August 31, 2001
Second Hackett DVD Delayed

According to Steve Hackett's manager, the planned DVD edition of one of Steve's recent shows in Buenos Aires has struck a temporary reef as the local TV company have reneged on the promise to make all of the raw footage from the show available to Camino for a super-duper multi camera angle extravaganza. So far, they've delivered only the final cut of the show - with the station's logo prominently displayed. Negotiations continue.

August 31, 2001
World of Genesis Gets Featured on the Official Steve Hackett Site

This is from Steve Hackett's recent newsletter as written by Steve's manager:

"Since the end of the South American tour Steve has been concocting new ideas for his next studio album, to be entitled .... well, actually he hasn't told us yet! Meanwhile check out his recent interview with Dave Negrin (World of Genesis website) from the 'Hackett Interview' link at Dave seems to have an 'access all areas' approach and draws Steve out on recent tour events, Carpet Crawlers recording, why corporate reunions don't work and GTR days."

Special thanks to Steve Hackett and Kudos Management for the privilege of being featured on the official website and for the complement!

August 30, 2001
Steve Hackett Tokyo Tapes DVD (Region 1) now available in the USA and Canada

That's right! Believe it or not, the new DVD pressing of the Tokyo Tapes with 18 minutes of bonus added footage and band biographies made it to the U.S.A. before Europe! There's a welcomed switch! The North American pressing is distributed by Music Video Distributors and actually hit the streets under the radar on Tuesday, August 28th! To purchase the new U.S. DVD click here (Note: the link featured lists two different prices for the DVD--The cheaper one is apparently correct.).

The Region 2 version of the Tokyo Tapes DVD is expected to be released on October 1st and will be available through Steve Hackett's official website directly and in retail stores throughout Europe. The Region 2 DVD was delayed until October due to manufacturing problems (UPS lost the master tape!). 

August 30, 2001
Release Date Announced For Live Steve Hackett Box Set

According to Steve Hackett's management, the official release date for the much anticipated 4 CD live box set spanning Steve's solo tours in the 70s, 80s, and 90s will be on November 1, 2001. The box set will be available through Steve's official website on Camino Records. The set includes complete shows rather than bits and pieces of various performances! For more on the box set and other news in the Hackett camp read World of Genesis' new interview with Steve Hackett! (UPDATE: According to a recent interview with Hackett's management on The Waiting Room fan-site, the Japanese pressing of the live box set will feature an alternate 70s concert performance!) 

August 30, 2001
Paul Carrack's New CD, Groovin', Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Carrack and Mechanics fans will be happy to hear that you can now pre-order Paul's new album, Groovin' (the working title was Cover Story, but has since been changed) on the official Paul Carrack website. The anticipated street date for the album's actual release is September 24th in Europe and includes 13 classic songs covered by Paul. Among the tracks are remakes of tunes by Burt Bacarach,
Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Carole King and more. No U.S. release date has been confirmed yet. Besides, if you order if from Paul, he will autograph it for you if you want him to!

August 30, 2001
The Official Genesis Site Offers Behind The Scenes Pictures of The Recent Genesis Meeting!

Before you get too excited, the band didn't meet up to talk about a new album or reunion tour. Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford met up with their long-time Producer, Nick Davis, to watch a screening of the new transfer of the Genesis DVD: Live 1992/The Greatest Hits. The pictures on the official website are taken by Davis himself and show the guys lounging about in the studio watching the digitally restored footage. Most importantly, the shots show the band recording commentary which, according to the official webmaster for Genesis, is being considered for possible inclusion in the final DVD package! To check out the new pictures go to the official Genesis website

August 23, 2001
Genesis Songbook DVD Now Available For Pre-Order In The USA!

I am happy to report that the 1st Genesis DVD (Region 1), Songbook, has been reconfirmed for release in the USA on September 25th. The DVD is now available to pre-order by clicking here. The suggested list price is $24.98. The pre-order price offers a discount for a limited time.

August 23, 2001
New Paul Carrack CD Available For Pre-Order Next Week!

According to Paul Copley, Webmaster for Paul Carrack's official website, the new CD (called Cover Story) will be available for pre-orders at As previously reported, the album is a collection of classic soul tunes re-worked by Carrack.

August 23, 2001
2nd Hackett DVD In The Works; More Details On The Live Box Set Shared...

According to Steve Hackett's manager's posting to the official Genesis site, fans can look forward to a second Hackett live DVD some time in the future. Steve Hackett recorded his 2001 concert in Buenos Aires for television, and a DVD release of the show is in the works.  Hackett's manager also shared that the up-coming Hackett live box set will be four CDs (rather than the 3 - as posted back on August 14th) and features shows recorded in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. More details will follow soon!

August 21, 2001
The Official Genesis Gets Its First Update ~ News Galore!!!

Rather than just regurgitate the facts posted on the official website, here's basically what the new update consisted of (ok, ok, maybe a little regurgitation...): 

Today the (latest) official Genesis website got it's first update. Basically, the update explained that after poor weather conditions at Cape Canaveral and four days of waiting, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks were not on-hand to witness NASA's Genesis probe launch on August 8th (which explains why they weren't mentioned as being in attendance in any new broadcasts). 

Next, site mentions that the Phil Collins Love Songs CD is now officially coming in 2002 and that it will include a live track by Phil and his big band (I'm guessing "Always" -- but that's just my guess). Regarding Phil's latest Disney project, says that Walt Disney has installed a state-of-the-art communications system in Phil's home in Switzerland to make communication easier between Collins and Disney HQ in Los Angeles, California. They also mention the broadcast of Phil's Big Band Bash (which was reported here on August 17th), and that Ray Wilson has sold out his string of Edinburgh shows (mentioned here on WOG yesterday).

As for Genesis news, they mention that more details on the 2nd Genesis DVD should be available in a couple of days. For more on these stories please visit the official website.  It's a nice healthy update to chew on, plus new links have been added in both the Tribute Bands Section and in the Genesis Links Section (for fan sites). What are you waiting for??? Go to the official site!

I don't know about you, but I'm extremely pleased with the way this site is evolving. Let's hope we see another update soon!

August 20, 2001
Ray Wilson Sells Out

According to the official Ray Wilson website, all of the dates of Ray's Storyteller Tour in Edinburgh are now sold out. Congratulations to Ray!

August 20, 2001

Daryl Stuermer Adds Another Tour Date In Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

As if those "Cheese Heads" in Green Bay weren't lucky enough already, Daryl has added yet another concert date in Wisconsin. Daryl Stuermer will be playing Shank Hall on November 10, 2001. For more information on this event call: (414) 276-7288 or check out the Tour Dates Section of World of Genesis. (Webmaster's note: For those who live outside the U.S. "Cheese Heads" is an affectionate term for people from Wisconsin--It is not a negative or derogatory term.)

August 17, 2001
Phil's Big Band Bash Returns to BBC 2

Phil Collins second episode of the radio series "Phil's Big Band Bash" starts this coming Monday, August 20th, in the UK on BBC 2 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. If you live outside the UK, you can catch the show on-line by clicking here. This program will continue every Monday evening for the next eight weeks.

August 17, 2001
The Second Single From Urban Renewal Is Released...

The second single from the Phil Collins tribute album, Urban Renewal, is now available in Europe. The single, which is "In The Air Tonite" featuring rapper Lil' Kim along side the vocals of Phil Collins, was released on August 14, 2001. To purchase a copy of this CD single click here

August 14, 2001
Live 3-CD Steve Hackett Collection Due By Late 2001; More Studio Projects Coming Soon!

According to Mr. Hackett himself, a three disc live collection spanning multiple tours will be released by Camino Records shortly. The people over at Camino are currently in the process of approving the art work and expect it's release before Christmas. Stay tuned to World of Genesis for more details on this live set as well as a full interview (conducted today, actually) coming very soon exclusively to this website!

Steve Hackett also mentioned that he is in the process of completing a rock album with the musicians he worked with on the recent 2001 South American tour, a classical project (featuring some of the music he wrote that was featured in the film, Outwitting Hitler), and a new ballads type collection album featuring Jim Diamond among other artists. While no release date was shared for the rock album or the classical effort, the ballads project should be released within approximately 6 months and will include covers of songs ranging from Vivaldi (Antonio did ballads??? Who knew?!) to Buffy Sainte-Marie and Edith Piaf! More information on these projects will follow soon.

August 14, 2001
Chester Thompson Appears On Two New CDs
Chester plays on the song "Love's Mission" featured on the latest album by trumpeter Jimmy Wilson, Future History (Replicant Records, #JW0829). The album, which was actually released in July, also features Dennis Chambers, another well-respected drummer. For more information on this album, check out the official Replicant Records website. Also worthy of note: Chester played drums on Jimmy Wilson's 1996 album, Identity, which can still be purchased in the Chester Thompson Shopping Section here on World of

You can also catch Chester on the latest album by jazz guitarist Martin Taylor, NiteLife (SONY Jazz). Released in late July, NiteLife was recorded and mixed in Nashville and produced by multi-Grammy winner Steve Buckingham. Four tracks were co-produced by Buckingham and smooth jazz saxophonist Kirk Whalum. For more on Martin Taylor click here to buy the NiteLife CD click here.

August 10, 2001
Hackett's DVD Scheduled For September Release ~ And Is Playable Worldwide!

Steve Hackett's management has just shared with World of Genesis that the anticipated release date of Steve's Tokyo Tapes DVD will be some time in September. The best part about this news is that this DVD will be Region 0, which means it will be playable in ANY country (Yes, including the USA!). The DVD will be available through retailers but you will also soon be able to order it directly through the official Steve Hackett website! As previously reported, this new DVD edition includes extra footage which was not included on the Asian DVD pressing or the old Tokyo Tapes VHS release. (UPDATE--- For those who asked me to verify this, YES it will be both NTSC and PAL compatible).

August 9, 2001
2nd Genesis DVD Officially Scheduled For Release

According to, the official European release date for the second Genesis DVD Live 1992/Greatest Hits (catalog number: VSLD10484) is scheduled for November 5, 2001 and is now available for pre-order. List price for the DVD is 24.99 (with Amazon's price being a bit below that). Sadly, this DVD, like the previous one, is Region 2 only (which means if you don't live in Japan, Europe, or the Middle East, you're out of luck for now unless you have a multi-region or all-code player!).

In further disturbing news, (the US site) still does not list the release of the first Genesis DVD, Songbook (a.k.a. In The Beginning). As the supposed U.S. release date is only a little more than a month away, and Amazon tends to list things very early for pre-order, this leaves me with an uneasy feeling that the U.S. DVD will be delayed. Once more information is known, it will be posted here.

August 9, 2001
Fans Are "Squeezed" To Death With Another 'Hits' Album

As if there haven't been enough Squeeze compilations in the last decade (I count about six!), yet another 'hits' collection is due in the U.S. on September 18th. The digitally remastered compilation features the Paul Carrack hit "Tempted" along with the usual suspects: "Black Coffee In Bed", "Take Me I'm Yours", "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)", "Annie Get Your Gun", etc. A collective yawn, anyone?

August 9, 2001
Phil Collins and Paul McCartney To Play Buckingham Palace?

The Queen of England is moving into uncharted waters by opening the gardens of her
London home to a pop concert to celebrate her Golden Jubilee next June. Buckingham Palace, more used to the demure behavior of summer garden parties, will have seen nothing like it before. 

Fourteen-thousand tickets will be available, with successful applicants drawn from a hat. Palace officials would not reveal the likely stars, but Sir Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams and stalwarts of Prince's Trust fund-raising concerts such as Phil Collins are already being tipped as possible attractions. The Queen will make an appearance, although merely as a spectator. 

Courtiers were at pains to explain that the Golden Jubilee celebrations would retain much of the tradition, which loyal monarchists would expect, and would not be entirely populist. "A pop concert is appropriate because, during the Queen's reign, one of the things that Britain has been outstandingly good at is popular music," one Palace source said. "We don't want to give the impression that we have moved in a wildly populist direction; it was the Queen's own desire to open her home to the nation."

Performers at the concert on Monday June 3, will give their services free, as will musicians at a classical concert at the same venue two days earlier. Any surplus, after paying for sound systems, stages and giant television screens, will go to charity. Jubilee celebrations will be centered on the weekend beginning Saturday June 1st, with bank holidays on the following Monday and Tuesday extending the event to four days. 

A Golden Jubilee office established by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport said yesterday that inquiries from public and voluntary organizations on how to celebrate were rising. The office is preparing an information pack which should be ready in two weeks.

The government information website is at:

Or call a free phone advice service: (011+44)845 5000 2002 (UK telephone number)

August 8, 2001
The NASA Genesis Probe Successfully Launched Today

Well, the NASA Genesis probe had a little difficulty meeting its first intended launch date, but the probe was finally launched ahead of its second anticipated launch date (which wasn't until the 12th of August). The unmanned probe, which rode atop a Delta II rocket, successfully launched today at 12:13 EDT. The probe is expected to return to Earth September 2004. I suppose due to all of the technical delays and so on, broadcast news made no mention of Mike Rutherford or Tony Banks' appearance at the launch site. For more on the story click here

August 8, 2001
Daryl Stuermer Webcast Available on the House of Blues Website

For a limited time, a complete webcast of Daryl Stuermer's concert from July 6, 2001 at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is available for your viewing pleasure at the official website of The House of Blues.

In addition to playing several original compositions, Daryl and the band pull out a few Genesis favorites. Be sure to check it out! Also, if you haven't already, you can check out Chris Otto's review of the show in World of Genesis Concert Reviews Section.

August 5, 2001
NASA Launch Delayed Until August 12, 2001

As previously reported, the launch of NASA's Genesis spacecraft has been delayed yet again. The launch was supposed to take place on Monday, July 30th at Cape Canaveral from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but inclement weather and technical problems delayed the launch. Genesis members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford were on-hand for the space probe's intended launch date, which has now been reportedly delayed until August 12, 2001 due to additional unforeseen circumstances. 

The probe was designed for a three year mission to gather and return with tiny particles from the sun. If successful, it will be the first extraterrestrial samples returned to Earth by NASA since Apollo astronauts brought back moon rocks.

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