July 31, 2003
Additional Gabriel Encore CDs Announced!

On Saturday, August 2nd, The and the official Peter Gabriel site will announce to all Encore customers that the availability of first four Summer 2003 Peter Gabriel tour shows (Mountain View, CA, Irvine, CA; Dallas, TX and Houston TX) are available for pre-order.  At that same, time they will announce the availability of special box sets containing All 19 shows from the Summer Tour.

There are two different box sets to choose from: The first one is the Road Case edition. The Road Case will contain the all 19 shows on CD, a mini tour program and a Peter Gabriel autographed card. This miniature replica alloy case resembles those the band used on their successful 2002 tour, and is stamped with the official logo of the Peter Gabriel tour. This collector's item is hand numbered and limited to only 150 copies worldwide. The second box is the "Collectors Box." This box is cardboard with the 2003 Peter Gabriel tour logo, and it houses the full set of 19 shows on CD along with the mini tour program. Click here to see pictures of the box sets! 

July 28, 2003
Chester Thompson To Perform With George Duke In August

According to the official Chester Thompson site, George Duke will be performing his jazz symphony, "The Muir Woods Suite", in Atlanta, Georgia at Chastain Park on August 9th.  Chester Thompson, who also played on the Muir Woods Suite album, will be on drums for the event.

July 28, 2003
New Various Artists Collection Featuring Anthony Phillips Released

According to the official Anthony Phillips site, a third compilation in the National Trust Music series entitled Escape has just been released and, as with the first two volumes in this series, it includes an orchestral track written by Ant and performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra that is unavailable elsewhere.  Ant's track, "Lyme Bay," was originally written and recorded for an Atmosphere Library release called English Pastoral.

July 23, 2003
Hackett Confirms U.S. Bookstore Tour

According to the official Steve Hackett site, "Steve has agreed to a series of promotional appearances at 10 Borders stores on the East Coast and Midwest between August 5-13, 2003, to promote his new album, To Watch the Storms, now released on InsideOut Music America. These appearances are free and open to the public and will offer fans an unusually up-close-and-personal chance to see Steve in a short acoustic performance and afford him an opportunity to speak with fans and sign autographs." For a list of locations and details click here

July 23, 2003
Genesis DVD Reissued In Japan This Week

On July 24th, Genesis Super Best Live! will be issued on DVD in Japan (catalog #DEBR-18803/4). But before you start stressing about a new release you can't buy unless you live in Japan, you'll be happy to know that this is actually The Way We Walk on DVD (with what is apparently a very original translation?). Sources report that The Way We Walk is being reissued in Japan on DVD because the initial run from last December is apparently out-of-print. Avex Trax is releasing the DVD, and it is identical to the original issue from Japan (and that of the North American and European editions). In fact, even the artwork is the same! 

July 20, 2003
Release Date For Phil Collins Serious Hits... Live! DVD Announced For Japan

The release date for Phil Collins forthcoming DVD, Seriously Live In Berlin (a.k.a. Serious Hits...Live!), in Japan is August 20th (catalog # WPBR-90252/3). According to my source, the Japanese version is two discs, which conflicts with previous reports from a European seller who said that the European release has three DVDs (??)... More on that when I get it. Stay tuned!

July 20, 2003
Gabriel Interview Featured In Germany Edition of Playboy

There is a three page interview with Peter Gabriel in the August issue of Playboy in Germany -- among other things! This issue is available now on newsstands (note: The U.S. version is different from the German version).

July 17, 2003
Phil Collins/Steven Spielberg DVD To Be Reissued In September

The Super Bit digitally remastered DVD for Steven Spielberg's film Hook, which starred Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins, and Robin Williams (and featured cameos by Phil Collins and David Crosby), will be reissued on September 9th in North America. If it is anything like the other Super Bit releases, this new digitally enhanced DVD should blow the doors off the old standard release in terms of picture and sound quality. To pre-order it click here

July 13, 2003
Phil & Simon Collins To Be Featured On Bravo TV Special

Phil Collins and his son, Simon Collins, are featured on a program on the Bravo Channel in the U.S. The television show will be running a program about the children of rock stars and the perils and privileges of being the offspring of some of music's biggest legends. Among the other artists featured with their children are Aretha Franklin, Ozzy Osbourne, and James Taylor to name but a few. For more details click here

July 10, 2003
New Steve Hackett Two-In-One Set Coming Soon

On August 25th in Europe, Snapper Music will release a special two-in-one Steve Hackett album (catalog # SMDCD 461). The 2-CD set includes Hackett's Guitar Noir and There Are Many Sides To The Night albums in one package.

July 10, 2003
Update On Brand X Compilation

Here is the scoop on the Brand X compilation being released by EMI. The exact title is Macrocosm: Introducing Brand X. For those who don't know, Brand X is a jazz fusion band that Phil Collins played drums and sang in occasionally. Although Collins was not on every Brand X album, he did appear as a member on a couple of their projects from this period. 

The tracks are: 

1. Hate Zone 
2. Sun in the Night 
3. Nuclear Burn 
4. Euthanasia Waltz (Live) 
5. Don't Make Waves
6. ...Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All 
7. Algon (Where an Ordinary Cup of Drinking Chocolate Costs £8,000,000,000) 
8. Black Moon 
9. Isis Mourning (Parts One and Two) 
10. ...And So to F... 
11. Touch Wood 
12. Voidarama 
13. Macrocosm 

The release date is now posted as July 21st, a week earlier than previously reported. Click here to order a copy!

July 8, 2003
Update On Forthcoming Phil Collins DVD

Here are some new updates on the forthcoming Phil Collins Serious Hits... Live! DVD. The European release date is August 25, 2003. The package is reportedly THREE DVDS and includes: two alternate camera angles on selected songs in the concert, photo galleries, a tour program with animated turning of pages (disc one), photographic sequence showing stage construction (disc two), a 20-minute documentary/interview with subtitles (disc three). The set is Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound/Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo with a running time of approximately 185 minutes.

The track listing was previously announced, but here it is for those who missed it:

DVD 1:
Hand in Hand
Hang in Long Enough
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
Donít Lose My Number
Inside Out
Do You Remember?
Who Said I Would
Another Day in Paradise
Separate Lives
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
The West Side
Thatís Just the Way it Is

DVD 2:
Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
Doesnít Anybody Stay Together Anymore
One More Night
In the Air Tonight
You Canít Hurry Love
Two Hearts
A Groovy Kind of Love
Easy Lover
Take Me Home

More on this DVD will follow shortly. Stay tuned!

July 8, 2003
New Carrack Single Announced For The U.S.

According to Denon Records in the U.S., the first single to be sent to radio stations to promote Paul Carrack's new CD, It Ain't Over, will be "Happy To See You Again."  

July 8, 2003
New Brand X Compilation To Be Released In Europe

EMI in Europe is introducing a new mid-price series that has been created in the hope of introducing some of the most influential artists from their catalog to the attention of music lovers everywhere. Reportedly, the titles are not straight-forward "Best Of" collections, but more a core selection of music from these artists. Among the first five titles in the series is Introducing Brand X (catalog # INTROCD 2). The release date is the July 28th, and while a track listing has not yet been confirmed, it is expected that the tracks will stick to the Virgin Records years (EMI owns Virgin). More on this compilation will follow shortly (Special thanks to Time Lapse Records for passing this along!).

July 6, 2003
Update on Surround Sound Genesis Albums - First Three Titles Announced!

According to a posting from Nick Davis, Genesis' Producer/Engineer, on the official Genesis site, the first three Genesis albums available in 5.1 surround sound will be We Can't Dance, Invisible Touch, and Genesis. Work on the project actively begins in autumn as Genesis have to upgrade their studio, The Farm, to true surround capability. The titles will be released in SACD hybrid (they will play stereo in normal CD players) and possibly DVD-Audio as well, but Nick was not positive at the time. If these three surround sound reissued projects sell well, the rest of the catalog will be released at a later date.

July 6, 2003
More Insight Into U.S. Gabriel Single-Layer SACDs

Many people have wondered why the U.S. SACDs are single-layer discs while the European SACDs are dual-layer and also play on regular CD players in stereo format. Click here to read more about Universal's decision to issue single-layer discs in America.  

July 6, 2003
Gabriel's "Growing Up" Single Withdrawn?

Several reports have surfaced that Peter Gabriel's two-part "Growing Up" CD/DVD single is now withdrawn and will not be released in Europe. I am still working on confirming this with Virgin Records, but a source from Uni/Geffen who chooses to remain anonymous stated that U.S. promotion for Gabriel's Up album is, basically, done. The German single (the CD single, not the DVD) was released as scheduled, so at least those remixes are still obtainable.

July 5, 2003
Newly Reissued Roger Waters DVD Featuring Carrack Released In The U.S.

This is DVD was reissued in Europe a couple of months ago, its U.S. counterpart has finally been released. Roger Water's The Wall: Live In Berlin, which features numerous guest artists (including Paul Carrack), is now available. Click here to get it! 

July 2, 2003
New Ray Wilson Single & Euro Tour Dates Announced

According to the official Ray Wilson site, "Goodbye Baby Blue" will be released as the new single on September 1st in Europe. Also, new German and Italian tour dates have been posted on Ray's website, among them are a couple of dates supporting Joe Jackson in Germany!

July 2, 2003
Update On Mike & The Mechanics Album

According to the official Genesis site, Mike
Rutherford continues to work on the new Mechanics album at The Farm, Genesis' studio. Paul Carrack is also involved, as time allows within his own promotional and performing activities. Release of the album is expected in early 2004, not by the end of this year as the official Genesis site originally stated.

July 2, 2003
Update On Genesis Projects

According to the official Genesis site, work on the Invisible Touch Tour DVD is on-going, and it is anticipated that the DVD will be released either late in 2003 or in early 2004.

Also, work has reportedly also started on surround sound mixes of the Genesis studio catalog!

July 2, 2003
Genesis Site Asks Fans To Take Survey On Forthcoming Tony Banks Album

On the official Genesis site, you can now take a poll to help Tony's management assess how many people are likely (or unlikely) to purchase his up-coming classical project. Be sure to cast your vote when you get the chance!

July 2, 2003
Update On Phil Collins' Brother Bear Project & Surround Sound Reissues!

According to the official Phil Collins site,
Phil Collins is going to Los Angeles, California in September to put the Brother Bear soundtrack to the movie and to work on several foreign language versions of the soundtrack. He will also be doing some very long lead time press work for the album/film. A single from the movie soundtrack will be released in mid to late September and the soundtrack album will be released in late October.

Work is also ongoing on remixing several of Phil's studio albums for surround sound releases! More new will follow on this when available!

July 2, 2003
Official Phil Collins Site Offers 150 Autographed Copies Of Testify

The official Phil Collins site has announced that they have 150 autographed copies of Phil Collins latest album, Testify, for sale. Basically, the way it works is if you buy Testify, plus other CDs, DVDs or tapes worth £25 or more in total, your copy will be signed by Phil. Please note: Only one per customer!

July 2, 2003
Update On Steve Hackett DVD & New Live Album

According to the official Steve Hackett site, the North American release of Hungarian Horizons is a single DVD and the agreed release date, via Music Video Distributors, was July 25th (that being said, it's been openly for sale on Amazon since July 1st!). The European edition is from Camino in association with Inside Out Music of Germany and Gramy Records in Hungary and will be a 3-disc package with the DVD and 2 audio CDs. Both North American and European editions are Region 0/NTSC encoded. This means there is no Regional playback restriction and the NTSC format should play back on the vast majority of TV sets worldwide. A 2-CD edition will also be available but this will be exclusive to the Steve Hackett website.

A Live Archive edition of Steve's NEARfest show last year has been produced and will be on sale at this year's NEARfest from Saturday, June 29th, and from the Steve Hackett's official site and NEARfest's website.

July 2, 2003
Paul Carrack DVD To Be Released This Month In The U.S.

It took a couple of years, but the Paul Carrack In Concert DVD is finally being released in the U.S. this month on July 15, 2003 through Denon Records. The concert was recorded in 2000 in the UK on the Satisfy My Soul Tour and includes many of Paul's hits. Click here to order it! 

July 2, 2003
New Tour Dates Announced For Daryl Stuermer

New tour dates have been posted for July and August for Daryl in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Click here to check them out!


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