tony Banks' up-coming classical project (the posting on the official Genesis site actually says July 10th due to the time change between Europe and here in the USA where I do World of  

Among the more interesting points are

A.> The album's final day of recording was apparently July 9th at Air Lyndhurst Studios in Hampstead, England (webmaster's note: That is the same studio Peter Gabriel used in December 2000 to record string sections for his Up album).

B.> The seven pieces that make up the new album have been written over nearly twenty years. Five have been composed in the last twenty four months, but one dates from 1994, and another from ten years earlier. 

The article features some great all access pictures and wonderful information. Be sure to check it out!

July 8, 2002
New Steve Hackett Review Now On-Line

For those who weren't able to catch Steve Hackett on one of his few North American tour dates, you can now read an exclusive concert review (with pictures) here.

July 6, 2002
Peter Gabriel Set To Make A Live Appearance at Virgin-Germany's 20th Birthday Celebration

Peter Gabriel will make his first live appearance in Germany since 1994 at Virgin Records-Germany's 20th birthday celebration on August 31st in Munich, Germany. Among those also set to appear are Bryan Ferry and several up-and-coming acts on the Virgin-Germany label.

July 6, 2002
Japanese Release Dates Announced For Gabriel Remasters; Plays Live Is 2 CDs!

Good news today for Japanese Gabriel fans... and fans the world over for that matter! The Peter Gabriel remasters will be released on August 28, 2002 in Japan. The remasters will be packaged in limited edition paper sleeves with standard CD editions following after the limited editions sell out.  The catalog numbers for these titles are as follows:

Peter Gabriel I TOCP-66077 (limited LP style paper sleeve edition)
Peter Gabriel II TOCP-66078 (limited LP style paper sleeve edition)
Peter Gabriel III TOCP-66079 (limited LP style paper sleeve edition)
Peter Gabriel IV TOCP-66080 (limited LP style paper sleeve edition)
Peter Gabriel Plays Live TOCP-66081/2 (limited LP style paper sleeve edition - 2CD
Peter Gabriel So TOCP-66083 (limited LP style paper sleeve edition)

Right now, there are no scheduled release dates in Japan for remastered versions of Birdy, Passion, or Us, which were issued in most of the rest of the world as remasters. More interestingly; however, is that the Japanese version of Plays Live is the FULL 2 CD VERSION unlike the U.S. and European editions which were edited down to a highlights edition to fit on one CD. This information has been confirmed by several Japanese retailers including HMV Japan (who provided a complete track listing).

July 5, 2002
Phil Collins Is Set To Testify November 12th In The USA; Tarzan Stage Adaptation In Progress

According to USA Today, the up-coming Phil Collins solo album is called Testify and will be released on November 12th in the USA. Among the tracks included are the title track, which Collins describes as "the most upfront, direct love song I've ever written," a lullaby-like tune called 'Come With Me (Close Your Eyes)', and "some harder-edged stuff."

In addition, the article reveals that Collins is writing some new material for the stage adaptation of Disney's Tarzan.

July 5, 2002
The Lamb Lies Down On Todi?

According to Blue Sky Promotion, an Italian concert promoter, Steve Hackett will be playing additional concert dates in Italy from July 25th-27th. The concert on the 25th will feature a 20-30 minute acoustic set of material from the Genesis album, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Check out the On Tour Section for details.

July 4, 2002
Official Peter Gabriel Site Offers New Fan Poll

On the official Peter Gabriel site, a new poll is available for fans to choose what song from Gabriel's entire repertoire, as a solo artist, they would like to hear live on his up-coming tour. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite rarely performed (or never performed for that matter) Gabriel tune!


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