October 31, 2001
Steve Hackett Box Set and Exclusive Bonus Live CD Now Available For Pre-Order!

The official Steve Hackett website has announced that Steve's new Live Archive 70s, 80s, 90s box set is now available for pre-order through the site. As an added bonus, you can also buy a bonus live CD featuring the music that is to appear only on the Japanese pressing of the Archive set. This bonus disc is supposedly an official Hackett site exclusive (unless, of course, you purchase the Japanese pressing)! The actual European release date for the Live Archive set is now November 12th. To pre-order either or both, go to the official Steve Hackett site.

October 31, 2001
New And Updated Information On The Hackett 2001 Live DVD

According to Steve Hackett's management, the next Hackett live DVD is still in the works despite delays. Negotiations continue with the South American broadcasting company who taped the event. There are still issues with getting the multi-camera angles (which they hope to utilize in a similar fashion as the Genesis - The Way We Walk DVD) and a clean transfer of the footage (without the broadcast company's logo affixed to the picture). The good news is, Camino Records now has a multi-track audio recording of the performance and the DVD is planned to feature a 5.1 audio mix.

October 31, 2001
Ray Wilson Gives Fans An Update On New Projects

Ray Wilson posted to his official Yahoo Group the other day to update fans on the status of his up-coming projects. Wilson said, "I hope to have this live acoustic CD done soon. I will put some of it on the website in the next 2 weeks and then make it available in early December. Sorry it is late. I have a meeting on the 7th with a businessman who will hopefully help with the funds needed to release a studio album next year. I have written quite a lot of stuff, and it would be a shame not to release it." More news will certainly follow soon!

October 25, 2001
Snippet of Gabriel's Rabbit Proof Fence Soundtrack Now Available On-Line

For those interested in hearing a quick snippet of the score to Peter Gabriel's Rabbit Proof Fence project with David Rhodes, you can now check out the new website for the film.

October 25, 2001
Official Genesis Site Says "Yes" To NTSC/Region 0 Genesis TWWW DVD!

North American Genesis fans are happy tonight. The webmaster for the site officially announced this evening (technically Friday the 26th in the U.K.) that the NTSC formatted version of the latest Genesis DVD has been given the green light by Tony Smith (the band's manager). The NTSC DVD will be available exclusively on the Genesis website and will be released in November. This was surprising news... Especially since only this morning this DVD was said to still be awaiting permission for an NTSC release (see below).

October 25, 2001
Phil Collins To Perform Unplugged For Charity Event In January

Phil Collins is set to perform a live unplugged concert at the Grand Casino in Geneva on January 19, 2002 for the Little Dreams Foundation. The aim of the Little Dreams Foundation is to realize the dreams of children in the fields of sport and art. Other members of this organization include Actor Christopher Lambert, and Phil's brother Clive, who is an established cartoonist. A press conference was held on September 26th to announce this event with Phil Collins among those in attendance. This is the first event from the foundation and promises to be a memorable one. For more information on this event or the foundation itself click here

October 25, 2001
Clarification On Up-Coming Phil Collins Serious Hits...Live! DVD

After speaking with Genesis' management, the webmaster for the official Genesis site had this to say regarding the release of the Phil Collins Serious Hits...Live! DVD: "The situation is that a Serious Hits Live DVD is under consideration; however, the available footage has yet to be reviewed, and so any possible release is a long way off; assuming that it even happens at all."

October 25, 2001
More Genesis DVD News...

The webmaster for the Genesis site says that an NTSC/Region 0 DVD of The Way We Walk should be in the works for fans in North America, but that final approval to make an NTSC version has not yet been given out. Once an exact date is given, it will be posted here. Rumor has it that Gut Vision, the company who manufactured the U.K. PAL/Region 0 DVD, could make the title (assuming permission to do so is given) which would then be available in the on-line shop on the Genesis site.

October 24, 2001

New Archive Steve Hackett CDs Delayed In Japan 

The new Steve Hackett Live Archive CDs have been delayed in Japan. Although originally scheduled for release today, the first 2 CD set (Live 70s/80s) is now being released on November 7th, and the release for the second 2 CD set (Live 90s/Feedback) is uncertain. More on this will follow soon...

October 24, 2001
New Phil Collins DVD In The Works?

Reportedly, on the commentary track of the new Genesis DVD, The Way We Walk, news of another Phil Collins DVD is mentioned. The DVD, Serious Hits... Live!, is rumored to feature the same multi-camera angle features that the latest Genesis DVD utilizes. According to the official Genesis webmaster, Hit & Run (Genesis' management company) has not disclosed any information on the project yet.

October 24, 2001
Check Your Mail Box For A Letter From Genesis...

Following up on the promotional activities Genesis are about to undertake for the new DVD (and on-line shop), the webmaster for the official site says that a mail campaign to fans who signed up for the official mailing list (approximately 14,000 people currently) may go out as soon as the next few weeks (or as soon as they have something important to say).

October 24, 2001
Details on Clapton Reptile DVD-Audio Featuring Paul Carrack Finally Revealed 

The news, sadly, is disappointing. Despite the potential that the DVD-Audio format offers, the Reptile disc includes no extras or enhanced footage. The DVD-Audio disc is specially remastered for superior sound, but aside from increase audio quality fans will get no extra bang for their money. 

October 24, 2001
Peter Gabriel Reissues Confirmed For European Release; U.S. Releases Still Unconfirmed

The Virgin Eden website has confirmed that the European Peter Gabriel reissues are set for early 2002. The CDs scheduled for re-release include every album (with the exception of the Birdy soundtrack) from his 1977 debut through 1992's Us. The CDs are digitally remastered and include mini LP style sleeves with new photos and liner notes. The current European release schedule is:

February 2002: Peter Gabriel (I), Peter Gabriel (II), and Peter Gabriel (III)
March 2002: Peter Gabriel (IV - a.k.a. Security), So, and Us
April 2002: Plays Live (2 CDs), Passion: The Last Temptation of Christ, and 16 Golden Greats
Summer 2002: Up (Gabriel's new studio CD - exact date to be announced)

What about in America, you ask? I spoke to a representative for Gabriel's U.S. label, Universal Music Group (who owns Geffen Records), and was told that the remastered catalog is coming out in the U.S. but that no exact dates have been confirmed at this time. She expects to have more information in the coming weeks, so I will keep you posted. It was shared that the U.S. releases will most likely NOT be in mini LP style sleeves. Also, no news is available at this time regarding the Gabriel rarities collection which was also slated for release. Stay tuned! 

October 22, 2001
Anthony Phillips Gears Up To Release Several New Projects In 2002

According to the official Anthony Phillips webmaster, plans for forthcoming Ant releases are now being made and it looks likely that the first of these will be a new Missing Links CD, which should be released early next year. The track listing for this is currently being compiled. A second Archive Collection CD is also being compiled. Phillips has recently spent some time writing some acoustic guitar material which should form the basis of a new album. TV and Library music commitments permitting, Ant hopes that this album will be released next year.

October 22, 2001
Michael Douglas Doesn't Know Art, But He Knows What He Likes...

Actor Michael Douglas has been helping raise money for a children's cancer charity in a celebrity possession auction at Christie's in London, England. Douglas, obviously a Phil Collins/Genesis fan, reportedly paid £1,000 on a self-portrait by Collins at the sale. Other items auctioned off included Madonna's T-shirt from the Drowned World Tour, which fetched £9,500, a Bee Gees signed guitar made £4,200, the handwritten lyrics of Chris de Burgh's "Lady in Red" attracted £3,200, and an embroidered dress worn by Donatella Versace at the Oscars which brought in £14,000. Also on the block were more items by Elton John, Eric Clapton, REM, and many others. The live charity auction of 26 lots raised a total of £106,550.

October 20, 2001
Genesis On-Line Shop To Open The First Week of November - Fans Can Get New DVD Early!

The official Genesis site announced that the on-line shop will open during the first week of November. As an added bonus, fans who pre-order the new The Way We Walk DVD before November 19th should receive their copy in the mail prior to the retail street date of November 26th!

For more on the official Genesis on-line shop go to the official website.

October 19, 2001
Genesis Webmaster Shares New Inside Information On Archive CDs and DVDs

Good news and bad news from the Genesis camp today. First, the bad news: there are currently no official plans to release a Region 1 compatible version of The Way We Walk on DVD. The version slated for November release is recorded in the PAL video format, which will not work on North American DVD players (unless you happen to have an all-code or multi-region DVD player). The webmaster hopes that, at the very least, a Region 1 compatible version will be made available on the official site in the coming months.

Now for the good news: the official webmaster to the Genesis site said earlier today that he had a long discussion with Hit & Run (Genesis' management) about the U.S. DVD release, live archive projects, special edition CDs (like Tony Banks' The Wicked Lady and Mike Rutherford's Acting Very Strange), and more. He said that he plans to sit down and discuss these and other issues with Tony Smith, the band's manager, in the next week or two. 

Apparently releasing some of the material, such as live Archive CDs, isn't an easy task, since the projects would have to be cleared through Virgin Records (Genesis' record label in Europe). The webmaster stated that his goal was to develop a planned release schedule for CD and DVD releases over a period of time. Another stumbling block in the archive projects is that there are literally hundreds of tapes, many of which are unlabeled, which will take time to review. 

I don't know about you, but I would be happy to review the tapes for them... at no charge!

October 19, 2001
Paul Carrack Is Acknowledged By The Official Genesis Site ~ Controversy Ensues...

Although Paul Carrack neither is or was a card carrying member of Genesis, he now has a news section on the official Genesis site. The fans seem to have mixed feelings about Carrack's presence on the site, with some people saying that he simply doesn't belong there. Others claim that his long standing projects with Mike Rutherford and his Genesis Revisited project with Steve Hackett make his presence welcome. Will Carrack's section on the official Genesis site stay or be vanquished by the fans? Only time will tell... Stay tuned! 

(Webmaster's note: We list Paul Carrack's activity here on World of Genesis in addition to projects by Paul Young, Chester Thompson and Daryl Stuermer)

October 18, 2001
Official Genesis On-Line Shop To Open Within A Couple of Weeks

According to the official Genesis website, the negotiations with Virgin Records (first reported here on October 10th) over pricing, distribution, and obtaining Genesis related catalog CD titles are nearing completion. The webmaster expects the site's shop to be up and running within the next couple of weeks. One of the most anticipated items in the shop will surly be the pre-order of the up-coming Genesis DVD, The Way We Walk.

For more on the official Genesis on-line shop go to the official website.

October 18, 2001
Genesis Make Good On Promises To Take Action Against Profiteering Bootleggers

As first reported here last Monday, Genesis' official webmaster made a public statement (or warning, if you prefer) to fans on their site late last week. The webmaster stated that individuals or companies looking to make a profit on the distribution of Genesis related bootleg recordings through on-line auction sites, like EBay, would soon be taken action against through the pro-active monitoring and policing of such sites. Just three days later, this statement was posted earlier today on the official website by the webmaster:

"Just as a note to anyone contemplating it. I notified Ebay of 62 bootleg Genesis CDs and DVDs on auction yesterday. Previous experience of Roxy Music bootlegs there was that all auctions were pulled and some sellers banned. I expect the same response especially as three people were responsible for more than half the total.

As previously stated: trading of genuine bootlegs fine, do it here (on the official website) on the small ads page. Selling bootlegs or creating bootlegs from previously released material will be stamped on. People persist and we will unleash the lawyers."

October 18, 2001
Genesis Prepare For Major Promotional Campaign To Promote The Way We Walk on DVD

According to a press release sent to World of Genesis by Gut Vision, the distributor of the European DVD, and from the official Genesis site, a major Genesis promotional campaign is about to begin to support of the up-coming release of the DVD for The Way We Walk. More specifics on the promotional activities will follow soon. For those interested, the press sheet reads as follows:

"Gut Vision are releasing a Genesis live DVD entitled The Way We Walk on the 26th November. In 1992, Genesis embarked on a world tour which included playing 56 stadium dates and performing in front of over 3 million people.  Towards the end of the end of the year, they brought the stadium tour indoors and played 11 dates around the UK, 6 of which were at London's Earls Court.  It is one of the phenomenal gigs they played at Earl’s Court that is the focus of this double DVD. There are 8 hours of footage on 2 DVD discs - with special features, such as viewing the show from any one (or a combination of) 16 different camera positions!  There is also a gallery of previously unseen photos, interviews with the band members and more besides!"

In further DVD news, the webmaster of the official Genesis site says that he expects the DVD to be Region 0, but will verify this and the video format (PAL, NTSC, etc.) as soon as possible.

October 18, 2001
It All Started With Abacab: Vari-Lite Celebrates their 20th Anniversary

Vari-Lite Inc. [Nasdaq: LITE] revolutionized the entertainment lighting industry. On Sept. 25, 1981 in a dusty bullring in Spain during the first night of the Genesis Abacab tour, Vari-Lite debuted the world's first automated lighting system. Since then, automated lighting systems have provided lighting designers the ability to control every parameter - color, beam size and shape, and the movement - of the luminaires remotely, a previously unheard of capability.  Today, Vari-Lites are used by everyone from Aerosmith to U2 (not to mention many major award shows like The Emmys). For more on this story click here.

October 18, 2001
Possible release of 2nd Carrack Live DVD In Discussion

In-Akustik GmbH, a German record and video company, have recently acquired the rights to the Ohne Filter television program, a European show that features live concert performances by various established artists. In-Akustik GmbH hope to release these episodes on DVD, including a show with Paul Carrack, which was recorded live on July 19, 1996. A spokesman for the company has recently been in communication with Paul Carrack about the possibility of releasing this performance, but to date, an official decision has not been reached between In-Akustik GmbH, Paul Carrack, his record company, or his management. In-Akustik GmbH has released quite a few DVDs from the series already, including titles by Joe Cocker, Marcus Miller, Curtis Mayfield, and Bill Wyman. If an agreement to release this concert on DVD is made public, we will let you know.

October 15, 2001
Artwork for Genesis DVD and Steve Hackett CD Box Set Revealed!

Available today, for the first time, is the artwork for both the Genesis The Way We Walk DVD and the Steve Hackett box set. Click here to see the cover of the Genesis DVD or click here to see the cover of the Steve Hackett Live Archive 70s, 80s, 90s box set.

October 15, 2001
Genesis Threaten Action Against Profiteering Bootleggers 

In what appears to be Genesis' first public assault on selling bootleg recordings, this posting was made on the group's official website on Sunday, October 14th, by the band's webmaster (who also happens to maintain the official Roxy Music website):

"...people who use Ebay, etc. for selling bootlegs should be warned we will start monitoring this soon and will be doing our best to block such activities. I have recently had seven auctions of Roxy Music bootlegs pulled from Ebay, and I will start a similar process on Genesis related stuff soon. Trading - fine. Selling for profit - No."

Since the advent of the band's new website in late July of this year, the band has advocated the non-profit swapping of unofficial recordings of the group's performances but said that they will not tolerate the selling of such recordings for profit. Sunday's statement is the first step towards showing the band's serious commitment to eliminating (or, at least, minimizing) the sale of bootlegs on the Internet.

October 13, 2001
A Little More News On Clapton Reptile DVD-Audio With Paul Carrack

Well, I'm still working on getting the details for the DVD-Audio release of Eric Clapton's Reptile album featuring Paul Carrack (see my posting on this from 10/10), but I do have a little more to report. The catalog number of the U.S. release is #47966DVDA on Warner/Reprise Records. The Canadian release date for this DVD-Audio album is November 6th on Warner Music Canada. More details will follow soon.

October 11, 2001
Genesis 'Interactive' Songbook DVD Coming Soon!

After many postings from fans on the official Genesis site asking for officially transcribed sheet music of Genesis material, the band has responded! According to the webmaster of the official site:

"Another Genesis DVD is in production. This one will be an 'interactive songbook' which will help all you budding tribute bands out there to learn and practice a number of the key Genesis pieces. Apart from fingering charts for guitar and piano the DVD will also allow you to play back the songs without either the guitar, keyboard or drum parts allowing you to play along on your chosen instrument. We do not, as yet, have release date for the DVD but will keep you informed as soon as we have more information."

Now, if we could just get Peter Gabriel to do this....

October 11, 2001
Genesis Jukebox Auction Coming Soon

Twenty Five 'Genesis Juke Boxes' are due for auction soon for children's charities. The 'Juke Boxes' are specially decorated hard disk Walkmen pre-loaded with the entire Genesis catalog. They all come signed by the band. We will bring you details of the auction as soon as we have it. Be prepared to open your wallet wide if you plan to bid though. The basic hard disk Walkman comes in at about £250 (that's roughly $400 U.S. dollars!) and these special editions are sure to carry a high premium."

A similar Genesis Jukebox charity auction occurred several months ago (which was open to Euro bidders only). No news as of now if the Jukeboxes will feature the graphics from the Archive #2 box set as the last ones did. More to follow...

October 11, 2001
Official Site Acknowledges Phil Collins' Bout With Sudden Deafness

Today, the official website for Genesis confirmed that Phil Collins suffered from temporary Sudden Deafness, but that his hearing is fine again and he is in good health. The story was first reported here on World of Genesis three days ago (from an article I found on, and apparently generated a number of concerned e-mails to the official website on Phil's behalf. The Genesis Webmaster says that he has resumed work on various projects including writing material for the album planned to be recorded in 2002. 

October 10, 2001
It Appears That The Nimda Virus Is Not The Only Pest Plaguing The Official Genesis Site

As many fans know, the Talk section of the official Genesis site was plagued from late last week through Monday morning (EST) with the Nimda Virus (
Nimda is a complex virus with a mass mailing worm component which spreads itself in attachments named README.EXE. If affects Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000 users). While that has been dealt with, the latest pest is infinitely worse. 

The official Genesis website reports that the opening of the Genesis Shop on the band's site is being delayed by Virgin Records. Namely, problems in negotiations over prices on the band's albums and solo efforts along with the delivery of everything in the catalog. In the meantime, some links are already in place in the Genesis Music section of the official site for fans to purchase the band members catalog on CD. While these links are currently "dead," that is expected to be rectified as soon as negotiations with Virgin are finished. Until then, the Genesis Shop still retains its "coming soon" notification. The Genesis Webmaster stated today that he expects these negotiations to be completed shortly.

October 10, 2001
New Clapton DVD-Audio Release Featuring Paul Carrack Coming In Late October

The DVD-Audio edition of Eric Clapton's latest effort, Reptile, will be released on October 30th in the U.S. Paul Carrack fans should note that Paul plays on a few tracks on this album. At this time, I do not have information as to what the DVD-Audio will include, but if you are unfamiliar with this new technology, here is a generic description:

"DVD-Audio is not DVD-Video. It is a different format. DVD-Audio is an audio format designed to provide the highest audio quality possible today. The quality of DVD-Audio exceeds that of conventional CD's. The format takes advantage of increased storage capacity, speed and flexibility to provide audio in both stereo and multi-channel surround. DVD-Audio discs store content in data packets that is ignored by DVD-Video players and only read by DVD-Audio players. In addition to audio, a DVD-Audio disk can contain a limited amount of video, which can be used to display text, such as lyrics or notes; or stills such as a photo album. It is also possible to manufacture a disc with DVD-Video on one side and DVD-Audio on the other, which opens up some intriguing possibilities."

More news on this item will be posted shortly. Stay tuned for details...

October 8, 2001
Phil Collins Has "Stroke In His Ear" Causing Temporary Deafness - May Return Doctors Say

According to Phil Collins says he thought his music career was over after he had a stroke in his left ear.

Collins says he was hit by the rare condition of Sudden Deafness at a business meeting in Los Angeles 11 months ago. He says his hearing suddenly started fading over the course of one evening. He told The Mirror: "It was a shock. I didn't know what it was. It was just so weird. Then I couldn't hear. The doctors described it as a stroke in my ear, though it was more like a trauma. It's a rare condition and can often be permanent. They didn't know where it came from. Apparently, it can happen to anyone. But thankfully it got better after a couple of months although the deafness may come back."

Collins says his health scare has made him re-evaluate his life and he now plans to spend more time with his family.

October 6, 2001

Peter Gabriel's Up Is In The Final Mixing Stages (...Really, it is!)

Today the official Peter Gabriel website announced that the new Gabriel album, nearly a decade in the making (or at least after nearly a decade of waiting from the fans), is nearing completion. Engineer Tchad Blake has arrived at Real World Studios for the final mixing of PG tracks for the forthcoming UP album, following contributions from various Real World Artists, as well as others. Although the final release date is not yet set, the plan is to complete final mixing by the New Year.

A previous statement made by Geffen/Universal Music, Gabriel's U.S. label, (reported here some time ago) claimed that the album would be released by the early Spring. Perhaps, this release date will actually stick??! Here's to hoping!

October 6, 2001
Real World's Spirit of Africa Completed; Gabriel Takes Part In TV Documentary For The Project

The Spirit of Africa CD, accompanying the current campaign to raise awareness of AIDS in Africa has now been completed. It is scheduled for release on October 15th on Real World Records, and it is hoped that the associated television documentary (including an interview with Peter - which also featured on Real World Notes ECD #12) will soon follow.

October 6, 2001
New Peter Gabriel Documentary To Appear On BBC Radio 2 In December 

In September, Peter was interviewed for a BBC Radio 2 documentary about his life story. The two hour program is entitled Games Without Frontiers and will be aired sometime in December 2001. 

October 4, 2001
Zappa Catalog To Be Reissued In Japan In LP Style Sleeves

Chester Thompson fans should note that the Frank Zappa catalog is getting reissued yet again in Japan, this time in the trendy limited edition LP style sleeves (similar to the Genesis ones from years past). The following Zappa CD titles featuring Chester Thompson on drums will be issued on October 24, 2001:

1. Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart & The Mothers - Bongo Fury (catalog #: VACK-1221)
2. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - One Size Fits All (catalog #: VACK-1220)
3. Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Roxy & Elsewhere (catalog #: VACK-1219)

It appears that most of the Zappa CDs are getting this treatment, so check with your local importer if you're interested in obtaining these or other titles in the series. The only titles that appear not to be included are Zappa's acclaimed You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore live compilations.

October 4, 2001
Phil Collins Live DVD To Be Released In Japan In November

Japanese fans can look forward to the release of Phil Collins' Live and Loose In Paris on DVD (catalog #: WPBR-90121) on November 7, 2001. The DVD is NTSC/Region 2 and has a running time of 90 minutes. No special extras or added footage are expected to be included, so if you live in Europe or North America where this DVD already exists, you're not missing anything you don't already have. 

October 4, 2001
Three of Steve Hackett's Projects To Be Delayed

According to Steve Hackett's management, the Live Archive box set will most likely be delayed. The collection is currently in production, but may not meet its intended release (the tentative European release date is now November 12th). Once Hackett's "people" are certain that street date can be met, more information will be posted on the official Hackett site and copies will be available for pre-order through   

In other delays, the acoustic album Steve recorded with Jim Diamond (and others) will also be postponed. Between lack of time in the Hackett camp and lack of interest from other record companies to release it, it sounds like we definitely won't see this project until 2002.  Lastly, the release of Outwitting Hitler has been shelved at least until next year. Steve's management are toying with the possible idea of releasing the 15 to 20 minutes score as a budget priced EP, but even if that does come to be, it will probably not materialize until 2002 due to time constraints.

October 4, 2001
More Details On The Japanese Pressings of The New Hackett Live Set(s)

According to Steve Hackett's management, "The Japanese releases will contain artwork based on the UK artwork materials, so it will share the same 'look' and much the same content. However, at the risk of stating the obvious, it will be configured differently as it's on two 2-CDs." 

Album 1: Live 70/80s (catalog #: VICP-61608/9)

CD1:  70s Live. A show from Newcastle City Hall, not the same show as on the UK box,  plus bonus tracks from a Hammersmith Odeon show - not the same Hammersmith Odeon show as included on the UK box. This disc (i.e. Newcastle w/Hammersmith bonus tracks) will be available from the (official Steve Hackett) website as an additional disc for the box set if required. 
CD2:  80s Live. Same as the UK box. 

Album 2: Live 90s/Feedback (catalog #: VICP-61610/1)

CD1:  Feedback 86. As per the original Camino release but without the additional MP3 material due to licensing complications in that territory. 
CD2:  90s Live. Same as the UK box

October 3, 2001
News on Japanese Version(s) of The New Steve Hackett Box Set 

That's right! I said "versions" with an "s!" On October 24th in Japan, Steve Hackett will release his much anticipated live collection spanning the '70s, '80s, and '90s. The only difference is, rather than releasing one large collection of live material encompassing all three decades (in the format it is expected to be released in Europe), the Japanese version will be issued in two parts:

1. Steve Hackett    Live '70s & '80s          (catalog #: VICP-61608/9)   2 CD set
2. Steve Hackett    Live '90s & Feedback  (catalog #: VICP-61610/1)   2 CD set

I am still in the process of confirming any changes in track listing and/or album artwork, but should have some answers for you soon. The two releases listed above are official and have been confirmed. Since all sources say that the Euro version is 4 CDs (all of which are live), I would have to think that the Japanese edition has either an edited or different track listing since the '90s disc appears to only make up half of the second collection. Stay tuned! More will follow on this....

October 3, 2001
Phil Collins On The 'Net? The Genesis Webmaster Says 'If I Have Anything To Do With It!'

In a recent posting on the official Genesis website (in the Genesis Talk section), fans posed the question of Collins presence (or lack there of) for his solo projects on the Internet, and if the official site would feature Collins' work as a solo artist in the same depth that it features Genesis. 

In response,  the official webmaster commented:

"Well, if I have anything to do with it (and I think I might). Hopefully, it will cover everything/anything PC has done at the same level of detail planned here (for Genesis). I have all of Phil's press cuttings over the past two decades to process, plus a load of other stuff, and Hit & Run (Genesis and Collins' management company) are threatening to send me to Switzerland to talk to the man himself about it all. We'll see what develops."

Whether it actually happens or not, we'll keep you updated once an official announcement has been made. Keep your fingers crossed!

October 3, 2001
More Details On The Second Genesis DVD Announced

Well, minor news, but news just the same. The UK site for the on-line retail shop Amazon has posted that the title of the second Genesis DVD is now simply The Way We Walk with a new delayed release date of November 26th in Europe (bumped from the initially announced date of November 5th). The former title for this DVD, Genesis - Live 1992/The Greatest Hits, is still listed on the UK Amazon site, but the DVD is clearly not coming out under this title. At one point, this collection was rumored to feature the group's music videos, which is now apparently not included (as announced previously in the September News). Video title changes; however, are not a new occurrence in the Genesis DVD world. Many Genesis fans were confused when the first Genesis DVD which was originally said to be called In The Beginning suddenly became released as the Genesis Songbook.

At the moment, there is still no official U.S. release date planned for the second Genesis DVD. The good news is, the Genesis Webmaster commented a while back that he was under the impression that a Region 1 compatible version would be issued and listed for sale in the Genesis Shop on the official website.

The track listing of The Way We Walk DVD is as follows:

1. Land of Confusion
2. No Son of Mine
3. Driving The Last Spike
4. Oldies Medley
5. Fading Lights 
6. Jesus He Knows Me
7. Dreaming While You Sleep
8. Home By The Sea
9. Hold On My Heart
10. The Domino Principal (Intro)
11. Domino
12. The Drum Thing (Drum Solo)
13. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
14. Invisible Touch
15. Turn It On Again

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