MARCH 2008

March 5, 2008
Genesis' Manager Says 2008 Reunion Rumors With Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel Are Unfounded

The rumor mill had been spinning wildly since late 2007 with rumors that Genesis was secretly planning to reunite with ex-members Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett for a performance this fall at London's O2 Arena to help promote the band's forthcoming 1970-1975 box set. The box set, which is due in September, highlights this line-up of the band, which almost made this rumor sound feasible. Unfortunately for Genesis fans, in a recent live chat on the official Genesis site the band's long-time manager, Tony Smith, says that the reunion is "wishful thinking." Smith also shares this thoughts on his career with the band, the 2007 tour, and more. To read a complete transcript of the chat with Tony Smith, check out the official Genesis site (please note that a paid subscription is required to access the transcript on the official Genesis site).

March 5, 2008
Official Genesis Site Announces Membership Gift For 2008

Speaking of the official Genesis site, it has been announced that people who purchase a 2008 subscription on that site will receive an exclusive CD of demos and outtakes that will not be released in stores. Although a track listing is still unknown, we do know that the disc will contain completely unreleased work-in-progress material. Subscriptions must be purchased in April 2008 or later to be eligible for this gift. For more information, please visit the official Genesis site.

March 5, 2008
New Ray Wilson Tour Dates Announced

You can now visit the official Ray Wilson site to see new German tour dates! More dates will undoubtedly be added shortly.

March 2, 2008
Mike Rutherford Contributes To Charity Recording Using A Guitar Built With Car Parts

CNN reports that Mike Rutherford, Simon Phillips, and other musicians are contributing to a new charity recording for the Teenage Cancer Trust. What makes this song so unique is that all of the instruments are constructed from car parts from two Ford Focus automobiles. The recording, or at least part of it, is being recorded at Genesis' studio, the Farm, in England.

Mike Rutherford's Ford Focus "Clutch Guitar" can be viewed in the video link provided or at the picture to the right.  Click here to download the song and click here to make a donation to the charity.

March 2, 2008
European 2-CD Remastered Reissue of Anthony Phillips' Geese & The Ghost Now Available For Pre-Order!

For those who missed out on the now often hard to find Japanese 2-CD remastered pressing of Ant Phillips' classic The Geese & The Ghost album, you will be happy to know that you can now pre-order the European 2-CD version. Like the Japanese version, the European edition includes the much sought after bonus disc with rare recordings, including "Silver Song" featuring Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford! Unlike the Japanese edition, however, the European pressing reportedly does not come in a mini LP style CD sleeve (it comes in a standard CD case). Some fans will be pleased to know that while the packaging is different that the cost of the European pressing is significantly less expensive.

As posted on this site last month, the European pressing of The Geese & The Ghost is scheduled for release on April 14th and will be followed by the release of Ant's new album, Wild Life, on April 21st and reissues of Wise After The Event and 1984 in May and June respectively. Pre-orders for the other reissues will follow shortly. For a complete list of reissued titles from Europe and Japan check out the World of Genesis Shopping Section.  

March 2, 2008
Japanese Genesis Bootleg Discography Book Available For Order; Forthcoming Peter Gabriel Biography Coming Soon

Kenichi Nakano, Yashima Tsukamoto and Shinichi Otsuki, best known to Genesis fans for their spectacular 1999 X-1 Genesis Files book have updated and reissued their much revered tome with an incredibly comprehensive list of bootleg recordings from Genesis going through the We Can't Dance Tour. The new 464-page edition also includes bootlegs from solo members as well! This is absolutely a must own for any collector of rare recordings or avid historians on the band. I can't speak highly enough about the first edition, and I can't wait to receive this new version!

To order your copy, send an e-mail to Mr. Nakano. The cost is estimated at 5900 yen (roughly $55 U.S. dollars based upon the current exchange rate).

In other book news, long-time Peter Gabriel enthusiast Mic Smith is releasing a series of three biographies on Genesis' original front-man. The forthcoming book, Time Goes By, will be independently released and cover Gabriel's career (in chronological order) in three volumes from his beginning to present day. Each volume will reportedly be limited to 100 hardback copies with no paperback copies scheduled for printing! The first volume is scheduled for a September 2008 release. More information on this book will be posted here when available, including price and ordering information. On a personal note, for many years, Mic wrote a fanzine called Kontact, which was truly superb! I anxiously look forward to the release of these works. If his work on Kontact is any indication, this has the potential to be one of the best biographies ever written on Peter Gabriel (which is not a statement I take lightly).

March 2, 2008
World of Genesis News Archive Updated

As mentioned previously, I've slowly been moving over text and information from the old World of site. You can now access news dating back to January 2005 in the News Archive. I plan to complete the migration of older news going back to June 2001 (when it all began on this site) before the end of the year.

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