MARCH 2011

March 19, 2011
Peter Gabriel Announces A Handful of North American Tour Dates

The official Peter Gabriel site confirms 11 North American tour dates for June 2011 including stops in California, Texas, Toronto, Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Pre-sale information should be announced shortly. Its already been confirmed that the Berkeley, California performance at the famous Greek Theater will go on sale March 31st.

March 9, 2011

Contest Winners To Be Announced Soon!

The winners of the Richard Haines Genesis print and the Paul D'Adamo CDs and DVDs will be announced the weekend of March 19th! Stay tuned!

March 9, 2011

Mike and the Mechanics New Studio Album, The Road, Available For Pre-Order!

Finally! North American fans can pre-order the European import only CD of the new Mike and the Mechanics album, The Road! The new album, due out exclusively in Europe (at least for the moment), features the following track listing:
1. Road, The
2. Reach Out (Touch The Sun)
3. Try To Save Me
4. Background Noise
5. I Don't Do Love
6. Heaven Doesn't Care
7. It Only Hurts For A While
8. Walking On Water
9. Hunt You Down
10. Oh No
11. You Can Be

March 9, 2011
Ray Wilson Updates Us On New Tour Dates and Studio Projects

Ray Wilson has provided a long-awaited update on his recent activities. In addition to a number of new tour dates in Switzerland, Russia, Austria, and Germany, we can look forward to a new 2-CD live album (and bonus DVD) by Ray Wilson and the Berlin Symphony Ensemble called Genesis Klassik, Live in Poznan. Reportedly, the album features the complete 2-hour performance! In addition, Wilson reconfirms that the new Stiltskin album will be out in September 2011 with a new video for the forthcoming single "First Day of Change" being filmed on April 18th and 19th. Autumn 2011 Stiltskin tour dates are expected to be announced shortly. Check out the official Ray Wilson site for more!

March 9, 2011
Phil Collins Comments On Recent Articles About This 'Retirement'

An e-mail to subscribers of the official Phil Collins site, got a personal message from Phil Collins this week regarding the recent flurry of articles on Phil Collins' 'retirement' from the music business and his reasons for the halting of his music career. These articles included quotes and seemed to come from the man himself. In the e-mail, Phil sets the record straight by saying:

"...I've decided to write this in response to the articles that surfaced last weekend regarding my retirement. Why they were printed at all is a mystery, as I haven't spoken to anybody in the press for a few months. However, many of the articles printed over the last few months have ended up painting a picture of me that is more than a little distorted. Therefore, I would like to add my comments and try to explain again my reasons for calling it a day.

1> I'm not stopping because of dodgy reviews or bad treatment in the press.

2> I'm not stopping because I don't feel loved, I know I still have a very large fanbase that loves what I do. Thank you.

3> I'm not stopping because I don't fit in, this was proved with "Going Back" reaching No 1 in the UK, and doing incredibly well worldwide.

4> I'm not stopping so I can dive full time into my interest for the Alamo.

I am stopping so I can be a full time father to my two young sons on a daily basis.

Some of the things mentioned above have been said by me in various interviews, but said as asides with a smile on my face and in passing. They were not meant to be "headlines" - they were small parts of a conversation. This clearly doesn't come over in print, and I should know better. However, the result is that I have ended up sounding like a tormented weirdo who thinks he was at the Alamo in another life, who feels very sorry for himself, and is retiring hurt because of the bad press over the years. None of this is true."


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