RECAP: Peter Gabriel's 2001 performance at the WOMAD Festival in Washington

Much to the surprise of WOMAD concert goers on Sunday, July 29th in Redmond, Washington, Peter Gabriel actually completed two sets at the festival. If you were camping at the event or if you got there early in the morning, you were among the lucky few that was privy to a complete one-hour set by Gabriel and his band who were warming-up for the performance later that day.

Unlike what the official Gabriel site originally reported, the performance featured a whole band, including: Gabriel on vocals and keyboards, Tony Levin on bass, David Rhodes on acoustic guitar,  Jed Lynch on drums, Melanie Gabriel (his daughter) on backing vocals, and the Afro Celt's own James McNally on keyboards and tin flute. The performance was recorded, so let's hope it shows up on DVD or compact disc in the near future!

The Set List:
Here Comes The Flood
Red Rain
Digging In The Dirt
Family Snapshot
Come Talk To Me
Mercy Street
Solsbury Hill
Signal To Noise
In Your Eyes
Father, Son

Peter Gabriel's Acoustic Set List Announced For Washington WOMAD Performance

Peter Gabriel's official site has announced the final set list for the short acoustic set he's playing on Sunday, July 29th, at the WOMAD festival in Washington state. The set list is:

Father, Son
Red Rain
Digging in the Dirt
Family Snapshot
Come Talk to Me
Mercy Street
Solsbury Hill
Signal to Noise
In Your Eyes

The site also hints that a new, as yet unreleased, track might be performed as well. Could fans finally be hearing something from the long-anticipated Up album? Only time will tell!

Rupert Hine CD with Phil Collins Reissued

Rupert Hine's classic album, Immunity, has been reissued by Resurgence Records in the USA. Among other notable guests, Phil Collins makes an appearance on percussion on several tracks. At one time, the original out-of-print version of this CD sold for serious cash on Ebay. Now, you can get the digitally remastered version at a budget price! To pick up the Immunity CD click here for the US version or click here for the European version.

Multi-Angle Genesis DVD Planned For Release

Reliable sources report that a second Genesis DVD is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of the year. Supposedly, this DVD will feature the Earl's Court performance from the early 90s. Unlike the previously released version (They Way We Walk Tour VHS and Laserdisc), this DVD has multi-angle viewing capability which allows the viewer to watch the show from various camera angles. The band apparently has the original stock footage from the multiple cameras used to video tape the performance, making this new technology possible.

More news on the up-coming DVD will be posted soon. Additional rumors have sprouted about the possible inclusion of the band's promotional videos. As of now, that has yet to be confirmed.
My sources reports that promotional videos will most likely be held back for a future DVD release. Stay tuned for details!

Gabriel Goes Zulu
~ Show Opens In New York September 2001

Peter Gabriel and Director Robert Lepage have created a new theater piece, Zulu Time, which will make its North American debut at New York City's Roseland Ballroom on September 21st, as part of Quebec New York 2001, a month-long celebration of Quebecois art and culture. For more on the story click here.

WOMAD Auctions Ends; One Bidder Pays $5,000 for Five Minutes with Peter Gabriel!

The official Peter Gabriel/WOMAD auction has ended. The auction made approximately $7,368.33 (minus those dreaded Ebay fees of course). The highest selling item was the auction to get VIP treatment at a WOMAD show in Washington and have five minutes one-on-one with Peter Gabriel which closed at a whopping $5,000! Yes, that's right! Someone actually agreed to pay $1,000 per minute to meet Peter Gabriel. Now that, my friends, is a fan!

Phil Collins Angered After Being The Brunt of a Tasteless Joke

BBC News reports that Phil Collins was recently tricked into appearing on a UK comedy show called The Brass Eye to lend his support for a hoax anti-pedophile campaign. "I think the presenters of this program have some serious taste problems," said Collins who is now taking legal advice over the incident. For more on the story click here.   

Peter Gabriel To Perform Live on David Letterman with the Afro Celts

Great news for those of us will are unable to attend the WOMAD festival in Washington next week! Peter Gabriel is scheduled to perform live on The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS network in the USA) with the Afro Celt Sound System. They will perform the single "When You're Falling" live. The broadcast will air on Thursday, July 26th in the USA.

New Paul Carrack Song Available On-Line; Info On Carrack's Forthcoming CD Revealed!

Paul Carrack now has a sample of his up-coming single, Groovin', available on his official website. Carrack is already apparently testing out the new song at his live shows.  To hear a snippet of the song click here. The promo single shipped to radio this week (the week of 7/16/01) and should be available commercially in mid-August. Initially, it will not be available for sale on his website in the hopes that people will buy it from stores that report sales to the charts (e.g. Billboard, etc.).

Carrack has just announced some information on the up-coming album, now due in September 2001. He is recording an album of some of his favorite soul classics. Songs already recorded include Groovin', Ain't No Sunshine, Crazy Love, Baby I Need Your Lovin', What Does It Take, Mistra Know It All, Any Day Now, and Too Busy Thinkin 'Bout My Baby. He is allowing fans to submit suggestions on his official site for other R&B type songs you think Paul would be perfect to pay homage to. Any suggestions? Leave them on the Carrack-UK Guestbook for Paul to read and consider. Who knows, maybe your favorite soul tune will make the final cut?

Peter Gabriel's Up Delayed Until 2002; Gabriel Teaches Primates Keyboards

In a new article on the VH-1 website, it is revealed that Peter Gabriel is working with The Atlantic Language Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Gabriel is teaching a group of Bonobo apes to play keyboards as part of a new study. The article also shares that the release of his new rock solo album has been bumped yet again (as originally announced by WOG in June) to Spring 2002. For more on the story click here.

Peter Gabriel/WOMAD Auctions on eBay!

Not to be out-done by his buddies in Genesis, Peter Gabriel and WOMAD are teaming up to offer their own official Ebay auctions. The auctions feature many autographed items including Ovo CDs and 2001 WOMAD tour posters, VIP passes to WOMAD shows, Gabriel's blue parachute style shirt worn on the So tour, and an opportunity for one lucky winner and a guest to meet Peter Gabriel and receive VIP treatment at a WOMAD show! Click here to check it out and place your bids!

Genesis Songbook (a.k.a. In the Beginning) Finally Gets A U.S. Release Date

Finally, I am happy to report that the Genesis video, In The Beginning (which may have a title change to Genesis Songbook), will be released on September 25, 2001 in the United States on DVD and VHS. While this release comes long after the European and Japanese release of the video, at least you know it's coming out! Apparently, the decision was made to hold the release of the video in the USA until the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Daryl Stuermer's New Solo Album Set For Fall 2001 Release

Daryl's new smooth jazz solo album, entitled Waiting In The Wings, is due for release in the Fall of 2001. Expect more news on this album very soon!

Anthony Phillips Completes New Studio Recordings

Anthony Phillips has completed work on recording material for a new library music project for Atmosphere music.  As with all of Ant's library music this won't be commercially available. Phillips' shared in a recent interview with World of Genesis (which will be available on WOG the week of July 16th) that he has no plans to release the material on a future Missing Links album. 

Also in Phillips news, Ant recently finished work on two new TV projects.  Both of these are survival programs - the first of these is about Bears and the other called Dungeons & Dragons is about Lemurs in Madagascar.  Ant co-wrote the music for the second of these programs in collaboration with Joji Hirota.  No broadcast information is available for these programs yet.

Peter Gabriel To Perform One-Off Acoustic Set At WOMAD Festival In Washington

Peter Gabriel will be playing a special one-time acoustic set at WOMAD in Washington state, with Tony Levin and David Rhodes. Gabriel is requesting that the fans request the songs that they would like to hear performed in an acoustic setting! Go to the official Peter Gabriel site and cast your vote today!

Peter Gabriel Contributes to Hitchhiker's Guide To the Future

Peter Gabriel recently contributed to the program Hitchhiker's Guide To The Future, hosted by Douglas Adams (author of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy books) for the BBC's Radio 4. Gabriel appears in the first part of the series. The program explored developments in the music business, in particular the distribution of music through the internet. Peter spoke of his enthusiasm for the possibilities of this means of distribution and obtaining music. Click here to go to the BBC's feature about this event.

Ex-Genesis Drummer's Acclaimed Book Is Now Available In Paperback

Chris Stewart, one of Genesis' earliest drummers, has a best selling book called Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist In Spain. The book tells the story of how Chris started a new life as a farmer in Spain. It is now available in paperback and can be purchased by clicking here. If you prefer the hardback edition click here.

Radio Silence Album, Sirens, Delayed Until August

Radio Silence featuring Alister Gordon (of Bankstatement fame) have finished the recording of their new album. The title of the album, as previously reported, will be Sirens and it is now scheduled for release on August 7, 2001.  

The track Listing is as follows:
Poison Ivy  / Sirens Song / Pressing Flesh / Back Door to Heaven / This is the Time / Shame / House in my Head / Abigail / Holy Water / Answer my Prayer / Carry the Flame

"Answer my Prayer" was co-written with the late Paul Young who also appears on the album providing backing vocals in what is alleged to be his final studio recordings.

Peter Gabriel Makes Cameo In New Afro Celt Music Video
For those who haven't already heard, Peter Gabriel makes a brief appearance in the Afro Celt Sound System's new video, "When You're Falling." Peter actually appears twice in the short film. First as an airplane pilot and then again as a pedestrian. If you would like to check out the music video click here!

Genesis MP3 Jukebox Auction Announced

Creative Labs-Europe are auctioning limited edition DAP jukeboxes with special case designs in co-operation with Genesis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Mark Knopfler. These are pre-loaded with MP3 versions of many the artists albums in MP3 format. The Genesis DAP jukeboxes feature the artwork from the second Archive box set! All proceeds from this auction are going to charity. Click here for more information on this auction. Please note: this Creative Labs-Europe auction is apparently not open to U.S. fans at this time.

Record Collector
Reports Steve Hackett will Participate In Crimson Project with John Wetton

According to Record Collector Magazine: "Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett is reported by Classic Rock to have agreed to join several one-time members of King Crimson under the moniker Crimson. Although further details couldn't be confirmed as we went to press..." Realistically speaking, I think we can expect problems with this band's name. Robert Fripp is known for his head for business, and I seriously doubt he will allow John Wetton or anyone else use the name "Crimson" without a legal battle. Only time will tell, I suppose.... (Webmaster's Update: Please note, Steve Hackett later discussed the Crimson project in the World of 2001 interview)

Steve Hackett's Early Work Reissued on CD in Japan

In Japan, Victor Records has just reissued the Quiet World album, The Road (Catalog #: VICP-61406). This was one of Steve Hackett's first bands, and this new release features packing in an LP Style sleeve (similar to the Genesis remasters from Japan from a few years ago) and 16-bit digital mastering. These copies of the Quiet World album are being pressed in only limited quantities, so be sure to get one quickly if you want it! 

New Phil Collins Tribute Released In Japan with Bonus Tracks

In Japan, Urban Renewal, an R&B and Rap tribute to Phil Collins solo work, was released (for more on Urban Renewal-see below). The new Japanese pressing includes two bonus tracks that are unavailable on the European CD. To purchase this Japanese issue of the CD click here.

New Sad Caf
é Anthology Planned For Release In July

Sad Café, the band fronted by the late Paul Young (of Mike & The Mechanics)  in the '70s and '80s, will have a new compilation released in the USA on July 24, 2001 called Anthology.  While I do not currently have a track listing, this one disc collection is sure to include all of the band's most popular tunes. No word as to whether or not the CD has any rare tracks yet, but more will be posted on this release when possible. The new collection is supposedly digitally remastered. To pre-order your copy now click here

Forthcoming UK Issue of Genesis DVD Delayed... Again

Unfortunately for UK Genesis fans, the long-awaited new Genesis Songbook (a.k.a. In The Beginning) DVD has been delayed yet again. Luckily, this time, it's only for a week (The release has been "bumped" from July 16th to July 23rd). Some European countries have already released the DVD, so further delays are doubtful. Sadly, still no news on any plans for a U.S. release.

Phil Collins Returns To The Atlantic Records Website - Rumors Subside About His Leaving The Label

Not surprisingly, after checking with various sources at Atlantic Records as to why Phil Collins was removed from the record label's site back in April 2001 (and was no longer listed as being on "the Atlantic roster"), Phil's web-profile has mysteriously returned this week to the Atlantic site.  I contacted a spokesperson for Atlantic about the reinstatement of Phil to their website, but the contact denied any knowledge of Phil's much rumored interest in leaving Atlantic Records. She said that Phil's absence on the site since April was "just a mistake." So, according to the record company, rumors of Phil Collins' interest in leaving Atlantic are apparently unfounded.

Good News For U.S. Genesis Fans Regarding The New Genesis Songbook Video

American Genesis fans... I have good news and bad news. While there is still no planned U.S. release for the new Genesis video, Songbook (a.k.a. In The Beginning), the Japanese issue will be released on VHS video July 25, 2001 (catalog number: VAVG-1088). How is that good news you ask? The Japanese use the NTSC video format (the same one we Americans do), so chances are U.S. Music stores will import it (If not, I'll find a place that will sell it from Japan and link it here at WOG). The estimated price for the Japanese VHS is a painful $45.00, but it looks like the only way U.S. fans will be able to see this new Genesis footage unless you happen to have a multi-region or all code DVD player (or a U.S. release is announced). There are no confirmed release dates yet for the Genesis video on DVD in Japan. That shouldn't concern U.S. fans since Japanese DVDs are Region 2/NTSC which is the same region as the U.K. (Region 2/PAL DVDs will not play on standard Region 1/NTSC U.S. DVD machines). Hopefully, news of a U.S. release will follow soon.

Peter Gabriel Begins Working on Rabbit Proof Fence

Peter Gabriel has started work on music intended for a new film, Rabbit Proof Fence. He is collaborating on this project with Stalwarts Richard Evans and David Rhodes. Rabbit Proof Fence, from director, Phillip Noyce, is based on a true story and adapted from Doris Pilkington's book "Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence" by screenwriter, Christine Olsen. 

Doris Pilkington is the real life daughter of Molly, the central character, who is forcibly 'removed' from her aboriginal family at the age of 14 along with two other girls (11 and 8 years old) to be "trained" as domestic servants (under Australian Government Policy at the time). The story follows the girls as they try to make their escape, spending three months surviving the outback whilst at the same time trying to keep ahead of the authorities who are hot on their trail.



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