September 26, 2001
Details on Steve Hackett's New Box Set Revealed

Here is all the information you need on the new Steve Hackett 4 CD live box set. The collection is called Live Archive - 1970's - 1990's (catalog #: CAMCD 23) and set for official release on October 29th (suggested list price is something like £19.99 which is approximately $35.00 U.S.) . The track listing is as follows:

Disc: 1
1. Intro
2. Please don't touch
3. Tigermoth
4. Every day
5. Narnia
6. Tai chi
7. Ace of wands
8. Carry on up the vicarage
9. Etude in A min
10. Blood on the rooftops
11. Horizons
12. Kim
13. The optigan
14. A tower struck down
15. Spectral mornings

Disc: 2

1. Introductions
2. Star of Sirius
3. Shadow of the hierophant
4. Clocks
5. I know what I like
6. Wardrobe boogie
7. Racing in A
8. Racing in A coda

Disc: 3

1. The air conditioned nightmare
2. Jacuzzi
3. Funny feeling
4. Ace of wands
5. Picture postcard
6. The steppes
7. Every day
8. Overnight sleeper
9. Hope I don't wake
10. Slogans
11. A tower struck down
12. Spectral mornings
13. The show
14. Clocks

Disc: 4

1. Medley - Myopia/Los endos/Imagining...
2. Vampyre with a healthy appetite
3. Sierra quemada
4. Take these pearls
5. In the heart of the city
6. Walking away from rainbows
7. There are many sides to the night
8. Kim
9. Dark as the grave
10. Always somewhere else
11. Lost in your eyes
12. Spectral mornings/Firth of fifth/Clocks
13. Cinema paradiso
14. In that quiet earth

More news on this new live set will certainly follow soon...

September 26, 2001
Phil Collins Shares Details on His New Album

There is a brief new interview with Phil Collins featured on the Korg website. In the interview Collins speaks of his new Disney project, his interest in film scoring, and his new, long-awaited pop album. When asked about his new album in the interview, Phil said, ďWell, Iíve done a large share of the recording already. Iíve got the songs sounding the way I want them except for maybe some real drums and guitars. I probably wonít release it until next year (2002). For a while, I must admit, I didnít even want to write, because I knew it would lead to a tour and a tour these days would take 18 months of my life. When youíre married and have a family coming, you donít really want to be living in a hotel for another year. So I kind of shied away from writing, but then I started to develop some of these ideas and I go so excited. I think Iíve got stuff now that might be the best Iíve ever written, so I really want to find a home for it.Ē Collins also mentioned that 16 songs have already been written for the project.

Be sure to check out the Korg site for more on this interview.

September 24, 2001
Calling All Stations Officially Deleted In The USA - No Reissue Planned

Well, it's official. The final studio Genesis album, Calling All Stations, is no longer being manufactured or distributed in the United States. What does this mean to you? If you live in the USA, and you think you might even remotely want to own this album -- buy it quickly. Many retailers like CDNow and Amazon have already discontinued carrying new copies of the title in The States. According to Atlantic Records, the band's U.S. label, there are no plans at this time to reissue the project. The album did poorly upon its U.S. release in 1997, and its failure to captivate American audiences has even been cited by the band as being a major factor in the group's decision to cancel their 97/98 North American Tour and eventually disband.

Does this mean if you own a U.S. pressing it's worth money? No. Many used copies and promotional copies are still circulating for cheap on places like EBay and apparently the European and Japanese CD issues are still available. Despite what you might think or hear, Atlantic Records pressed many promotional copies in a major "push" of the album initially, but the marketing attempt failed. You have been warned fellow American Genesis fans! Get it while you can!

September 23, 2001
Tony Banks Returns To The Farm To Work On Orchestral Project

According to the official Genesis website, Tony is expected to return to the studio to continue working on his orchestral project over the next few days. More news is expected soon...

September 22, 2001
Virtual Tour of Genesis' Recording Studio Is Now On-Line!

As promised, the Genesis Webmaster managed to get the virtual tour of The Farm on-line Friday. Be sure to check it out on the official website!

September 22, 2001
Ray Wilson To Release Unplugged Storyteller Tour on CD

According to the official Ray Wilson site, Ray plans to release a compact disc recorded during his recent unplugged Storyteller Tour sometime in November. If you want to receive a notification from Ray's site as to the exact release date you can do so by providing your information on his website. You will be contacted as soon as a date becomes official.

September 22, 2001
Details On The Second Genesis DVD Officially Announced!

The official Genesis site announced on Friday that the contents of the Genesis Live 1992/Greatest Hits DVD are as follows:

- A double DVD with eight hours of footage; 
- Multi-camera options; 
- 5.1 Surround Sound; 
- Full motion menus; 
- A live commentary track; 
- Band interviews; 
- Slide shows; 
- Contains the original tour program

The band is apparently in the process of approving the artwork of the DVD. As of today, still no official word of a release date in the USA (although, I'm certain that one will follow soon!).

September 19, 2001
Rutherford's Acting Very Strange and Banks' Wicked Lady Being Considered For CD Reissue

World of Genesis contacted the official Genesis Webmaster about whether or not there were any plans for Tony Banks' Wicked Lady soundtrack to be reissued on CD (since it has never been on CD officially). According to the official Genesis Webmaster:

Wicked Lady came up in discussion with Tony Smith (the band's manager) today. This, plus Mike's Acting Very Strange, is not currently available on CD, and we are looking into producing special editions at some point along with a few other goodies."

September 19, 2001
Virtual Tour of The Farm Coming Soon To The Official Genesis Website

The official Genesis webmaster visited the band's Fisher Lane Farm Studio and was given an extensive guided tour by Genesis stalwarts Geoff Callingham and Dale Newman. No part of the 'complex' was off limits and the fruits of the five hour visit will apparently be posted shortly. Further comments made by the webmaster in the Genesis Talk section of the site say that the virtual tour may be on-line as soon as this coming Friday. For more on this go to the official Genesis site.

September 19, 2001
Mechanics Album In The Works; Genesis Live Archive CDs Coming ~ Details Revealed By Rutherford

In a new interview with Mike Rutherford, the official Genesis Webmaster revealed today that Mike is working on some tracks he has written with Paul Carrack and B.A. Robertson, and expects to put them out as a Mechanics project. Mike has already done some new material with Paul Carrack which may end up on the Mechanics album or perhaps on a future Carrack release in addition on five or six tracks written with Robertson. In fact, Paul Carrack was to appear at the Farm today (Wednesday, September 19th) and B.A. Robertson shortly thereafter for additional work on the up-coming Mechanics album. Rutherford described the new Mechanics project as possibly being "slightly darker." Mike comments in the interview that he thinks autumn is a good time to release a record, but wouldn't disclose a tentative release date. He says that there are currently no plans to tour with the Mechanics once the album is completed, but he certainly keeps the option open in this candid discussion.

Mike Also mentioned in the interview that he has a number of other projects in the works including some songs with Chris Neil, Marie Claire and a few others. In addition, he may be taking part in a film score.

Mike explained, "It would be very natural and easy for me to fix on the Mechanics and do nothing else, but I think it's quite important at this stage to actually spend a bit of time in other areas, developing other sides of writing as well. But having said that, the last six months have been that way, but I'm now focusing on the Mechanics and we're putting an album together."

In the interview, Mike also talks about his enthusiasm about the up-coming Genesis We Can't Dance DVD, the prospects of officially releasing rare and unreleased live Genesis concerts on CD, and his satisfaction with the the fans' interest in the new Genesis website and, in particular, the Genesis Talk section of the site. 

Mike invited the official Genesis Webmaster to rummage through his attic for rare memorabilia for the Genesis Archive section of the site, so hopefully more vintage clippings and other artifacts will be added to the site shortly! For more on this great new interview click here! It's not a long interview, but it's very informative and certainly the most exciting news Genesis fans have heard in a while!

September 18, 2001
Chester Thompson Appears on yet ANOTHER New Album!

James Brown better start working overtime if he wants to keep his title as "The Hardest Working Man In Show Business." In addition to the new albums reported this month and last month here on WOG, you can now also hear Chester Thompson on the new independently released album by Jon Ims, Esoterica. Chester plays drums on the whole album, which was mixed and co-engineered by jazz guitarist Denny Jiosa. This CD should be available soon exclusively through Jon Ims' official website: (which is still apparently in development). If you simply don't want to wait,  you can always search on Ebay (that's where I found it).

September 13, 2001
Chester Thompson To Return To The Studio Tomorrow; Tour In The Works...

According to jazz guitarist Denny Jiosa, Chester Thompson will return with him to the studio tomorrow (Friday, September 14th) to start work on Jiosa's next album due in February 2002 (In fact, the two had just finished setting up his drums in the studio when we spoke). Once the album is completed, Jiosa expects to hit the road in support of his new album with Chester accompanying him on drums. Tour dates will be posted to World of Genesis when they become available along with ticket information for those interested in checking out the show. Denny and Chester have worked together on a number of projects both as session players and on most of Jiosa's previous solo albums. 

September 13, 2001
Chester Thompson Appears On Yet Another New Album!

In other Chester Thompson news, you can hear him on the new album by jazz pianist Joe Augustine, Cool Today, Jazz Tonight (1201 Music #6012-2). Chester plays on the entire album along side of Denny Jiosa among others. To purchase this CD click here.

September 13, 2001
Nick D'Virgilo's First Solo Album Coming September 18th

Nick D'Virgilo, best know to Genesis fans for his drumming on Calling All Stations, is just about to release Karma, his first solo album. To pre-order the CD click here. In addition to starting a solo career, Nick has launched a new website, which can be found at: World of Genesis hopes to have a recent interview we did with Nick on-line sometime next week. Stay tuned!

September 10, 2001
Daryl Stuermer's New Album, Waiting In The Wings, Is Now Available

According to the official website for Daryl Stuermer, his latest solo effort is now available. The album features Stuermer's current touring band with a special guest appearance by percussionist Luis Conte (best know to Genesis fans for his work on the Phil Collins Dance Into The Light tour). The album, which is available exclusively at, an independent artist on-line music store, is apparently a "Limited Edition" release, so grab your copy quickly (UPDATE: This title became officially available at CDBaby on August 14th).

September 10, 2001
New Details Revealed On Phil Collins New Disney Project

I got some new inside news on the newest Phil Collins/Walt Disney project, Brother Bear. This news comes from an alleged executive at Disney who says he "wishes to remain anonymous." Apparently, the working title of the film was simply Bears. It didn't really sound like a Disney title to me, but I also received a scan of the new Disney logo for the project which looks authentic (although, I don't see a Walt Disney logo anywhere on it). In any case, the title may very well change several times before it's released. 

In addition, I was told that Actor Micheal Clarke Duncan (best known for his work in The Green Mile with Tom Hanks, The Whole Nine Yards with Bruce Willis, and Tim Burton's remake of Planet of The Apes) is apparently in serious consideration for the voice of Griz. According to the source, Disney is allegedly trying to get the film out by Fall 2004 (ahead of their previously announced 2005 date).  As for the soundtrack, the first track was supposedly finished (master copy--not demo) in March of this year. As previously mentioned, the soundtrack rejoins the winning combination of Phil Collins and Mark Mancina who, as you all know, achieved great success with Disney's Tarzan soundtrack.

This contact is a new source for me, but he seems credible. I was half and half on posting this until these details are verified but, as I said, the guy seemed to be "legit." World of Genesis will be verifying this information with our existing contact at Disney and through the official Genesis website as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more... If you are reading this and you can verify this information, please contact me. Thanks!

September 5, 2001
Anthony Phillips' Tarka album set for reissue on September 24th

According to the webmaster of the official Ant Phillips page, Blueprint Records had run out of the initial reissue of his Tarka album. With some prompting, the record label is making additional copies which will be available starting Monday, September 24th. 

September 5, 2001
Paul Carrack's Official Website Gets A Face-Lift

Just in time for the release of his new album, Paul's official website has been upgraded with new graphics. Check out the official site and learn about his up-coming CD, Groovin.

September 5, 2001
Chester Thompson To Perform at the 2001 Worship Explosion

Chester Thompson will be performing with popular Gospel performer Ron Kenoly at the 2001 Worship Explosion in Korea which is being hailed as "The World's Biggest Worship Festival." The event is scheduled to take place in October at the Korean War Memorial Hall and will feature noted musicians such as Sheila E., Harry Kim (best known to Genesis fans for his work on Phil Collins recent solo tours), Tom Brooks, and The Asian Nations Union, which is a choir of more than 300+ people. For more information on this event click here.

September 5, 2001
Mike Rutherford Returns To The Studio

According to the official Genesis website, Mike will be returning to The Farm next Monday and Tuesday. No news as to whether this is for a possible future Mechanics project, his previously reported project with Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, or something entirely different. More news will (hopefully) follow shortly...

September 5, 2001
Official Genesis Site Continues To Expand It's Archives

For those who have been under a rock for the past couple of weeks, there have been some fantastic additions to the official Genesis site. The archive section now features a number of vintage press clippings, album and concert reviews, early press releases, and much more. Most of these gems are reported to have come from Tony Banks' personal collection, so be sure to check it out! Click here for the official Genesis site. 

September 1, 2001
More Ant Phillips Remasters Possibly Coming in 2003 or 2004

According to the webmaster of the official Anthony Phillips website, the release rights to The Geese & The Ghost, 1984 and Wise After The Event will become available again in 2003 and VoicePrint Records (Phillips' current label) will be able to re-release these albums once that happens. The bad news is, at the moment, it is unknown exactly at what point in 2003 that the Virgin Records contractual period ends. Thus, if the Virgin deal ends in late 2003, fans might not see these reissues until 2004! Unfortunately, no specific news is anticipated for some time on this matter as it is quite far away--obviously, things may change over the next few years. So, while nothing is set in stone, at least you know they're coming out at some point, right?! For more details to follow...  
September 1, 2001
World of Genesis Hackett Interview Acknowledged On The Official Genesis Site

We are very happy to report that mention of our recent interview with Steve Hackett has made it's way to the official Genesis site! Special thanks for the Genesis Webmaster for posting it there.

September 1, 2001

Jonathan King Goes To Court This Month On Sex Charges

Former Genesis Producer and 60s U.K. pop star, Jonathan King (a.k.a. Kenneth King) is scheduled to begin trial this month in England. King is charged with 14 counts of sex offenses, one allegedly involving a 13 year old boy. The alledged offences were believed to have occurred between 1969 and 1987.

The 55 year old producer pleaded not guilty to all charges and was granted continuation of his current bail conditions in April which included surrendering his passport and being forbidden to contact the prosecution witnesses in the case(s) until the trial begins. King was originally arrested at the end of 2000 following allegations from a number of men who claimed that he molested them as children.

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