July 2012

July  27, 2012
Wild Rumors Around Phil Collins' Possible Involvement in the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics Were False
Unless you've been hiding under a rock today, you can't help but see all of the tabloids (and even a few credible news sources) reporting on rumors that Phil Collins was to be involved with the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics in London, England tonight. Of course, no official sources with the Olympics were acknowledging this rumor as anything but that. As expected, the rumor of Collins' involvement was a complete hoax.

July  27, 2012
Phil Collins Has His First U.S. Top Ten Album In Two Decades!

Phil Collins is back in the Billboard 200's Top 10 for the first time in more than two decades after a .99 cents Amazon promotion sends his Hits album up to #6.

The 1998 retrospective, which originally peaked at #18, sold 40,000 copies last week with sales rising by a stunning 4,575% week-on-week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It is part of the latest round of big discounts by the online retailer, which priced the digital version of the album at .99 cents for one day. Phil Collins was last in the U.S. Top 10 back in April 1990 with the chart-topping ...But Seriously, and Hits belatedy becomes his fourth Top 10 album outside Genesis in America, a run that began with Face Value and Hello, I Must Be Going! (Webmaster's Note: Technically, the Tarzan soundtrack went to #5 on the Billboard chart in the U.S. in 1999 which was largely comprised of Phil Collins' music, but it was not a solo album, which is why its not counted... Just in case anyone was going to e-mail me with that correction!).

July  27, 2012
Peter Gabriel Featured on Soundtrack to New Mira Nair Film

Mira Nair
‘s The Reluctant Fundamentalist will open the 69th edition of the Venice International Film Festival on August 29th. The film, starring Kate Hudson, Riz Ahmed, Kiefer Sutherland, Liev Schreiber, Martin Donovan and Om Puri, was adapted from a 2007 novel by Mohsin Hamid and features a score with new music by Peter Gabriel. At the moment, no soundtrack from the film is available for pre-order.

July  27, 2012

DVD of Peter Gabriel's Classic Albums: So Available For Pre-Order!

We previously announced the pre-order for the high definition Blu-ray Disc pressing (NTSC/Region 0) of Peter Gabriel's Classic Albums documentary on his So album on July 21st. Now, you can also pre-order the standard definition DVD issue (NTSC/Region 1) for those who do not have Blu-ray Disc players! Like the Blu-ray, the DVD version will be released September 18th here in The United States and September 17th in the U.K.

July  21, 2012

Steve Hackett Provides An Update on Forthcoming Genesis Revisited II album

Much as been posted about the forthcoming Steve Hackett album, Genesis Revisited II, the aptly titled expansion set to his 1996 Genesis tribute album, Genesis Revisited (a.k.a. Watcher of Skies: Genesis Revisited in North America). We now have more official information, courtesy of Mr. Hackett himself!

The double album, due for release in late October, includes two drummers (Gary O’Toole and Jeremy Stacey), two engineers (Roger King and Ben Fenner), and three bass players (Lee Pomeroy, Nick Beggs and Phil Mulford). Genesis Revisited II also boasts guest vocal appearances from several artists, including: Steven Wilson, Nik Kershaw, Nad Sylvan, Simon Collins, Francis Dunnery, Mikael Akerfeldt, John Wetton, Neal Morse, Amanda Lehmann, Gary O’Toole and Jakko Jakszyk. Also included are guitar contributions from Steve Rothery and Roine Stolt and keyboards by Nick Magnus, Dave Kerzner and Roger King. String players are currently being recorded along with flautist John Hackett (Steve's brother) and multi-talented horn player Rob Townsend. Last, but not least, the album includes a special contribution from the Hungarian band Djabe who Steve has worked with and played live with several times previously.  Steve Hackett will be announcing details on a 2013 Genesis Revisited Tour! Details will follow shortly! For more on Steve, check out his official website.

July  21, 2012

Peter Gabriel 'Classic Albums' So Documentary Available For Pre-Order!

As mentioned here back in April, Peter Gabriel's So album was featured on the TV documentary program 'Classic Albums,' which chronicles essential albums in modern music history. You can now pre-order the Blu-ray Disc of the documentary of the So album which is due for North American release on September 18, 2012 (a North American DVD pre-order is expected shortly) and UK release is slated for September 17, 2012. For those who missed it, in 2006, they did a similar 'Classic Albums' documentary episode on Phil Collins' Face Value album, which is very highly recommended. Sadly, the Phil Collins 'Classic Albums' video only available on DVD (There is no Blu-ray Disc option).

July  21, 2012

Mike and the Mechanics Remasters Coming Soon!

Both of the first two Mike and the Mechanics albums will be remastered for two separate releases. The Audio Fidelity audiophile label has been working with Mike Rutherford's management (which we first reported on here last year) to obtain the non-EQed master tape for the first self-titled Mike and the Mechanics album from 1985 for a limited edition 24k gold remastered CD. Much like the four Phil Collins' titles they did for Face Value; Hello, I Must Be Going!; No Jacket Required; and ...But Seriously, these will be limited edition, numbered titles. Audio Fidelity just obtained the tapes the other week, and the president of the label believes that Engineer Kevin Gray will be remastering the album for a late 2012 release. More details should be available in a couple of months! At this time, Audio Fidelity has no immediate plans to do any other Mike and the Mechanics titles.

In addition, Mike Rutherford recently revealed in an interview with that a 25th anniversary edition of Living Years will be remastered and repackaged for 2013 for the 25th anniversary of that album. In addition to a remastered stereo version of the 1988 album, it will include a bonus disc with 8 studio tracks, 7 of which are completely unreleased (the song "Too Many Friends" is also included as was an actual b-side). One of the tracks mentioned was called "One by One" featuring both Paul Carrack and Paul Young on vocals. The band has also re-recorded a new version of "The Living Years" with Andrew Roachford singing lead vocals and a new choir section, which was recorded in South Africa recently. Further possible bonus tracks include live versions of some tracks. The site also reports that a 2013 tour is anticipated in support of the release, but there is no word on whether that tour will travel beyond Europe (Sadly, I suspect not). For more on the current Mechanics summer tour and discussion of a possible new Mechanics album with the current line-up, check out the site at the link above.

July  21, 2012
Initial Run of Phil Collins' ...But Seriously 24k Gold Remaster Sold Out!; Final Batch Shipping From the Factory

Speaking of Audio Fidelity, for those of you who missed out on getting the limited edition 24k gold disc remaster of Phil Collins' ...But Seriously, I've been informed by Audio Fidelity (the label that pressed it) that the final batch of this limited edition release was pressed and is being shipped to retailers. Audio Fidelity titles cap their titles at 5,000 copies worldwide, so this may be your last chance to get the title before it goes out of print forever! Don't delay! It sounds fantastic and is a must own for any Phil Collins fan!

July  21, 2012
More Detail Revealed About Peter Gabriel So Remasters

While we wait for the official details, here is what we know about the forthcoming Peter Gabriel So 25th Anniversary remasters tentatively scheduled for a September 17th release in Europe and September 18th in North America. There will be four editions that we know of at this point: (1) the digital download (Supposedly, there will be a 'lossless' audio option); (2) the 1-CD remastered edition of the standard album (European UPC: 0884108001349); (3) the 3-Disc 'expanded edition' (European UPC: 0884108001356); and the 8-Disc 'Deluxe Limited Edition' (European UPC: 0884108001400). We do know that several bonus tracks have been prepared for this release, but as of today, a track listing is still (surprisingly) unavailable. The 'Deluxe Limited Edition' is said to include a vinyl LP in it's packaging along with a special 60-page booklet, and we know that Peter Gabriel's P.O.V. concert video (taken from the So Tour) was also remastered specifically for this release. Beyond that, we continue to wait for more official information. Seeing as August is right around the corner, one would assume that further details and a pre-order option will be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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