September 2009

September 30, 2009
New Exclusive Tony Banks and Chester Thompson Interviews Coming Soon to World of!

Tony Banks and Chester Thompson sat down with World of to talk about the reissue of A Curious Feeling (CD+DVD), the Genesis Live 1973-2007 (CD+DVD) Box Set, the Genesis Movie 5-DVD Box Set (coming in November), and much more! The interview will be on-line soon. Stay tuned!

September 30, 2009
EMI Announces track Listing For Genesis Movie DVD Box Set

EMI has announced the official track listing for the forthcoming Genesis Movie 5-DVD Box Set.

The 5 DVD box-set, with new 2009 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital sound mixes, makes available on DVD for the very first time The Mama Tour and Three Sides Live. The full box includes:

Three Sides Live
- (first time on DVD!) the concert film shot in the U.S. and released in tandem with the live album of the same title, which made the Top Ten on both sides of the Atlantic in 1982. Contains extra full length tracks in 5.1 Audio only
: "Behind The Lines", "Duchess", "Me and Sarah Jane", "Man on the Corner", "One For The Vine", "The Fountain of Salmacis", and "Follow You Follow Me."


Genesis Live - The Mama Tour - (first time on DVD!), filmed in 1984 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, and featuring the band performing material from the chart-topping Genesis album. Also featuring The Making of the Mama Album, a home video filmed by Phil Collins during the making of the Genesis album.


Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium - shot during the group's record-breaking run of four sold-out concerts in July 1987, at the height of their popularity following the release of the number one album Invisible Touch. The DVD also features the tour documentary entitled Visible Touch.


Genesis: The Way We Walk - Live in Concert - filmed in 1992 at London's Earls Court Exhibition Centre, and issued alongside the Top 3 albums Live - The Way We Walk Volume One: The Shorts and Volume Two: The Longs.

- This is a empty spot for you to insert Genesis - When in Rome 2007 3-DVD set (sold separately).

Bonus material - in addition to the Mama Documentary comes in the shape of the updated 2009 version of VH-1's Behind the Music special about the band. The original version aired in December 1999.

September 27, 2009
Genesis Get Nomination For the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

According to Billboard, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio (USA) has announced the 2010 nominations for their hall of fame induction ceremony which will take place in New York next year. Among the nominees are: Genesis, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kiss, The Chantels, Laura Nyro, Abba, Donna Summer, The Stooges, The Hollies, LL Cool J, Jimmy Cliff, and Darlene Love. Will Genesis finally get the recognition they deserve? I guess we will soon see!

September 27, 2009
Steve Hackett's New Album Delayed

Although planned for an October 5th release, Steve's new album, Out of the Tunnel's Mouth, has been delayed. Sources report that the delay will not be too long. More details will be posted when known.

September 27, 2009
New Exclusive Steve Hackett Interview on World of!

Click here to read a new Steve Hackett interview. Steve sat down with World of to talk about his new album, Out of the Tunnel's Mouth, his new book, Sketches of Steve Hackett, a possible North American tour, and much more!

September 20, 2009
Daryl Stuermer Interview This Week

Daryl will be doing an interview on the Dave and Carole Show on WKLH radio 96.5 FM on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. (CST) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Daryl will be promoting his new Genesis Rewired project and the free concert he will perform at Harvest Fair at the State Fair Grounds in Milwaukee. 

September 20, 2009

Peter Gabriel And An All-Star Cast Unite For Charity Single

According to the official Cara Dillon website, Peter Gabriel, Roger Taylor (of Queen), Nick Mason (of Pink Floyd), Bill Wyman (of The Rolling Stones), Brian Ferry (of Roxy Music), Jamie Cullum, Midge Ure, Cara Dillon, Sharon Corr, Finbar Furey, and others re-recorded the Beatles "All You Need Is Love" for the new Bandaged Together project to benefit children. The proceeds will benefit
The BBC Children in Need Appeal. The project will be released at the end of October or the beginning of November according to Jamie Cullum's official website.

September 20, 2009

Update on Peter Gabriel's Scratch My Back Project; Tentatively Scheduled for Spring 2010 release

According to a post on the official Peter Gabriel site, an update from John Metcalfe states the following about Gabriel's long awaited project:
"I have been busy working closely with Peter Gabriel on his Scratch My Back project. This is a song swap with some of the world's most legendary artists and is due for release in the Spring. My role has been to re-interpret the music of the song's he has chosen to cover - quite honerous as some of the songs are among the best known in the last 40 years. The album will be acoustic, using only orchestral instruments (no guitars, drums or world instruments) and range in size from sparse chamber music to a much fuller orchestral sounds. We recently recorded the orchestra at Air Lyndhurst studios (George Martin's studio) in London which was an enormous thrill hearing my arrangements performed by some of the best performers in the UK. The producer of the album is Canadian legend Bob Ezrin who has recorded dozens of classic albums including Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' We performed one of the songs, Paul Simon's 'Boy In The Bubble' at Womad back in July. I have been working a lot down at Real World studios editing and mixing and will be continuing with that in the Autumn and it's been a huge privilege to work with the great man."

September 20, 2009

New Tour Dates Announced!

Be sure to check out the official sites for Paul Carrack, Steve Hackett, Daryl Stuermer and Ray Wilson for upcoming tour dates. Support your favorite artists on tour!

September 20, 2009

Ray Wilson/Stiltskin Song Remixed

According to the official Ray Wilson site, the Stiltskin song "Show Me The Way" has been remixed into a dance version by DJ Cosmo on Magic Island Records. There is no known release for this remix at this time, but it will be posted here if announced. Wilson's next project will be his German Genesis Klassik project due next year (as previously announced here).

September 19, 2009

Genesis "Movie Box" Announced For Pre-Order; DVD Box Due For Release In November!

After much speculation, the official release date and pre-order of the forthcoming 5-DVD Genesis Movie Box Set featuring the concert films: Three Sides Live (never before on DVD!), The Mama Tour (never before on DVD!), Live at Wembley, and The Way We Walk has been announced for release in North America on November 17, 2009 hot on the tail of the Genesis Live 1973-2007 CD+DVD Box Set due on September 29th in North America on Rhino Records (September 21st in Europe on EMI Records).

Here is what has been confirmed to date on the Genesis Movie Box:

Three Sides Live (DTS/Dolby Digital stereo/5.1 - "In The Cage" is the only live track not in true 5.1 due to a missing master tape. This DVD also includes bonus 5.1 audio on the DVD of tracks from the Three Sides Live live album).

The Mama Tour (DTS/Dolby Digital stereo/5.1)

Live At Wembley (DTS/Dolby Digital stereo/5.1 - Taken from the Invisible Touch Tour in 1987, this version is expected to be identical to the prior release on DVD that was available.)

The Way We Walk (DTS/Dolby Digital stereo/5.1 - new DTS track added that was not available on the original version on DVD. The multi-camera angle option from the original pressing is not available on this new version.)

(Empty Slot) - Intended For When In Rome 2007, the band's last 3-disc DVD release, which was released last year.

Bonus Disc - allegedly, a documentary of some kind is included but no details are confirmed. More should be known soon!

All tracks feature remixed 5.1 audio by Genesis' long time producer and engineer, Nick Davis, who also remixed the entire Genesis studio catalog in stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

September 19, 2009
Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford Interview Featured On Planet Rock For New Box Set

Tonight at 7 p.m. UK time (2 p.m. EST), you can check out a new interview hosted by Rob Birnie with Mike and Tony about the forthcoming Genesis Live 1973-2007 Box Set due for release this week in Europe and on September 29th in North America. The interview will be featured on Planet Rock. If you miss the interview, you can catch the rebroadcast of the interview on Thursday, September 24th at 6 p.m. UK time (1 p.m. EST).

September 19, 2009
Recent Press About Phil Collins' Health Concerns Fans Worldwide; Phil Sets The Record Straight

There have been a number of slightly misleading articles about Phil Collins' condition following a medical procedure and how its impacted his physical ability. On the official Genesis site, Phil set the record straight by stating,

"There isn't any drama regarding my 'disability' and playing drums. Somehow during the last Genesis tour, I dislocated some vertebrae in my upper neck and that affected my hands.  After a successful operation on my neck, my hands still can't function normally. Maybe in a year or so it will change, but for now it is impossible for me to play drums or piano. I am not in any 'distressed' state, stuff happens in life."

September 19, 2009
New Website Launched For Genesis Live 1973-2007 Box Set

EMI in Europe has launched a new website to help promote the Genesis Live 1973-2007 Box Set due for release this month. Be sure to check it out to hear samples of the audio and to get basic information about what is included in the new box set! 

September 19, 2009
Wolfgang's Vault Streams Genesis Live At Nassau Coliseum 1981 Concert

Speaking of Genesis live, the Wolfgang's Vault site is now streaming a performance of Genesis live at Nassau Coliseum from 1981. Some of this performance was featured on the Three Sides Live album.

September 6, 2009

Tony Bank's A Curious Feeling 30th Anniversary Remaster Available For Pre-Order

You can now pre-order the 30th Anniversary digitally remixed and remastered pressings of Tony Banks' solo debut, A Curious Feeling. As reported previously, the remixes were completed by Nick Davis and offer two options for purchase: (1) a remixed and remastered stereo only CD pressing or (2) a limited edition double disc CD+DVD pressing. The limited edition comes complete with special packaging, newly remixed stereo and 5.1 surround sound, and rare 1979 promotional music videos from the album for "Waters of Lethe" and "For A While"! As of now, there is no news available of a North American reissue - these are exclusive to Europe. The good news is that Mike "Zork" Lord of the official Genesis site confirmed that the DVD portion of the limited edition is an NTSC/Region 0 DVD (which makes it playable in more commercial markets). Get yours today!

September 6, 2009
World of Contest Winner Announced!

The winner of the limited edition autographed copy of Steve Hackett's new official biography, Sketches of Steve Hackett, is Travis Prothero from Queensland, Australia. Congratulations, Travis! Wymer Publishing will be sending you the prize directly! You can read a review of the new Steve Hackett book in the Book Reviews Section of this site.

September 6, 2009

Peter Gabriel Receives Polar Prize

As initially reported here back in May,
Peter Gabriel was honored along with Venezuelan composer Jose Antonio Abreu with the 2009 Polar Music Prize. The Polar Music Prize was founded in 1989 by the late Stig ”Stikkan” Anderson, the publisher, lyricist and manager of ABBA. The Polar Music Prize is Sweden's most prestigious music award, and awarded to individuals, groups and institutions in recognition of exceptional achievements. Laureates from a wide range of countries, cultures and continents have received the Prize in Stockholm from the hand of His Majesty, King Carl XVI. Gabriel and Abreu will each receive a 1 million Kronor (an estimated $130,000) award at a ceremony later this year in Stockholm. Past honorees include Pink Floyd, B.B. King, Sir Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin, Dizzy Gillespie, Ravi Shankar, Stevie Wonder, Sir Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Quincy Jones, Sonny Rollins, and Bruce Springsteen. Click here to see Peter's acceptance speech!

September 6, 2009
Nick Davis Provides Details on Forthcoming Genesis Live DVD Box Set

With the release of the 11-disc Genesis Live 1973-2007 (CD+DVD) Box Set coming this month, Nick Davis has given some information on what appears to be the final box set in the five box set series. The final box set, which will follow the release of the Live audio box set, will showcase Genesis live video performances from 1982 through 2007. According to Davis's comments on the official Genesis site's forum, the video box will include:

The Three Sides Live video - includes true 5.1 surround sound in Dolby Digital and DTS - except for "In The Cage" which is in artificial surround since the audio master tape was lost. Also includes bonus audio 5.1 of all songs from Three Sides Live that are not performed in their entirety on the video (note: "In The Cage" is not available in true surround as a bonus track). Never before on DVD!

The Mama Tour video - Includes true 5.1 surround sound in Dolby Digital and DTS. Never before on DVD!

Live at Wembley video - Reportedly identical to the prior DVD issue. Includes true 5.1 surround in Dolby Digital and DTS.

The Way We Walk video -  Offers a new DTS 5.1 audio option in addition to the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track on the original DVD pressing. This version, however, loses the multi-camera angle option available on the older pressing.

Bonus DVD Disc - Supposedly, this disc contains rare video footage. Nick Davis confirms that there is some sort of documentary included, but beyond that we have no information about the extras at this time. Details of a pre-order will hopefully follow soon after the release of the Genesis Live 1973-2007 box this month. Stay tuned for details!

September 6, 2009

New Exclusive Steve Hackett Interview Coming This Month!

With the release of his forthcoming studio album, Out of the Tunnel's Mouth, on October 5th; the August release of his official biography, Sketches of Steve Hackett; and, of course, the new Genesis Live 1973-2007 CD + DVD Box Set, Steve has a lot to talk about! Thankfully, Mr. Hackett is gracing World of with a new exclusive interview to discuss all of these projects and more! Expect the interview on the pages of this site later this month! Stay tuned!

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