September 2008

September 28, 2008
EMI Releasing Genesis CD + DVD Gift Set In October for the Holiday Season

EMI in Europe is releasing a Genesis gift set with Turn It On Again: The Hits - Tour Edition 2-CD set and the Video Show DVD. Of course, the DVD is this gift set is the European issue, so it will not play on machines that require NTSC video formatting (such as in North America and Asia). The gift set is due for release October 24th in Europe exclusively. You can, of course, purchase Video Show and Turn It On Again: The Hits - Tour Edition 2 -CD set individually in the World of Genesis on-line shop.

September 25, 2008

EMI Set to Release Remixed CD-Only Versions of Genesis, Invisible Touch, We Can't Dance, and Calling All Stations

Much like EMI in Europe did with the Genesis studio albums from the 1976-1982 period, they are now set to release the next batch of individual studio reissues as newly remixed and remastered stereo only CDs (no SACDs or DVD video content included). The next batch: Genesis, Invisible Touch, We Can't Dance and Calling All Stations will be available in early October. More Genesis goodies including the 1970-1975 box can be purchased in the World of Genesis shop!

September 25, 2008

John Hackett Set to Release New Solo Album Featuring Steve Hackett

On October 24th, John Hackett will release his new solo album, Prelude To Summer. The 18-track CD features Steve Hackett on four songs! Pre-orders are now being taken at the official Steve Hackett site.

September 20, 2008

Nick Davis Begins Work on Tony Banks' Digital Remaster of A Curious Feeling

Nick Davis, Genesis' long-time producer and engineer, recently confirmed on the forum of the official Genesis site that he has begun the remixing and remastering of Tony Banks' debut solo album, A Curious Feeling, for a 30th anniversary release in 2009. This new hybrid SACD remaster will include digitally remastered stereo and newly remixed 5.1 surround sound. As many Genesis fans know, the project also features Chester Thompson on drums. No exact release date is known at this time, but more details on this release should hopefully be available shortly. There has also been no confirmation that any other back catalog releases by Banks or other members of Genesis will be released in this fashion.

September 20, 2008
Peter Gabriel To Perform At Peace One Day Concert

According to the official Peter Gabriel site, Peter will perform at Peace One Day at Royal Albert Hall in London, England on September 21st along with John Legend, Annie Lennox, and Bryan Adams. The concert will be part of the screening of the documentary The Day After Peace with co-founding member of Peace One Day and The Day After Peace's Director Jeremy Gilley with actor Jude Law who will also make appearances at the event.

September 7, 2008
Peter Gabriel Named As Winner of Ambassador of Conscience Award

Art for Amnesty, on behalf of Amnesty International, have announced that they have named Peter Gabriel as the recipient of the Ambassador of Conscience Award for 2008 for his human rights initiatives with the founding of WITNESS and The Elders and among other efforts.
The Award will be presented to Peter Gabriel by U2's The Edge at a ceremony in London on September 10th 2008 which will also mark the launch of Amnesty International's global Small Places Tour 2008.

September 7, 2008
Simon Collins CD Giveaway Contest Ends This Friday!

In case you missed it last month, World of Genesis is running a Simon Collins CD giveaway contest in celebration of the forthcoming release of his new rock solo album, U-Catastrophe, due for release on September 30th. Click here to enter the contest to win it before you can buy it!

September 7, 2008
Peter Gabriel Considers Turning His Studio Recording Sessions Into a Private Gig For Fans

According to Star Pulse, Peter Gabriel is considering turning an up-coming recording session in his Real World Studios in Bath, England into an intimate concert for fans. The Incredible String Band did just that at Real World to help pay for recording costs and it impressed Gabriel. He tells Filter magazine, "The Incredible String Band wrote to their fans on their website and sold admission to their recordings... and that gave them the budget to purchase the studio time. They created a mini-economy based on 120 people." And now Gabriel is considering hosting a similar studio treat for his fans: "There are space constraints at Real World, but I'm sure we could figure something out." No word yet on when this may take place. Stay tuned!

September 7, 2008
The Encore Series End of Summer Sale Ends Today

Today is your last chance to take advantage of's end of summer sale with Encore Series CDs by Genesis, Peter Gabriel, and others 15% off the normal price. Consider yourself reminded!

September 7, 2008
EMI To Add 400,000 Songs To Peter Gabriel's We7

Having already gotten Warner Music and Sony/BMG to sign on, We7, Peter Gabriel's innovative free download site which pays for its service with advertising (you can also pay for the download to avoid the advertising if you prefer), has just inked a deal with EMI to add 400,000 songs to the site by the end of the year. This EMI commitment will include the Peter Gabriel back catalog. With the addition of EMI to its portfolio, We7 now has the three major labels locked in. iTunes, look out! 

September 7, 2008
Ray Wilson Confirms Title of New Album and New European Tour

The official Ray Wilson site sent out an e-mail confirming that Ray's forthcoming album, Propaganda Man, will be released this November and will coincide with a new European tour (many dates of which can already be found on Ray's site). No pre-order is available yet for the CD, but it is expected shortly. Stay tuned!

September 7, 2008
Nick D'Virgilio Set To Release Tribute of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

On October 21, 2008, ProgRock Records will release a new project by Rewiring Genesis featuring former Genesis Calling All Stations drummer Nick D'Virgilio called A Tribute To The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. According to the press release, "although all of the original elements of the songs are still included such as drums, bass, guitar and piano, the recordings now take on a more "theatrical" vibe. This, coupled with orchestra, rock guitars, and some fantastic horn arrangements, the songs now enter an entirely different place." The album is available for pre-order at the link above!

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