May 2009

May 29, 2009
Weather Report Japanese Audiophile Album To Be Reissued Featuring Chester Thompson

On July 22, 2009, Sony Music in Japan will reissue a limited edition Blu-Spec CD audiophile version of The Best of Weather Report (catalog #
SICP-20170), which includes drummer Chester Thompson. This is the second Japanese Blu-Spec CD made for Weather Report featuring Chester (and the fourth album in their catalog overall). The first, Black Market (catalog #SICP-20008), was released December 24, 2008, and is still in-print (but drying up quickly).

May 28, 2009
More Details Revealed For Forthcoming Genesis Live Box Set

According to HMV Japan, the forthcoming Genesis Live box set is due for release on Monday, September 14th, in Europe on EMI/Virgin (catalog #
W9667572). HMV also reports that the box is called Genesis Live 1972-2007 and will be 10-discs plus three DVDs. Of course, since HMV Japan is the only source reporting this, it may be subject to change. I suspect more details will follow soon if September 14th is, in fact, the release date in Europe.

May 26, 2009
Ray Wilson's Propaganda Man Album To Be Reissued In Europe

On June 1st, Ray Wilson's latest studio album, Propaganda Man, will be reissued on the Premium/Soulfood label in Europe. The release was previously only available as an independent release through the official Ray Wilson site.

May 26, 2009
Classic Rock Magazine Names Selling England By The Pound As The Best Prog Rock Album Ever

In the latest issue of Classic Rock Magazine, the 1973 Genesis album, Selling England By The Pound, was named the best progressive rock album ever made. In all, Genesis had six albums from their catalog in the top 50, including The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (#4), Foxtrot (#7), A Trick of the Tail (#16), Duke (#43), and Nursery Cryme (#47). The issue is available on newsstands and better bookstores now. 

May 26, 2009
Update on Forthcoming Genesis Live Box Sets

A reliable source from WEA (Genesis' North American record label), confirmed for World of that the Genesis live box sets would be released before the end of the year. Hopefully, an official release date and more information will be available shortly. Producer/Engineer Nick Davis, who remixed the Genesis back catalog in 5.1, hinted on the official Genesis site's forum that live material from The Shrine and The Rainbow would be included as part of the bonus material, although he was unspecific as to which year those performances were taken from (although fans are speculating wildly at the tease from Mr. Davis!). These boxes promise to be among the most sought after of the new box sets.

May 15, 2009
Chris Stewart Makes a Rare Public Appearance In Support of His New Book

As previously reported here back in March, former Genesis drummer Chris Stewart released his fourth book, Three Ways To Capsize A Boat: An Optimist Afloat (with a North American release scheduled for May 28th). In support of that new book, Chris will be making a rare public promotional appearance on The Old Market in Brighton, England on June 2nd. Chris will be reading excerpts from his new book, he'll be talking about the project, and most likely taking a few questions from fans! Check it out if you happen to be in the UK!

May 15, 2009
Peter Gabriel Receives Polar Music Prize

Peter Gabriel will be honored along with
Venezuelan composer Jose Antonio Abreu with the 2009 Polar Music Prize. The Polar Music Prize was founded in 1989 by the late Stig ”Stikkan” Anderson, the publisher, lyricist and manager of ABBA. The Polar Music Prize is Sweden's most prestigious music award, and awarded to individuals, groups and institutions in recognition of exceptional achievements. Laureates from a wide range of countries, cultures and continents have received the Prize in Stockholm from the hand of His Majesty, King Carl XVI. Gabriel and Abreu will each receive a 1 million Kronor (an estimated $130,000) award at a ceremony later this year in Stockholm. Past honorees include Pink Floyd, B.B. King, Sir Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, Dizzy Gillespie, Ravi Shankar, Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Quincy Jones, Sonny Rollins, and Bruce Springsteen.

May 6, 2009

Steve Hackett Offers Snippets from His Forthcoming Solo Project; Announces European Tour Dates

On the new official Steve Hackett site, Steve gives a rare glimpse into his latest recording sessions in his latest blog, "A Window On The Din Machine." In addition to a few audio snippets, Steve shares some of the names of the musicians on his next project, including
backing vocalist Manda Lehmann, Christine Townsend on violin and viola, bassist Nick Beggs, and keyboardist Roger King (the last two of which are also currently touring with Steve). The new music sounds like Steve's next project is sure to please! Steve Hackett also announced several European tour dates which can be found on his official site.

May 6, 2009

Yet More News About Sad Cafe Reissues on CD

Years have gone by without almost no news on the late Paul Young or his former band, Sad Cafe. This month, they seem to dominate the news! In Europe, not to be out done by Renaissance Records in North America, Edsel Records will release two special two-in-one Sad Cafe CD reissues on June 1, 2009. The two titles will be Fanx Tara/Misplaced Ideals (catalog #
EDSD2035) and Facades/Sad Cafe (catalog #EDSD2036). To date, Edsel Records have not announced any plans to reissue Ole! or Live, which are both scheduled for North American release as reported earlier this week.

May 5, 2009
More News About Sad Cafe Reissues on CD

It was just yesterday that I expressed hope that Renaissance Records would reissue the Sad Cafe albums Ole! and Live in addition to the reissues of Sad Cafe, Misplaced Ideals and Facades. Today, I am happy to report that Renaissance will reissue Ole! in July and Live in September, both of which have never been on CD before. While no pre-order information for Ole! and Live is available yet, details should be available short on the record label's website. Stay tuned for details!

May 4, 2009

Peter Gabriel Shows Up at Genesis' Studio To Provide Input on Forthcoming Genesis Live Box Set(s)

Peter Gabriel made an appearance at Genesis' studio, The Farm, last week to provide input on the tracks from the forthcoming Genesis Live box set. According to a post by Genesis' long time Producer and Engineer, Nick Davis, "I think everyone is going to be very happy with the extras disc in the box set. Tony said it may end up being a better live album than Genesis Live." No specifics have been announced about the extras to date, but it sounds like we have a great deal to look forward to very soon!

May 4, 2009
Paul Carrack to Release New Live Album and DVD; New European Tour Dates Announced with The Eagles

Paul Carrack has just announced the release of I Know That Name Live In Concert on CD and DVD recorded on January 31, 2008 at St. Alban's Arena in the U.K.  The DVD includes a bonus highlights CD EP with 7 tracks from the 16-track CD live album. The DVD also includes promo videos for two tracks and band interviews. For a complete track listing, see below.

1. How Long
2. I Live on a Battlefield
3. No Doubt About It
4. Satisfy My Soul
5. Aint No Love in the Heart of the City
6. Another Cup of Coffee
7. Silent Running
8. Love is Thicker than Water
9. I Don't Want Your Love ( I Need Your Love)
10. Just 4 Tonite
11. Love will keep us Alive
12. If I Didn't Love You
13. Tempted
14. Living Years
15. I Don't Want to Hear Anymore
16. Over my Shoulder


The First Set
1. Eyes of Blue
2. Satisfy My Soul
3. Don't Dream It's Over
4. Love Will Keep Us Alive (featuring Lindsay Dracass)
5. I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
6. If I Didn't Love You
7. Who Am I?
The Second Set

8. How Long
9. I Live On A Battlefield
10. Stay Awake (I'm Coming Home)
11. It Ain't Easy (To Love Somebody)
12. Ain't No Love In the Heart of the City
13. I Don't Want Your Love (I Need Your Love)
14. Another Cup of Coffee
15. Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)
16. The Living Years
17. When You Walk In The Room
18. Tempted
19. Love Is Thicker Than Water (featuring Paul Copley)
20. Just 4 Tonite
21. Over My Shoulder
22. No Doubt About It
23. What's Going On?

DVD Bonus Features:

1. Paul Carrack & Band Interviews
2. I Don't Want To Hear Anymore (Promo Video)
3. No Doubt About It (Promo Video)


1. Satisfy My Soul
2. If I Didn't Love You
3. I Don't Want Your Love (I Need Your Love)
4. Love Is Thicker Than Water (featuring Paul Copley)
5. Just 4 Tonite
6. I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
7. No Doubt About It

The PAL DVD and CD are available now through the official Paul Carrack website. The NTSC DVD will be released May 26th in North America and can be pre-ordered here. You can still catch Paul Carrack on his 2009 tour, including four concert dates with The Eagles in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Scotland. Details are available on the official Carrack site.

May 4, 2009
Sad Cafe's Debut Album Set For First Ever Release on CD!

After many years of waiting, Sad Cafe's classic 1976 self-titled album will finally be released on compact disc. Sad Cafe, for those who don't already know, featured the late Mike and The Mechanics front man Paul Young on lead vocals. This will be the first CD reissue of the album anywhere in the world and, as fans will tell you, was long overdue! The reissue is set for commercial sale on May 19th in North America through Renaissance Records. You can pre-order Sad Cafe's self-titled album here. Renaissance Records previously released CD reissues of Sad Cafe's Misplaced Ideals and Facades in 2008. One can only hope the Renaissance Records continues their series of Sad Cafe CD remasters and releases the last two albums that have never been released on CD - Ole! and Live.

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